Final Fantasy 7 Remake Status Effects

Remaining Fantasy 7 Remake Standing Results

Useful Standing Results

Spells and Objects can be utilized to use useful standing results to get together members.

  • Regen: Regularly restores HP
  • Barrier: Reduces bodily harm taken
  • Manaward: Reduces magic harm taken
  • Defend: Nullifies bodily harm taken
  • Replicate: Displays magic spells
  • Haste: Quickens the speed at which the ATB gauge fills
  • Resist: Prevents Standing Illnesses
  • Auto-Life: Revives goal from incapacitation as soon as throughout battle

Standing Illnesses

Enemies can afflict standing illnesses with spells and talents. Use gadgets resembling antidotes or spells resembling Esuna to take away them.

  • Poison: Regularly saps HP
  • Silence: Unable to solid spells
  • Sleep: Unable to solid spells
  • Gradual: Decreases the speed at which the ATB gauge fills
  • Cease: Unable to behave
  • Toad: Vastly lowers battle capabilities
  • Berserk: Exchanges protection for power (extra harm is dealt and obtained)
  • Quickens restrict break gauge cost, however takes extra harm
  • Sedate: Takes much less harm, however slows restrict break gauge cost


Many spells and talents are infused with the 4 essential components: Hearth with hearth, Blizzard with ice, Thunder with lightning, and Aero with wind. Some enemies are weak towards sure components, so unleashing assaults infused with these components will help you deal huge harm.

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