Gunfire Reborn Lu Wu Boss Fight Guide

Lu Wu is the primary boss you’ll encounter and is, in essence, extra of a tutorial boss that shouldn’t offer you an excessive amount of hassle even with no expertise upgrades unlocked.

Lu Wu Boss Battle Information

  • Weak spot: Electrical To Strip His Defend, Hearth To Drain His Well being.
  • Weakspot: His Head.

The best way to Beat Lu Wu

Lu Wu’s Enviornment is made up of an enormous sq. room with 2 pillars close to the doorway, every with an exploding barrel, with an outdoor space straight forward the place the boss jumps down from and can sometimes return to to regen his shields.

Lu Wu begins of by leaping down into the sector with the participant and can then proceed to do just a few totally different assaults;

Laser shot: The boss will very briefly energy up his fist to shoot a laser in the direction of the participant (indicated by a glow round his fist). Very straightforward to keep away from by dodging, will also be averted by leaping whereas shifting to the facet (though abit inconsistent). Harm = Low.

Boulder throw: The boss will decide up an enormous boulder and throw it on the participant. A white circle will seem beneath the participant for a quick second earlier than the boss throws the boulder to that particular location. The trick to avoiding this assault is all about timing your dodge. Too early and also you’ll get clipped, simply barely, on the exterior of the harm AoE. Too late and also you’ll take the assault straight to the face. You need to wait to dodge only a break up second after the circle exhibits up beneath you. When you grasp the timing it’ll not often hit you once more! Harm = Medium.

Leap assault: The boss will put together himself to leap in the direction of the participant and smash the bottom when touchdown. I’ll should edit the inform for the this assault since I can’t bear in mind the right way to acknowledge it, however so far as avoiding is worried as quickly because the boss jumps within the air you simply dodge. I’ve by no means been hit by this assault on function but (I let myself get hit to check the harm performed) because you’ve bought loads of time to react so it shouldn’t be an excessive amount of of a priority. Harm = Medium.

Triple Laser shot: The boss does the EXACT similar factor as the primary Laser shot assault, besides this time he shoots 3 lasers one after the opposite. He solely does this if he’s low sufficient HP (Round 30% I’d say). Utterly avoiding this assault IS potential, however most unlikely. Every shot does so little harm nonetheless that even should you get hit by all 3 lasers ( which you shouldn’t ) you’d nonetheless dwell with a cushty quantity of HP left. The best way I keep away from all 3 pictures is dodging the primary laser and hold bounce strafing the opposite 2 pictures.

Lu Wu will sometimes bounce again as much as his exterior spot the place he initially got here down from initially of the battle to regen his shields and ship a wave of minions out from each the left and proper facet of the skin gap he jumped by way of. The minions will be both beatles, kamikaze bombers (the blokes carrying the exploding cubes) or a mixture of each, by no means anything.

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