Green Hell Curatives and Wildlife Conservation Handbook

Various Curatives

Different Inexperienced Hell Guides:

Unlisted technique of curing ailments, however usually record the entire strategies to remedy it.

Bleeding Wound

Drains well being slowly, and can turn out to be contaminated if not bandaged quickly sufficient

  • Leaf Bandage of any type would shut it, different upgraded bandage will do too
  • Banana Dressing

Laceration Wound

Quicker well being drain than regular bleeding, Will turn out to be contaminated after a short while

  • Leaf Bandage/Banana Dressing (small probability of leaving an infection as an alternative)
  • Ash Dressing
  • Honey Dressing
  • Jungle Ants: Positioned on the wound

Contaminated Wound

Will scale back sanity, and trigger fever if left too lengthy

  • Maggots: Positioned on the wound (don’t eat)
  • Honey Dressing

Snake/Scorpion Venom

Will drain your well being till the venom is eliminated, failiure to take action is guranteed to trigger dying

  • Tobbaco Leaves: Bandaged & Stewed (Bandage removes the venom and the wound over time, whereas stew removes solely the venom, not the wound)
  • Plantain Lily (Coronary heart leafed herb): Eaten, Bandaged, & Stewed
  • Painkiller


Continuously drains sanity till eliminated, will depart a bandageable wound that may get contaminated after eradicating the worm

  • Needles (Bone Needle, Fish Bone, Stingray Tail)
  • Sleep in elevated log/bamboo mattress to keep away from this


Will drain your fatigue quickly, and makes each motion tougher to do so long as you’ve got fever

  • Quasi Amara: Stewed (bug trigger it so as to add fever as an alternative)
  • An excellent relaxation at on good mattress


Quickly scale back your sanity so long as it’s presist, however will heal naturally

Meals Poisoning

Will make you vomit each time any of your diet and hydration is crammed greater than its half

  • Charcoal: Eaten
  • Water Lily Flower: Eaten, higher if stewed
  • Painkiller


Parasites will enhance your diet makes use of and may result in dying by hunger

  • Cup mushroom: Eaten, higher if stewed
  • Umbrella mushroom: Eaten

Wildlife Conservation Handbook

Beneath are the record of the native wildlife throughout the amazon jungle. I’ll solely record and clarify the entire animal encountered throughout the recreation alongside with technique on how you’ll find them.


Mammals are your greatest supply of nutrient and may simply discovered anyplace throughout the recreation, importantly, their meat offers fat alongside with excessive protein

  • Mouse: Low high quality meat; Typically caught in small lure or manually when you have the time
  • Jaguar: Medium high quality meat; Extraordinarily harmful, however might be one hit with a spear throw from a distance
  • Peccary: Top quality meat; Greatest hunt by spear
  • Capybara: Highest high quality meat; Greatest hunt by spear


Fish are very simple to hunt and fish traps usually offered catches, however they don’t present fat when cooked

  • Aronawa: Medium high quality meat: discovered on most ponds
  • Stingray: Medium high quality meat: discovered solely on the protected valley pond
  • Piranha: Low high quality meat: discovered in every single place however protected valley pond, might be caught by fish lure
  • Peacock Bass: Low high quality meat: discovered in every single place, might be caught by fish lure


  • Goliath Birdeater Tarantula (sure I do know): low high quality meat: Discovered on the jungle normally close by large timber, hear for crackling sound to know whether it is close to
  • Scorpion: Top quality meat: Discovered inside caverns, and can make crackling sound much like the tarantula
  • Wasps: Nest might be damaged with stone or axes for honey, will give rash when you get too close to
  • Rainforest Ants: You’ll be able to attempt to fastidiously method it to gather the ants, however getting too close to provides you with rashes. The ants itself can’t be eaten in any approach and solely used to shut laceration wounds
  • Maggots: discovered on lifeless carcass and harvested from rotten meat, used to deal with infections or as a fishing bait
  • Larva: discovered on lifeless tree stumps or rotten vegetatives, might be stewed, however largely used as fishing bait
  • Worms: will inject itself to your physique when you sleep in low high quality mattress, however can inject into you regardless on onerous problem. You’ll need to make use of sharp needles to take away it and bandage the wound. Is point out by dev to really be a botfly larva reasonably than precise worm.
  • Leech: will often latch onto your physique and you’ll have to take away it, annoying however probably not that harmful


  • Inexperienced Iguana: Medium high quality meat: Could be caught on small traps, however you possibly can run after it because it doesn’t transfer that a lot quick
  • Macaw: Medium high quality meat: Principally discovered lifeless mendacity on the bottom however may be huntable utilizing bow and arrow (unsure in regards to the final half, however somebody ought to undoubtedly attempt totally different method to get the macaw, I suck at first individual archery soo…)
  • Rattlesnake: Low high quality meat, discovered on stationary place and won’t transfer round aside from rotating, throw your spear from shut quarter, two rock throws appears to be sufficient too
  • Cane Toad: Low high quality meat, discovered hopping round close to rivers, can be caught in small traps

Animal I haven’t found but however talked about in-game

  • Poison dart frog (pic on tutorial camp)
  • Armadillo (pic on tutorial camp)
  • Tapir (pic on tutorial camp)
  • Howler Monkey (pic on tutorial camp)
  • Caterpillar (pic on tutorial camp)
  • Crocodiles (seen on recreation trailer)

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