GreedFall The Prince’s Secret Walkthrough

The Prince’s Secret Walkthrough

This quest begins following the completion of the hunt Thriller of the Historical Ruins. Discuss to the admiral, then head to San Matheus and discuss to the bishop and common Fernando. Go away the final, flip to the left and see a fence. Behind the fence, you’ll see a soldier – it’s tough to bypass him. Ideally, you must have Nauts’ garments. If in case you have them, you’ll be capable of go previous him and enter the port administration. Go upstairs, undergo the barracks and discover a word within the workplace.

Cross the fence from the port facet and head to the warehouse. Search the primary flooring and the second flooring till you attain a conclusion: there are not any idols right here, and so forth. Transfer to the port and query a number of individuals that are highlighted by atypical markers. Go to the tavern and get to the inquisitor. Having talked to him, persuade him to assist through the use of Petrus (if he’s with you) or charisma.

GreedFall The Prince’s Secret Walkthrough

After this, enter the tavern, go down and get to the Coin Guard room by way of the brothel. The door is situated underneath the steps, beneath. Bribe the guard for 80 cash and use the important thing to open the cell and launch the Nauts.

Go to Mom Cardinal palace and discuss to her. You’ll get +1 to repute with Theleme. Return to the admiral in New Serene, discuss to her after which to Constantin to finish the hunt. At this level, you’ll study that the cousin is contaminated by malichor.

Reward: 1600 expertise factors, +1 to repute with Nauts.

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