How Many Endings Are There in Amnesia: Rebirth?

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Horror video games have sometimes all the time adopted the a number of ending strategy. It encourages you to replay the sport, unlock further content material, and make you are feeling like your selections matter. Frictional Video games have stayed true to this format ever since their first launch. Horror titles aren’t know for being overly lengthy, in the event you exclude having to take IRL breaks because of a protracted elevated coronary heart price. What number of endings does Amnesia: Rebirth have? Learn out information under to search out out extra.

How Many Endings?

Amnesia: Rebirth has three endings, that are categorized as Good, Impartial, and Dangerous. Whereas the ending is often unlocked once you end the sport, sure actions throughout your playthrough will dictate which you obtain. It’s really doable to view all three endings inside a single playthrough, however we’d advise in opposition to it, because it form of defeats the item of what the sport is making an attempt to do.

Nevertheless, if you’re quick on time, or simply don’t fancy taking part in by the sport thrice in a row, then simply load a earlier save after you could have witnessed the top cutscene, and comply with the under guides to look at the opposite two.

Dangerous Ending

We’ll begin with the best, and finish with the toughest. It shouldn’t be a shock that the unhealthy ending is the best to unlock.

In direction of the top, stroll as much as the kid, decide them up from the cot, then put them again down. Now return into the principle space, which is able to make the Empress convert you right into a Scavenger. The cutscene will begin along with her controlling the kid.

You’ll additionally get this ending in the event you fail any of the targets for the opposite endings by default.

report this advertGood Ending

Unlocking the great ending begins off by taking the kid out of the cot, however don’t put it again this time. Head in direction of the exit and decide up the vitae alongside the way in which, as you will want it for the doorways. Once you enter the principle space with the Empress, she’s going to blast you.

Now it’s a matter of being sneaky. You have to to get across the Empress with out her seeing you. She is going to blast you if she spots you.

Transfer in direction of the door you entered by and use the vitae you picked up earlier on the portal. Press the button and the great ending cutscene will begin.

Impartial Ending

The Impartial Ending is kind of sometimes called the key ending, because it isn’t apparent what must be carried out to unlock it.

You first wish to begin off by following the primary steps for the great ending, which implies choosing the kid and vitae up, and getting into the principle space once more.

Now, as an alternative of navigating to the portal, you’ll want to go to one of many tunnels that are across the perimeter of the room. Use your vitae on the door lock and enter the newly opened room.

You’ll now must enter your stock display screen and refill the fluid in your injector, that you just used beforehand. It’s the fluid that was used to blow up the pods in The Manufacturing facility. Inject this fluid into the controls.

Exit the room, and repeat this job with the opposite tunnels that are adjoining to the principle room. After finishing this motion thrice, the purple flesh will entomb the entire Tower, killing the Empress, you, and the kid. The cutscene will now unlock.

A reasonably bleak ending, to say the least.

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