Halo Reach: Solo Legendary Campaign Guide

An inventory of normal techniques to make use of for the legendary issue, in addition to degree particular suggestions that may assist reduce or skip essentially the most troublesome components of the sport.

Halo Attain: Solo Legendary Marketing campaign Information

Halo: Attain’s legendary marketing campaign is among the tougher campaigns within the Bungie period of Halo…should you play it the best way it’s supposed. When you simply need to seize the achievement and go, then look no additional. This information shall be utilizing a bunch of straightforward skips from LASO playthroughs and normal recommendation for troublesome sections that will help you end Halo: Attain on legendary by your self and seize “A Monument to All Your Sins”. Please be aware that this information will comprise spoilers and is assuming you’re already aware of the marketing campaign. Additionally be aware that there’s some minor randomization in some missions with BOB spawns, and it’ll be as much as you to deal with him.

Common Techniques

  • On missions the place you will have Noble workforce allies, at all times allow them to push up in entrance of you and seize many of the consideration. They’ll’t die, so don’t really feel too dangerous.
  • Abuse the noob combo. All the time carry a Plasma Pistol except I specify in any other case. There’s no cause to not, and also you’ll simply be making issues more durable for your self by not doing it. And at all times carry a weapon able to an instantaneous headshot kill in your different slot. Meaning a DMR, Needle rifle, Magnum, or hell, a Sniper Rifle. Everytime you encounter an Elite, dip behind the closest cowl, cost your Plasma Pistol, come out and shoot them, then rapidly change to your headshot weapon and faucet them as soon as on the top. When you don’t use this combo, you’ll be losing ammo and time on Elites, each of that are priceless on legendary.
  • Use headshot weapons for all the traditional infantry. Faucet grunts on the top a couple of times they usually die. All the time intention for the uncovered hand on the left of a Jackal defend, then faucet them on the top whereas they’re reeling. Optimally, which means that you’ll be utilizing 1-2 rounds on Grunts and a pair of rounds on Jackals.
  • Discover a piece of canopy and keep again. Extra occasions than not, there’s no cause to push in. You’ll be able to nearly at all times take out many of the enemies from a protected distance along with your precision weapons.
  • Brutes are hilariously weak, and it is best to think about changing the Plasma Pistol with the Needler and the DMR with the Needle Rifle on areas the place they’re the dominant enemy. Meaning all of Exodus, the hospital in New Alexandria, and the ultimate wave protection phase in Pillar of Autumn. Since they’re largely unshielded, you may kill one with 6 Needler rounds or three physique photographs with the Needle Rifle. Observe that the DMR tends to take 1-2 headshots to pop their helmet off, and 1 extra headshot to kill. The Needle Rifle is simply as environment friendly besides you must intention a complete lot much less.
  • Seize the drop defend when you may, and use dash in any other case. Apart from some very area of interest conditions, there’s little or no cause to make use of the opposite abilties.

Mission 1: Winter Contingency

  • After the preliminary combat with the Covenant and Noble Group crosses the bridge, you may utterly skip the following firefight. Swing far proper, kiss the cliff and observe it. As soon as you discover the civilian transports, hop in them and drive away. In order for you, you may wait on your NPC allies, however in any other case, don’t cease driving till you discover the troopers you’re instructed to search for.
  • As quickly as you land within the relay, swing far left into the facet hall after which run to Kat’s constructing as quick as attainable. Then, simply sit tight inside. There’s nearly no manner the Covenant will attain you with Noble Group going bonkers simply outdoors. Sit tight and await the phase to finish.
  • The preliminary phase after the cutscene is the toughest half within the degree, as they’ve taken away your godly Plasma Pistol and caught a Concussion Rifle Elite in your face. If you wish to simply be protected, gradual, and regular, then cover and let Jorge slowly choose everybody off – he’ll get it completed ultimately. If you wish to truly play the sport, discover a gap between the volleys and choose off the Grunts and Jackals, then dash out, seize a Plasma Pistol, and rapidly finish the Elite’s life.
  • The ending phase isn’t too arduous. Grenade the door that the Grunts shall be pouring out of – reload checkpoint should you miss your window. Then do the usual noob combo for the remaining Elites for the win.

Mission 2: Oni Sword Base

  • Dash up the left ramp as quickly as you will have management to homicide two jackals and seize their Plasma Pistol. The firefight shouldn’t be too powerful after that.
  • After getting the goal locator and go away the bottom, you’ll come throughout two Wraiths. Goal one in every of them and let the artillery kill them, then kill the infantry and the gunner on the remaining Wraith. Your aim is to hijack it. You should utilize an overcharged Plasma Pistol shot to disable it if you wish to be safer in your strategy, however it isn’t too essential. Be careful for the ram it’ll attempt to do if you’re too shut for its gun to hit you. When you’ve began hijacking it, solely punch till the quilt over the motive force comes off. Then, dismount out of your hijack animation, soar on the Wraith, and melee the uncovered driver to demise. When you hijack meleed till the motive force dies, then the Wraith shall be a smoking wreck on the verge of blowing up if you take management of it.
  • The Wraith ought to make the complete open air part straightforward. As soon as the sport fingers you a Gauss Hog after the second goal, use that as an alternative. Kat is a superb shot and also you would possibly as nicely savor its energy.
  • You’ll encounter two hunters afterward within the degree. These are one in every of two Hunter encounters you’ll need to combat in the complete sport should you observe this information. There are two methods to deal with them. One is to take the Gauss Hog with you into the bottom by both driving on the barrier rapidly, or nading it over. The Gauss Hog will be capable to snipe the hunters from outdoors. You may as well simply seize the shotgun and make the most of the standard “bullfighter” methodology, the place you bait their melee animations to shoot them within the again.
  • After you attain Jorge and are instructed to go assist Emile, you may skip principally the complete map. Run to the best up the steps and kill any enemies inside. Then, as you’re crossing over to the third flooring, you’ll discover a ledge on the surface of the complete flooring. As an alternative of coming into the room, hop onto that ledge and you may simply run over to the ramp that goes to the fourth flooring. Do that till you attain the highest. You could take some random hits, however you shouldn’t die.
  • Your predominant fear on the high are the cloaked Elites. Don’t fear about serving to Emile till these two are lifeless.

Mission 3: Dusk

That is the simplest mission of the bunch by far. Simply run previous all the pieces. A direct route is difficult to explain, so simply watch and observe this video (all credit score to RC grasp). The one difficult half is the forklift skip, and even then you definitely’re assured to get it will definitely. Follow on straightforward first should you’re antsy.

Mission 4: Tip of the Spear

  • The preliminary firefight can nearly be utterly averted. Go left and hug the cliff and keep outdoors the railing. It ought to block many of the photographs from the infantry. The one enemy you’ll need to actively goal is the gasoline rod Shade – a few grenades out of your launcher will do it. Then, run far sufficient to set off the Pelican dropping within the rocket hog. If it’s simply hovering and attempting to kill each enemy, run somewhat additional to set off it to calm down – simply be sure to not drop down into the following space.
  • Take the rocket hog and ditch Kat and the trooper it got here with. Drop down into the following space and care for the skirmishers – splatter them with the hog or get off and do it the quaint manner. Then, place the rocket hog in a spot the place you may see the enormous cannon in entrance with out progressing too far. Get within the gunner’s seat and shoot it from the surface till it blows up. The rationale you ditched Kat and the trooper is in order that they gained’t hop within the driver’s seat and screw all the pieces up.
  • Take a pointy proper and drive till your see a Phantom. Wait a bit for a pleasant Pelican to cease by and drop a bridge earlier than you drive via this space and over it.
  • Park the rocket hog outdoors the mining facility and choose off as many as you may with it. If Kat has caught up by now, don’t fear – because you’re not alleged to be driving at this level, her AI gained’t transfer the automotive.
  • Skip the mining facility. Confer with this video.

  • Seize a Revenant and use it to bombard the anti air cannon from a protected distance. Then use it to painstakingly filter out the remaining enemies. If you wish to be extra enjoyable with it, hijack one of many Wraiths as an alternative.
  • On the Falcon experience, prioritize the turrets, then the concussion rifle Elites, then the turrets.
  • Filter out the preliminary Grunts and Skirmishers from the preliminary Spire space. Seize a jetpack. There are a couple of methods to proceed after that. One is to overcharge plasma shot one of many Banshees out of the sky and take that as much as the highest. The opposite is to painstakingly filter out the gasoline rods to open a transparent path to the lifts inside. It’s nearly not possible to make it with them alive.
  • As soon as on the high, keep outdoors so you will have room to maneuver. Decide off any Grunts who peek you, prioritizing those with gasoline rods. When the sword Elite comes after you, noob combo him or hover safely over the sting along with your jetpack and watch him kill himself attempting to get to you.

Mission 5: A Lengthy Night time of Solace

  • The preliminary seaside part is definitely dealt with by all of Noble Group tanking and the noob combo. When you attain the ability, there shall be two troopers with rocket launchers. Commerce your pistol for one in every of theirs, then kill the opposite for ammo.
  • In area, you should definitely hug the bottom of Anchor 9. Enemies hardly ever fly there for no matter cause, so it’s a comparatively protected place to regenerate your shields. When the Phantom wave spawns, await them to come back nearer earlier than selecting them off along with your missiles.
  • For the following phase, increase straight in direction of the Covenant Corvette and take out its engines along with your missiles earlier than you’re prompted to. Then, rush on over to your pleasant ship and conceal behind it. The most secure place is underneath a kind of bizarre wings – you may simply hold tempo with it, and it retains you coated from a number of angles. The enemy Covenant aren’t too brilliant and will ram into the ship attempting to kill you. Both manner, your pleasant ships will ultimately take out all of the enemies and you may proceed to the following half.
  • The preliminary comms room could also be one of many tougher components of the entire sport. Six Elites, all armed with Plasma Repeaters. They’ll be capable to gun you down inside a second. Don’t drop in instantly and wait for 2 of them to hop up into your area. They’ll’t assault whereas they’re leaping, so rapidly homicide them earlier than they land. A 3rd Elite jumped up for me as soon as, however don’t rely on it. Hop down and use that Launcher you grabbed to wipe them out, utilizing your drop defend for temporary cowl should you want it.
  • For the hangar space, makes use of the hallway you are available in as cowl. It shouldn’t be too arduous when you handle to choose off the Engineer.
  • For the bridge space, keep within the doorway of the place you entered intiially and choose off any Grunts and Jackals you see. If the concussion rifle is spraying you too arduous, fall again and the door will shut. Control your movement tracker for the invisible Elites and simply kill them with DMR photographs – their shields are rather a lot weaker than different Elites, and Plasma Pistol photographs gained’t observe them.
  • While you return to the hangar with Jorge, hop within the Pelican’s turret and win.

Mission 6: Exodus

  • This can be a Brute solely mission. Swap out your Plasma Pistol for a Needler for this degree. Ensure that to not overkill too arduous with it – 6 photographs will kill a Brute except they armor lock.
  • Through the protection part on the elevator, hug the left facet of the wall across the elevator. It offers you adequate cowl. Prioritize the 2 Gravity Hammer Chieftains once they rush out (they don’t have shields so needle them) and this half shouldn’t be too troublesome.
  • There are not any standout firefights till you attain the tower close to the top of the extent. Bait every Brute out of the tower with you – there’s a loopy Brute Chieftain with a Gas Rod Gun inside. When you’ve wiped the Brutes out, seize your personal Gas Rod from one of many lifeless spec-ops Grunts outdoors. It’ll be dicey, however should you handle to evade one of many Chieftain’s salvoes, you’ll win. Use the gasoline rod to wipe out the 2 shade turrets outdoors, however you should definitely maintain on to a minimum of one shot. Don’t change your gasoline rod gun out.
  • For the on rails falcon part, it’s fairly straightforward up till a sure level the place Banshees will begin peppering you from behind. When you’re not cautious, they will simply kill you. They begin taking pictures quickly after you cross the skirmish on the lengthy hallway, so level your gun again in preparation.
  • When you’re on the bottom, hop in a Warthog and hand one of many troopers your Gas Rod Cannon. Ensure that they go within the passenger’s seat. This man would be the MVP, as a result of he’ll have infinite Gas Rod photographs. Drive round and let him wipe out all of the Wraiths and Ghosts across the map. Be sure you hold transferring, although if he dies, you may simply hand the Gas Rod to a different trooper. You should utilize this man to filter out many of the degree, leaving solely a few Brutes caught indoors on the finish so that you can cope with. You’ll be able to both kill them, or bait them out and slip by them to hit the button and finish the extent.

Mission 7: New Alexandria

  • This mission has three jammers, in randomized order, with a randomized mission in between. The missions in between aren’t too powerful, it principally consists of “circle strafe and shoot something that’s taking pictures at you.”
  • For the Hospital jammer, have needle weapons for the primary half, however when you kill the jammer, Elites will ambush you. Be sure you have a Plasma Pistol helpful.
  • For the Sinoviet Middle jammer, simply stroll in, hit it, and dash out. The drones gained’t have time to swarm and kill you.
  • For the Membership Errera jammer, I extremely advocate activating the Membership Errera rave Easter Egg, Siege of Madrigal model. This allows you to skip the 4 Hunter combat, which you’ll be able to think about is a ache on Legendary. The rationale it is best to do the Siege of Madirgal model is as a result of the Grunts gained’t aggro onto you in that model, so that you gained’t need to cope with all six of their gasoline rods locking on to you as quickly as you hit the jammer. You are able to do it by following this video.

Mission 8: The Bundle

  • The opening half is essentially the most annoying. Headshot the grunt within the ghost on the best, then rapidly headshot the marksman on the floating platform, and the 2 shade turrets. Use the ghost you freed up on the best to clear the world out. It may be fairly iffy, so be happy to restart nonetheless many occasions you must get it proper.
  • The Scorpion phase is fairly easy. You should utilize the Tip of the Spear technique on the 2 cannons and simply shoot them from outdoors. It gained’t get troublesome till the world proper outdoors Sword Base, the place there are two gasoline rod shades and two plasma shades. I don’t have any suggestions aside from “memorize the place they’re and kill them earlier than they will kill you”. Be sure you have a plasma pistol readily available earlier than coming into Sword Base – in any other case, the firefight you get into if you enter shall be annoying to deal with.
  • While you attain the wave protection phase, Plasma Pistol a Banshee out of the sky ASAP. You are able to do it earlier than the waves spawn, or through the first wave. It makes this mission a hell of rather a lot simpler. The one actual threats it’s important to cope with shall be different Banshees, and the ghosts that the Phantoms drop in. Prioritize the Ghosts, and there shall be nothing stopping you from dominating this phase with the Banshee. In order for you, you may activate the turrets, however they aren’t too helpful outdoors of some distraction.

Mission 9: The Pillar of Autumn

  • This can be a difficult degree and I’m going to be utilizing movies much more, as a result of some components are simply manner too complicated to explain in writing. Within the very starting, await the Elite on the best facet of the clearing to show round, then hug the best wall and dash forward to the shack. Inside, seize the DMR and rocket, then hop on a mongoose and gun it.
  • Wait a bit within the cave earlier than the soar. When you gun it like mad, the Phantom outdoors will gun you down. It’s essential await it to cross.
  • After the soar, use your DMR take out the 2 marksmen on the floating platform and the gunner on the Wraith all the best way within the again. A random Wraith shot might take you out each occasionally, however don’t stress about it an excessive amount of. When you’ve completed that, hug the best wall and use the quilt to get shut and board the Wraith. You need to utterly kill this one, so punch it till it’s lifeless.
  • Be careful for any Needle Rifles and seize them and their ammo. You’ll need to hold a Needle Rifle in your stock this complete mission.
  • When you attain the Boneyard, there’s a route you may take to skip over each single enemy.

  • There’s a skip you are able to do to not combat three Repeater elites and two hunters.

  • When you attain the ultimate space, you should definitely activate the hidden DMR cache. It might have despawned and it’s nonetheless attainable to complete the extent with out it, however it’s implausible to have round.

  • This can be a Brute solely wave protection. That is why you stored your Needle Ridle with you all this time. You’ll be able to homicide regular brutes with it. IF you activated the DMR cache, you should utilize a DMR to filter out the traditional infantry to protect ammo.
  • As soon as the second wave of Brutes is available in, you’ll must drop the DMR for a Plasma Pistol. There shall be three Brute Chieftains speeding you, all with shields. Be sure you pop their shields with an overcharge shot and do the usual three physique needle shot. Similar for the third and last wave
  • The ultimate room of the marketing campaign is extremely troublesome, largely because of the engineer floating round. With it round, you may’t noob combo the Elites they usually’ll maul you to demise immediately. There are a couple of LASO tips you may make the most of, however I caught with merely discovering openings to homicide the engineer with a DMR earlier than noob comboing the remainder of the room. If you wish to see the extra dependable LASO methods, you may both proceed watching that Nak3d Eli video or simply…google it.
  • The ultimate MAC gun phase is predicated on a timer. Get in it and hop out instantly. Go cover underneath the steps proper underneath it. There shall be swarms of Phantoms coming and also you probably can’t wipe them out quicker than they will shoot you lifeless. While you hear Keyes yelling “Fireplace, Lieutenant”, then you definitely’ll need to hop out, get within the gun, and shoot it as soon as on the ship to get your achievement. They gained’t have sufficient time to kill you (hopefully).

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