Guild & Faction Exclusive Blueprints

Cadria Merchandise Store is an off-the-cuff simulation sport with RPG components. Craft legendary objects, rent heroes, and increase your store to rebuild the city. Be part of a mighty guild, combat collectively in faction wars and ship your heroes to discover the mystic lands of Cadria! All of this and way more awaits you!

Guild & Faction Unique Blueprints

I made an inventory of the present Guild and Faction unique Blueprints you will get, as a fast strategy to lookup the place you will get X from, with out looking by way of the gallery.


Ranger’s Blade
Surviving Knife
Chaos Blades
Dagger of Time
Blade of Destiny
Witch Blade
Cadria Claymore
Tripe Axe
Berserker Axe
Battle Axe of Night time
Ivis Zhang’s Reward
Power of Six
Mouse Clicker
Wand of the Witch
Gentle of Homeland
Blackwater Crossbow
Bow of Stars
Twin-Barrel of the Gale
Arm Cannon

Armor of Feathered Wings
Armor of Fierce
Armor of Night time
Defend of Will
Champion’s Defend
Joker Face
Dying’s Masks
Amethyst Hat
Divine Hood
Starlight Boots
Sneakers of Night time
Starlight Sneakers

Scroll of Pleasure
Want of Autumn Moon
Pocket Watch of Deception
Zither of Historical God
Lute of the Angel

Holy Legion

Bloody Longsword
Doran Sword
Wild Claymore
Mace of Swamp
Metal Chained Maces
Crystal Twin-Hammer

Chestguard of Divinity
Vanguard Chestguard
Moonlight Defender
Silver Helmet
Guardian Helm
Gloves of Vale
Energy Gloves
Chevalier Boots
Boots of Glory

Potion of Tangle
Drink of Corruption

Eye of Arcane

Bleeding Blade
Blade of Liar
Scepter of Witch
Boiled Souls
Maiden Employees
Fairy Employees
Summoner’s Employees

Cape of Warden
Magical Cape
Crown of Twilight
Starlight Hood
Wild Hood
Heartseeker Bracers
Royal Bracers

Scroll of Forbidden
Scroll of Arcane
Ring of Coronary heart
Gentle of Autumn Night time
Necklace of Laure
Necklace of Warrior Souls

Twilight Walker

Crescent Moon Axe
Axes of Reaper
Lance of Spring
Obsidian Spear
Crystal Demon Halberd
Bow of the Moon Goddess
Everwinter Bow
Screaming Rifle
Chilly Flame
Mystic Twin-Barrels

Bloodstained Armor
Doom Armor
Boots of Stealth
Step of Wind

Cold Dart
Eye of Beholder
Drum of Inciting
Harmonica of Echoes

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