GreedFall Aphra Quest Guide

GreedFall Aphra Quest Information

Islander Data

That is the primary quest from Aphra. Speak to her and agree to assist. Comply with the marker to the indicated location. From there, you need to transfer to the entry level within the higher proper nook which is able to will let you get to a brand new space, Cergganaw. Transfer ahead and assist the natives of their struggle towards monsters. You’ll get +1 to popularity with the natives after which mechanically transfer to the earlier location. Speak to Morian and Yewan after the cutscene.

Comply with the elders, hiding within the bushes once they cease. Spend a while on the ledge till the elders go away, then descend and kill the monsters. Transfer deep into the cave. Bend down so that you’re not detected and descend. In the end, the elder will inform you to go away your shelter. Speak to him to finish the search.

Reward: 1000 expertise factors, + 3 to popularity with Aphra, -1 to popularity with the natives.

The Cave of Data

The subsequent quest will likely be supplied by Aphra through the subsequent halt. Speak to a woman. Speak to the younger those that have been saved earlier than and head to Drogred. Comply with the marker in direction of the data cave and discuss to 4 adventurers who stand on the left. Begin by questioning them, then apply charisma or pay 100 cash in order that they go away. In any other case, you’ll should struggle.

You’ll get a seed for the gates of the data cave. One other one may very well be discovered on the corpse close to the tent. Go to the gates of the cave and apply the seed to the altar. One will do the job. Go inside and transfer to the spacious shaft. Study two cave work, climb the ledge close to the marker and go there. Get to the following marker and overhear two younger folks. Depart the cave to finish the search.

Reward: 1300 expertise factors, +3 to popularity with Aphra.

The Linking Ritual

This quest will likely be provided by Aphra instantly after you full the mission The Cave of Data. Transfer to the closest camp hearth and rewind the time to the following day. Go to the ritual venue, discuss to everybody and watch a cutscene. Kill the individuals who arrive – after this, the search chain will likely be accomplished.

Reward: 1600 expertise factors, +3 to popularity with Aphra.

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