Football Manager 2021 Player Personality Guide

A information to participant personalities and the stats behind them.

Participant Character Information

A gamers character impacts nearly each space of the sport, from his match efficiency, to coaching, whether or not he’ll ask for an even bigger contract, or exit consuming earlier than a match. This information is meant toi assist you determine a gamers hidden stats so you possibly can determine whether or not to signal them, hold them or allow them to go. To get essentially the most info, you need to have a look at each character and media dealing with type and evaluate the data under.

You may as well achieve clues a couple of gamers character from different space within the recreation, comparable to their coach/scout report, their social group, and physique language each throughout matches and crew talks.

In the event you make notes on a gamers character all through their profession you possibly capable of develop and even deeper understanding of their underlying traits. For instance, a participant with Ambition 18 and Loyalty 5 might be described as Fickle. Nevertheless if via mentoring you elevated his willpower as much as 17 or extra, he would grow to be Pushed. This might imply you then lose the data you’ve about his Loyalty from the Fickle descriptor. Nevertheless with a be aware, you recognize it’s nonetheless more likely to be pretty low.

Chief, Temperamental, Skilled, and Decided (in that order) Will typically beat another character varieties, so have the potential toi conceal different character traits a participant might have.

I hope individuals discover this information useful. Any questions you’ve, errors you’ve noticed, or further info you suppose could be helpful so as to add, please let me know!

Participant Personalities

Ambition 16-19, Loyalty 7-9
Dedication <18, Professionalism <18, Management <19

Balanced is just about something that doesn’t fall underneath one other label. Additionally covers all adverse personalities for actual life gamers.

Born Chief
Management 20, Dedication 20
This trumps the perfectionist trait, however not mannequin citizen or temperamental.

Dedication 1-9, Professionalism 2-4
Management<19, Temperament >4

Charismatic Chief
Management 19-20, Temperament18-20, Sportsmanship 18-20

Dedication 18-20,
Ambition <12, Professionalism <18, Chief <19

Ambition 6-7, Loyalty 20. *Should even be at a favorite membership.
Dedication 6-17, Professionalism <18, Chief <19

Dedication 18-20, Ambition 12-20

Simply Discouraged
Dedication 1, Ambition 1-9

Pretty Formidable
Ambition 15-20, Loyalty 10-20
Professionalism <18, Chief <19

Pretty Decided
Dedication 15-17
Professionalism <15, Chief <19

Pretty Loyal
Loyalty 15-20, Ambition 8-14
Dedication 6-15, Professionalism <18, Chief <19

Pretty Skilled
Professionalism 15-17, Temperament 11-20
or Professionalism 18-20, Temperamemt 1-10

Pretty Sporting
Sportsmanship 15-20, Dedication 10-14, Ambition 1-14
Professionalism <15

Loyalty 4-6, Ambition 16-20
Dedication <17, Professionalism <18, Chief <19

Sportsmanship 20, Dedication 1-9
Professionalism <18, Chief <19

Iron Willed
Strain 20, Dedication 15-17
Professionalism <18, Chief <19

Strain 15-20, Dedication 1-17
Professionalism <18, Chief <19

Management 19-20

Gentle Hearted
Strain 15-20, Sportsmanship 15-20
Dedication <18, Professionalism <18, Chief <19

Low Dedication
Dedication 1-5
Professionalism <18, Chief <19

Low Self Perception
Professionalism 2-3, Dedication 1-9
Professionalism <18, Chief <19

Loyalty 18-19, Ambition 6-7
Dedication <18, Professionalism <18, Chief <19

Loyalty 1-3, Ambition 16-20
Dedication <18, Professionalism <18, Chief <19

Mannequin Citizen
Dedication 14-20, Professionalism 15-20, Ambition 12-20, Loyalty 15-20, Strain 14-20, Sportsmanship 15-20, Temperament 15-20

Mannequin Skilled
Professionalism 20, Temperament 10-20

Dedication 14-20, Professionalism 14-20, Ambition 14-20

Professionalism 18-19, Temperament 10-20
Chief <19

Sportsmanship 2-5, Dedication 11-17
Professionalism <18, Chief <19

Strain 17-19, Dedication 15-17
Professionalism <18, Chief <19

Dedication 15-17, Proffessionalism 15-17
Chief <19

Professionalism 1, Dedication 1-9
Temperament >4, Chief <19

Strain 1, Dedication 1-9
Chief <19

Strain 15-20, Professionalism 11-17
Dedication <18, Chief <19

Sportsmanship 18-19, Dedication 1-9
Professionalism <18, Chief <19

Temperament 1-4, Professionalism 1-10
This character trumps just about each single different one, so if they don’t seem to be temperamental, they don’t have these attributes.

Ambition 1-5, Loyalty 11-20
Dedication <18, Professionalism <18, Chief <19

Sportsmanship 1, Dedication 11-17
Professionalism <18, Chief <19

Very Formidable
Ambition 20, Loyalty 7-9
Dedication <18, Professionalism <18, Chief <19

Very Loyal
Loyalty 20, Ambition 6-7
Dedication <18, Professionalism <18, Chief <19

Media Dealing with Type

Media Dealing with type is barely completely different from character as gamers can have multiple description in the event that they match into multiple sort. For instance a participant might be described as ‘Outspoken, Quick-Tempered and Confrontational’. This will due to this fact give us a large quantity of details about a gamers hidden stats!

Controversy 15-20

Professionalism 15-20, Strain 15-20

Temperament 3-6

Performs Thoughts Video games
I couldn’t discover any gamers with this trait, or isolate it by attempting completely different combos within the editor. If anybody is aware of something submit a remark!

Temperament 15-20, Strain 15-20

Media Pleasant
That is just like balanced and covers choices which aren’t lined by anything.

Stage Headed
Professionalism 13-20, Loyalty 12-20

Controversy 1-5, Professionalism 15-20

Temperament 1-2

Temperament 1-7, Sportsmanship 1-7

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