GreedFall Warrior Skill Tree

GreedFall Warrior Ability Tree

To earn ability factors that you must improve your character degree by incomes expertise factors. To earn expertise factors that you must kill the enemies and managers that are available in your method.

Aside from that, finishing all of the quests within the sport additionally rewards you with XP so that you can unlock extra Greedfall skills.

You can even purchase ability factors by discovering and activating the Ability Altars hidden within the sport. It’s a must to discover these hidden aims that are scattered around the globe after you allow New Serene. The areas for these ability altars are written beneath:

  • Glendgnamvar, Shore of Tall Bones
  • Magasvar, Vale of the Nice Battle
  • Wenshaganaw, The Singing Waters
  • Tir Dob, The Black Lands

Warrior Ability Tree

The Warrior ability tree focuses on melee fight and strategies.

One-handed blades
Permits you to use one-handed weapons.

Sharp Metal
Will increase 10% harm of one-handed weapons.

Merciless Metal
Will increase 20 % extra harm to unarmed enemies when utilizing a one-handed weapon.

Robust Kick
Kick stuns an enemy for a second.

Devastating Kick
Destroys enemy armor with a kick.

Lengthy Blades
It lets you use two-handed blades.

Sharpened Edge
Will increase two-handed weapon harm by 10 %.

Chopping Breath
Will increase the vary of your assault.

Metal Squall
Reduces the assaults cooldown which will increase the assault velocity of your gamers.

Will increase assault velocity.

Highly effective Fury
Will increase the facility of beautiful.

Regenerative Fury
Fury restores well being and armor factors.

One-handed Heavy Weapons
Permits you to use maces, hammers, and axes.

Robust Grip
Will increase 10% harm of blunt weapons.

Chained Assaults
Permits sooner assault with blunt weapons.

Devastating Influence
Every hit stuns the opponent and throws them off stability.

Armour Breaker
Will increase the facility of assaults handled enemies with armor.

Two-handed Heavy Weapons
It permits using heavy two-handed weapons.

Iron Grip
Will increase 10% harm of blunt weapons

Metal Wall
You’re higher at two-handed weapons.

Shock Wave
Heavy assault causes a shock wave that sends opponents off stability.

Seismic Shock
Will increase the radius of the shock wave.

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