Gunfire Reborn Ichthyosaurus Offspring Boss Fight Guide

Ichthyosaurus Offspring (I’ll name him saurus as a reference to make issues simpler on me) is the second boss you’ll encounter, and that is the place the sport makes an actual huge soar in issue in comparison with the primary boss.

Ichthyosaurus Offspring Boss Combat Information

The world is made up of an enormous circle-ish sand space, fully open with no cowl in any respect!

  • Weak spot: Corrosion To Strip The Armor, Fireplace To Drain The Well being.
  • Weakspot: Head In Part 1 (Though The Hitbox Appears Extremely Wonky And Taking pictures In the direction of The Throat Appears Extra Constant). Tail In Part 2.

Part #1

Laser beam: The boss will all the time begin the combat utilizing this assault. He’ll come out the sand together with his head protruding and tilt his head in the direction of the left or proper and begin firing a laser beam within the route of the participant. Avoiding this assault could be actual difficult BUT there’s 2 methods to do it. 1st means is to face nonetheless till the boss tilts his head, then circling the opposite route dodging when nescessary for the little enhance in distance the dodge provides you. 2nd means is to maintain circling the boss in a particular route, if the boss tilts his head the opposite means – GOOD! If not and he tilts his head in the direction of you then rapidly dodge by way of the laser assault as quickly because it begins to take as little injury as attainable.

Slam assault: The boss will melee slam the participant and can solely do that if you happen to come too near the boss. Avoiding this assault is only a matter of staying away a snug quantity from the boss.

If you get his armor all the way down to about 50% the boss will submerge into the sand and a couple of minions will spawn within the area that it’s a must to kill for the boss to reappear. These could be both hearth lizards or hyenas. I’ve by no means had the minions be a mixture and I’ve all the time had the hyenas spawn first, then the lizards (typically skipping the lizards totally with sufficient injury accomplished to the boss). After the minions are killed the boss wil emerge from the sand once more and part 2 begins.

Part #2

The boss shall be emerged from the sand, this time with solely his tail seen. A couple of new assaults shall be added to his roster;

Poison bombs: The boss will lob a sequence of poison bombs into the air that can explode right into a poison AoE subject once they hit the bottom. Each the explosion and the injury AoE subject can damage the participant. The trick to avoiding this assault is having both a very good AoE weapon OR a fast hearth weapon and taking pictures the orbs earlier than they’ve an opportunity to hit the bottom. If some orbs received by way of and hit the bottom you’ll need to be cautious of your positioning, nonetheless the AoE injury fields will disappear after a short time (+/- 10 seconds).

Tail Shockwave: The boss will whip this tail onto the bottom making a shockwave of sand going in the direction of the participant. This assault can simply be averted by leaping over it. When sufficient injury has been accomplished (30-40% HP remaining) he’ll do 3 shockwaves one after the opposite as an alternative of 1. Leaping over every one does the trick. IF you get caught by the primary shockwave nonetheless it’s extremely troublesome to recuperate and also you’ll most definitely find yourself consuming all 3 shockwaves which might simply put you in a harmful low HP scenario.

Notice: I’ve had the boss swap from part 2 to part 1 ONCE in my a number of runs which appeared extra of a bug reasonably than an supposed sport mechanic, simply remember that this CAN occur.

Probably the most harmful assault this boss can do has received to be the laser beam. The hitbox for the laser and his weakspot are so wonky that I’ve gotten killed by his laser a number of occasions whereas I used to be on the exact opposite facet of the laser!

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