Hollow Knight: Fifty-Seven Precepts of Zote

The Fifty-Seven precepts of Zote the Mighty!

Precepts 1-10

Principle One: ‘All the time Win Your Battles’.
Shedding a battle earns you nothing and teaches you nothing. Win your battles, or don’t interact in them in any respect!

Principle Two: ‘By no means Let Them Chuckle at You’.
Fools chuckle at all the things, even at their superiors. However beware, laughter isn’t innocent! Laughter spreads like a illness, and shortly everyone seems to be laughing at you.It’s essential strike on the supply of this perverse merriment shortly to cease it from spreading.

Principle Three: ‘All the time Be Rested’.
Combating and adventuring take their toll in your physique. While you relaxation, your physique strengthens and repairs itself. The longer you relaxation, the stronger you grow to be.

Principle 4: ‘Overlook Your Previous’.
The previous is painful, and eager about your previous can solely carry you distress. Take into consideration one thing else as an alternative, resembling the long run, or some meals.

Principle 5: ‘Energy Beats Energy’.
Is your opponent robust? Irrespective of! Merely overcome their power with much more power, and so they’ll quickly be defeated.

Principle Six: ‘Select Your Personal Destiny’.
Our elders educate that our destiny is chosen for us earlier than we’re even born. I disagree.

Principle Seven: ‘Mourn Not the Useless’.
Once we die, do issues get higher for us or worse? There’s no solution to inform, so we shouldn’t hassle mourning. Or celebrating for that matter.

Principle Eight: ‘Journey Alone’.
You possibly can depend on no one, and no one will at all times be loyal. Subsequently, no one ought to be your fixed companion.

Principle 9: ‘Hold Your House Tidy’.
Your property is the place you retain your most prized possession – your self. Subsequently, you need to make an effort to maintain it good and clear.

Principle Ten: ‘Hold Your Weapon Sharp’.
I ensure that my weapon, ‘Life Ender’, is stored well-sharpened always. This makes it a lot simpler to chop issues.


Principle Eleven: ‘Moms Will All the time Betray You’.
This principle explains itself.

Principle Twelve: ‘Hold Your Cloak Dry’.
In case your cloak will get moist, dry it as quickly as you possibly can. Sporting moist cloaks is disagreeable, and may result in sickness.

Principle 13: ‘By no means Be Afraid’.
Worry can solely maintain you again. Dealing with your fears could be a large effort. Subsequently, you need to simply not be afraid within the first place.

Principle Fourteen: ‘Respect Your Superiors’.
If somebody is your superior in power or mind or each, you’ll want to present them your respect. Don’t ignore them or chuckle at them.

Principle Fifteen: ‘One Foe, One Blow’.
It is best to solely use a single blow to defeat an enemy. Any extra is a waste. Additionally, by counting your blows as you struggle, you’ll know what number of foes you’ve defeated.

Principle Sixteen: ‘Don’t Hesitate’.
When you’ve decided, carry it out and don’t look again. You’ll obtain far more this fashion.

Principle Seventeen: ‘Imagine In Your Energy’.
Others could doubt you, however there’s somebody you possibly can at all times belief. Your self. Be certain that to consider in your individual power, and you’ll by no means falter.

Principle Eighteen: ‘Search Fact within the Darkness’.
This principle additionally explains itself.

Principle Nineteen: ‘If You Strive, Succeed’.
In case you’re going to try one thing, ensure you obtain it. If you don’t succeed, then you’ve got really failed! Keep away from this in any respect prices.

Principle Twenty: ‘Converse Solely the Fact’.
When talking to somebody, it’s courteous and likewise environment friendly to talk in truth. Beware although that talking in truth could make you enemies. That is one thing you’ll need to bear.

Precepts 21-30

Principle Twenty-One: ‘Be Conscious of Your Environment’.
Don’t simply stroll alongside staring on the floor! It’s essential search for sometimes, to verify nothing takes you unexpectedly.

Principle Twenty-Two: ‘Abandon the Nest’.
As quickly as I might, I left my birthplace and made my means out into the world. Don’t linger within the nest. There’s nothing for you there.

Principle Twenty-Three: ‘Determine the Foe’s Weak Level’.
Each foe you encounter has a weak level, resembling a crack of their shell or being asleep. It’s essential to consistently be alert and scrutinising your enemy to detect their weak point!

Principle Twenty-4: ‘Strike the Foe’s Weak Level’.
After you have recognized your foe’s weak level as per the earlier principle, strike it. This may immediately destroy them.

Principle Twenty-5: ‘Shield Your Personal Weak Level’.
Remember that your foe will attempt to establish your weak level, so you could defend it. The perfect safety? By no means having a weak level within the first place.

Principle Twenty-Six: ‘Don’t Belief Your Reflection’.
When peering at sure shining surfaces, you may even see a duplicate of your individual face. The face will mimic your actions and appears much like your individual, however I don’t suppose it may be trusted.

Principle Twenty-Seven: ‘Eat As A lot As You Can’.
When having a meal, eat as a lot as you presumably can. This provides you further vitality, and means you possibly can eat much less steadily.

Principle Twenty-Eight: ‘Don’t Peer Into the Darkness’.
In case you peer into the darkness and may’t see something for too lengthy, your thoughts will begin to linger over outdated recollections. Reminiscences are to be averted, as per Principle 4.

Principle Twenty-9: ‘Develop Your Sense of Route’.
It’s straightforward to get misplaced when travelling via winding, twisting caverns. Having an excellent sense of path is like having a magical map within your head. Very helpful.

Principle Thirty: ‘By no means Settle for a Promise’.
Spurn the guarantees of others, as they’re at all times damaged. Guarantees of affection or betrothal are to be averted particularly.

Precepts 31-40

Principle Thirty-One: ‘Illness Lives Inside Dust.
You’ll get sick in the event you spend an excessive amount of time in filthy locations. If you’re staying in another person’s dwelling, demand the very best degree of cleanliness out of your host.

Principle Thirty-Two: ‘Names Have Energy’.
Names have energy, and so to call one thing is to grant it energy. I actually named my nail ‘Life Ender’. Don’t steal the identify I got here up with! Invent your individual!

Principle Thirty-Three: ‘Present the Enemy No Respect’.
Being gallant to your enemies is not any advantage! If somebody opposes you, they don’t deserve respect or kindness or mercy.

Principle Thirty-4: ‘Don’t Eat Instantly Earlier than Sleeping’.
This may trigger restlessness and indigestion. It’s simply widespread sense.

Principle Thirty-5: ‘Up is Up, Down is Down’.
In case you fall over within the darkness, it may be straightforward to lose your bearing and overlook which means is up. Hold this principle in thoughts!

Principle Thirty-Six: ‘Eggshells are brittle’.
As soon as once more, this principle explains itself.

Principle Thirty-Seven: ‘Borrow, However Do Not Lend’.
In case you lend and are repaid, you acquire nothing. In case you borrow however don’t repay, you acquire all the things.

Principle Thirty-Eight: ‘Beware the Mysterious Drive’.
A mysterious pressure bears down on us from above, pushing us downwards. In case you spend too lengthy within the air, the pressure will crush you in opposition to the bottom and destroy you. Beware!

Principle Thirty-9: ‘Eat Rapidly and Drink Slowly’.
Your physique is a fragile factor and you could gasoline it with nice deliberation. Meals should go in as quick as doable, however fluids at a slower price.

Principle Forty: ‘Obey No Legislation However Your Personal’.
Legal guidelines written by others could inconvenience you or be a burden. Let your individual needs be the one regulation.

Precepts 41-50

Principle Forty-One: ‘Study to Detect Lies’.
When others communicate, they often lie. Scrutinise and query them relentlessly till they reveal their deceit.

Principle Forty-Two: ‘Spend Geo When You Have It’.
Some will cling onto their Geo, even taking it into the dust with them once they die. It’s higher to spend it when you possibly can, so you possibly can take pleasure in numerous issues in life.

Principle Forty-Three: ‘By no means Forgive’.
If somebody asks forgiveness of you, for example a brother of yours, at all times deny it. That brother, or whoever it’s, doesn’t deserve such a factor.

Principle Forty-4: ‘You Can Not Breathe Water’.
Water is refreshing, however in the event you attempt to breathe it you’re in for a nasty shock.

Principle Forty-5: ‘One Factor Is Not One other’.
This one ought to be apparent, however I’ve had others attempt to argue that one factor, which is clearly what it’s and never one thing else, is definitely another factor, which it isn’t. Keep in your guard!

Principle Forty-Six: ‘The World is Smaller Than You Assume’.
When younger, you are likely to suppose that the world is huge, large, gigantic. It’s solely pure. Sadly, it’s really quite a bit smaller than that. I can say this, now having travelled in every single place within the land.

Principle Forty-Seven: ‘Make Your Personal Weapon’.
Solely precisely what is required in your weapon. I actually long-established ‘Life Ender’ from shellwood at a younger age. It has by no means failed me. Nor I it.

Principle Forty-Eight: ‘Be Cautious With Fireplace’.
Fireplace is a sort of sizzling spirit that dances about recklessly. It may heat you and supply mild, however it can additionally singe your shell if it will get too shut.

Principle Forty-9: ‘Statues are Meaningless’.
Don’t honour them! Nobody has ever made a statue of you or I, so why ought to we pay them any consideration?

Principle Fifty: ‘Don’t Linger on Mysteries’.
Some issues on this world seem to us as puzzles. Or enigmas. If the which means behind one thing just isn’t instantly evident although, don’t waste any time eager about it. Simply transfer on.

Precepts 51-57

Principle Fifty-One: ‘Nothing is Innocent’.
Given the prospect, all the things on this world will damage you. Buddies, foes, monsters, uneven paths. Be suspicious of all of them.

Principle Fifty-Two: ‘Beware the Jealousy of Fathers’.
Fathers consider that as a result of they created us we should serve them and by no means exceed their capabilities. In case you want to forge your individual path, you could vanquish your father. Or just abandon him.

Principle Fifty-Three: ‘Do Not Steal the Needs of Others’.
Each creature retains their needs locked up within themselves. In case you catch a glimpse of one other’s needs, resist the urge to say them as your individual. It is not going to lead you to happiness.

Principle Fifty-4: ‘If You Lock One thing Away, Hold the Key’.
Nothing ought to be locked away for ever, so maintain onto your keys. You’ll ultimately return and unlock all the things you hid away.

Principle Fifty-5: ‘Bow to No-one’.
There are these on this world who would impose their will on others. They declare possession over your meals, your land, your physique, and even your ideas!They’ve performed nothing to earn this stuff. By no means bow to them, and ensure to disobey their instructions.

Principle Fifty-Six: ‘Do Not Dream’.
Goals are harmful issues. Unusual concepts, not your individual, can worm their means into your thoughts. However in the event you resist these concepts, illness will wrack your physique! Greatest to not dream in any respect, like me.

Principle Fifty-Seven: ‘Obey All Precepts’.
Most significantly, you could commit all of those precepts to reminiscence and obey all of them unfailingly. Together with this one! Hmm. Have you ever really listened to all the things I’ve mentioned? Let’s begin once more and repeat the ‘Fifty-Seven Precepts of Zote’.

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