GreedFall The Blood Price Walkthrough

The Blood Worth Walkthrough

The search will begin robotically after the mission Logging Expedition. Go to the deserted mine and speak to the guards. Transfer to the correct from the guarded passage and climb the mountain to see prisoners that work on the mine. Return to New Serene and speak to de Courcillon. Go right down to the archives and discover the possession doc. Deliver it to madame Morange after which meet Mr. Maillard on the marina. Having talked, agree with de Courcillon about cessation of possession rights and return to the mine. Present the doc to the guards on the entry, go ahead and kill Maillard and his bodyguards. Then, launch the prisoners from two cells by pulling wood boards. Transfer to Dunncas and report on the completion of the search.

Reward: 1900 expertise factors, +4 to status with the natives.

Extra of this kind of factor:

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