Fortnite Rose Team Leader Skin | Legendary Outfit

Cease and scent the victory.




Requires the participant to have STW Founder Pack.

The Rose Crew Chief is the identify of one of many legendary feminine pores and skin outfits for the sport Fortnite Battle Royale. Outfits change the looks of the participant, however wouldn’t have any added perform or profit apart from aesthetical. This outfit is on the market without spending a dime for the STW Founders.

Rose Crew Chief outfit contains a rose pink coloured hat, a black tank-top, and pink navy pants. Though the outfit’s rarity is known, the design and mannequin are so much just like most of the unusual outfits apart from some cool particulars that make the outfit distinctive.

This outfit is part of the STW founder pack freebies. Acquiring this outfit may even grant a bonus legendary again bling beauty merchandise known as Skirmish.

The one approach to get the Rose Crew Chief Outfit is to buy the Fortnite Save the World Founder pack (STW Founder Pack). Though the outfit is technically ‘FREE’, you have to to spend actual cash on the pack.

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