Grim Nights – House Glitch

Grim Nights Home Glitch.


It is a easy information to let you know easy methods to get as many homes ( I presume its countless) as you need by bypassing the 9 home restrict.

All you could do, is begin the development for the homes however not end it, then construct one other one, rinse and repeat.


It’s essential to begin the development of the homes earlier than you end 9 homes. In any other case the restrict stops you from constructing extra.


Effectively thats all I’ve to say for now. Loving the sport up to now and I hope the dev retains up the nice work.

I’m conscious that this bug will most likely be patched sooner or later because it lets you may have an virtually unlimites measurement military ( at the moment like 90 folks in my city which I imagine is above the restrict).
However for now have enjoyable with adorning your city with extra homes.

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