GreedFall Origins of Theleme Walkthrough

Origins of Theleme Walkthrough

Bother in Eden

Quest Giver: Mom Cardinal in San Matheus

Following the storyline mission Outdated International locations in a New World, return to San Matheus and procure this quest from the abbess. Head to the indicated village, Eden, and speak to Father Lustinius. Query a couple of extra monks (speak to Father Lustinius as soon as once more and ask a query about Eden) and the natives’ chief.

Then, look at the monks’ residence, return to the chief and use charisma. In case you intimidate him, you’ll lose your popularity with the natives. Discuss to the lady who has helped her son to steal the tablets. Use instinct (1 level) in order that she tells you the place to search for the robbers.

Observe the indicated path. While you come shut, comply with the trail on the suitable because the illuminated path on the left leads by traps. Discuss to Bran. You should utilize your charisma or discover out what they want. He’ll ask you to barter with Derdre, the chief of the close by village. Observe the marker and speak to Derdre. It seems to be like in response to the authors’ concept, it is best to have accomplished the storyline mission Demonical Cult in order that the hero might persuade Derdre. Nevertheless, we’ve got managed to persuade her earlier than finishing the above-mentioned quest.

Return to the robbers and inform them that Derdre will settle for them within the clan. You’ll get hold of the tablets that must be returned to Eden’s preachers. In case you do every part as described, you’ll face the mom of one of many robbers when you exit their camp (once you seize the tablets). Having talked to her, you’ll get +1 to popularity with the natives. After the dialog with the preachers, once you hand them the tablets, you’ll get +2 to popularity with Theleme.

Reward: 1300 expertise factors, 50 cash.

Theological Conflicts

This mission begins mechanically after the search Bother in Eden. You’ll have to attend for the outcomes of the analysis. After a while, a brand new objective will seem – you’ll need to study extra about Eden analysis. Head to the indicated place and speak to brother Casparus. Study the wounded soldier. Head to the natives’ chief, speak to him after which to the lady whose son has as soon as stolen the tablets. When you have spared her son and resolved the issue peacefully, she’s going to offer you an antidote for Fidelis. Give him the medication and discover out the place the theologians are positioned.

Head to the swamps the place you could have been on a quest Face to Face with the Demon. Get to the theologians’ camp and speak to 2 individuals. Study three our bodies in numerous areas. When you have stage 2 science, you’ll have to easily apply the expertise on one of many our bodies. Accuse a person from the camp of homicide. In case you inform everybody that he’s the assassin, you’ll get -1 to popularity with Petrus. The only option is to let him go. After this, speak to Eugenia – it will result in the completion of the search.

Reward: 1600 expertise factors, +1 to popularity with Theleme.

Within the Footsteps of Saint Matheus

The mission will begin mechanically following the completion of the earlier mission. Observe the marker on the similar location and battle in opposition to the demon positioned simply above the bonfire. Having defeated him, you’ll get a legendary one-handed sacrificial sword. Climb slightly increased and enter the cave. Get to the distant adit with drawings on the partitions. Study six completely different objectives. All of them are positioned in the identical room. Having achieved this, speak to Petrus and full the search.

Reward: gold cash, 1900 expertise factors.

Saint and Wild

This quest is the logical continuation of the earlier one. Go to the camp and speak to Eugenia. For this, you’ll get +2 to popularity with Theleme. In case you inform the reality and hand the relics, you’ll get one other level to popularity with Theleme. Assist Eugenia take care of the inquisition after which wait 24 hours (you’ll be able to rewind time at any camp fireplace). Having achieved this, go to San Matheus and speak to Cornelia.

You must use numerous checks, nonetheless, if further quests had been accomplished, extra choices will seem. For instance, when you and Petrus discovered a strategy to put strain on Cornelia throughout his first aspect quest, and so forth. In case you persuade, you’ll get +3 to popularity with Theleme.

Reward: 2200 expertise factors, +2 to popularity with Theleme.

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