GreedFall Mr De Courcillon’s Research Walkthrough

Mr De Courcillon’s Analysis Walkthrough

Exploration and Cartography

After you have got talked to Constantin, de Courcillon will cease you on the first flooring of the palace upon your arrival to New Serene. Discuss to him and get the hunt. You’ll have to set a number of camps in numerous locations. That’s all. Right here’s what you need to do: go to such locations and search ‘’query mark’’ icons on the bar on the high of the display. Observe them and make bonfires. When you discover all bonfires in a sure area, you’ll get 100 expertise factors. Once you activate all camp fires, discuss to de Courcillon to finish the duty.

Reward: the Explorer achievement and 500 epxerience factors.

In Professor Serafeddin’s Footsteps

The search is supplied along with the questExploration and Cartography. It is best to discover a number of professor’s notes. Whereas the bonfires are marked by ‘’query mark’’ icons on the map (extra exactly, the attention-grabbing locations are marked – bonfires could also be there), the notes are usually not marked in any respect. You’ll have to look at every area individually. Fortuitously, the map is roofed in ‘’fog of warfare’’ so that you’ll know which locations you have got already visited. Notes, similar to different quest gadgets, are highlighted in orange (unusual gadgets are highlighted in yellow). For finding all notes in a sure area, you’ll obtain 200 expertise factors. Discuss to de Courcillon while you discover all of them.

Reard: 1000 expertise factors and an achievement.

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