Gris Walkthrough and Mementos Collector

Information on learn how to receive each achievements within the sport.


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This information doesn’t point out each mementos / have numerous screenshots however I’d add some if some individuals need them! This clearly comprises spoilers.

Fast be aware:
Chapter 1 – Prologue
Chapter 2 – Desert
Chapter 3 – Forest
Chapter 4 – Water Depths
Chapter 5 – UpsideDown
Chapter 6 – Finish


These achievements are obtained by merely taking part in the sport.

Crimson / Full chapter 1
Inexperienced / Full chapter 2
Blue / Full chapter 3
Yellow / Full chapter 4
The Finish / Full the sport


These achievements are particular duties to finish in every chapter. You’ll usually want some little backtracking to finish them.

 Sandstorm / In chapter 2, don’t get pushed off by the sandstorm

 Inuksuit / In chapter 2, destroy each little stone statues

 Apples / In chapter 3, assist the forest pal to eat each apples

 Eel / In chapter 4, keep away from each assault from the large eel (mashing A appeared like a viable method)

 Magic fowls / In chapter 5, sing to each magic fowls


Throughout chapter 2, destroy each little stone statue together with your block means (you are able to do this by leaping and utilizing your means).

Statue 1

Statue 2

Statue 3

Statue 4

Statue 5

Statue 6

Statue 7

Statue 8

Statue 9

Statue 10

Statue 11

Statue 12

Statue 13 & 14


Throughout chapter 3, let your new pal eat each apple you’ll find. There are 4 you possibly can miss, the others are simple to identify and also you received’t miss these.

Apple 1

Apple 2

When your little pal goes to the highest to slam the stone blocking the trail, rapidly return to the proper so your pal follows you.

Apple 3

Apple 4

The fourth one is after the large slide, discover your little pal and stroll again to the proper.

Magic Fowls

After you could have realized learn how to sing in chapter 5, you might want to sing to 7 birds hidden within the space.

Hen 1 & 2

There are 2 birds within the heart which you aren’t capable of miss as you’ll routinely sing to them whenever you study your new means.

Hen 3

Proper half, behind a secret wall to discover a memento.

Hen 4

After getting the star to the proper, earlier than slaming the bottom.

Hen 5

Left half, sing to crimson flowers to stand up right here and get the souvenir.

Hen 6

Earlier than the yellow birds soar.

Hen 7

After getting the star to the left, earlier than leaping right here.

The 5 Levels of Grief

You have to to seek out secret rooms or do particular actions at particular areas to get these.

Stage 1 – Denial


On the very starting of the sport, stroll proper till you possibly can transfer freely, then return to the left and discover the statue, right here, allow you to character fall and stand up from herself (don’t contact your keyboard or controller).

Stage 2 – Anger


Within the black and white space throughout chapter 2, you have to to destroy the three fragile statues.
Don’t slam for nothing or you’re going to get ejected earlier than breaking all of them!

Stage 3 – Bargaining


After some massive crimson hen jumps throughout chapter 3, discover the statue and (attempt to) sing in entrance of it.

Stage 4 – Melancholy


Throughout chapter 4, on the half the place you might want to get 6 stars to get up the turtle, head straight all the way down to the darkness and seek for just a little method to the left.

Stage 5 – Acceptance


Through the closing sequence of the sport, after attending to the floor of the black water, sing in entrance of the tomb.

Mementos Collector

 Mementos: Acquire each mementos, scroll down for each single location!

Mementos – Chapter 1

Memento 1
In your method to get the third star, soar to the left to seek out the primary memento.

Memento 2
The sport says that there are 2 Mementos within the first chapter however that’s not utterly true. To get this one, you have to to progress within the sport and are available again later.
Choose the final chapter, go to the primary space.
Head to the underside left the place the signal that tells you “1 / 2” mementos collected.
You will discover water right here, swim and seek for the souvenir.

Mementos – Chapter 2

Memento 1
After the sport title seems, soar down and go left.

Memento 2
Within the shifting rock creature, get rapidly to the highest and slide to get the souvenir.

Memento 3
After you get the block energy, return to the left and break the roof.

Memento 4
Earlier than breaking all the way down to the large bell, head proper, use the creature and discover the realm the place the souvenir is. Use your means to withstand the sandstorm and stand within the fringe of the highest platform, the wind will push you proper to the souvenir.

Memento 5
After getting this star, slam the platform to the opposite aspect after which climb the windmill.

Memento 6
Leap to the proper right here.

Memento 7
Through the star to the left the place you might want to push down a balloon, get it to the very backside utilizing your block means and attempt to rapidly get to the highest by the steps, after slaming the rock you will discover the souvenir.

Mementos – Chapter 3

Memento 1
Climb up all the way in which to the highest to get it.

Memento 2
When getting the star to the left earlier than getting the brand new means.

Memento 3
After your first “handbook” crimson hen soar, head to the proper and break the pots to disclose some crimson birds.

Memento 4
After the large tree with 2 crimson hen jumps, go to the proper and break the bottom.

Memento 5
Through the hen sequence, discover this spot. Then go to the left platform, and discover when the hen begins screaming at you. Time it proper and use it to drift to the proper aspect.

Memento 6
Leap right here to the highest left.

Memento 7
After getting the colour, discover these bushes and soar right here, the souvenir is a bit later to the proper.

Mementos – Chapter 4

Memento 1
This one is basically sneaky! It’s worthwhile to slam the mushroom all the way in which to the left and a few crimson birds will seem.

Memento 2
After studying learn how to swim, seek for this little hidden path to the proper.

Memento 3
When getting the celebs to get up the turtle, head for the one within the backside proper. Get it and unlock the “shortcut”. Simply earlier than it you will discover crimson birds to the left, you have to them. Head again to the course of the turtle and seek for this little gap to the highest.

Memento 4
Through the darkish sequence after the primary eel encounter, seek for little lights not in the primary path, a memento is hidden right here to the left.

Memento 5
Discover this little hidden path between this crimson hen soar and the water through the gentle puzzles.

Mementos – Chapter 5

Memento 1
Discover the crimson birds on the roof, get on prime of the roof and wait until the partitions disappear, you’ll fall down and you’ll land on the birds and use them to leap up.

Memento 2
Leap to the highest left.

Memento 3
Left half the place you want 2 stars. Undergo this wall.

Memento 4
After you could have realized to sing, head left, sing to some flowers to get to this half.

Memento 5
When right here, drop to your proper.

Memento 6
Proper half, go previous this wall.

Memento 7
After getting the star to the proper, swim down right here.



After getting each memento within the sport, choose the final chapter and go proper beneath the place your character begins. There may be an entrance on the left aspect hidden in a damaged wall.

In right here, sing in entrance of the signal and benefit from the secret cutscene!

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