How To Easily Defeat Swamp Hive In Serious Sam 4 (Best Tips To Beat)

Swamp Hive is a big spider-like boss that gamers will encounter in Severe Sam 4. It’s pink coloured with a bloody mouth. Beating Swamp Hive within the sport will grant an achievement named Distant Debugger. To progress within the sport and get the achievement, it is very important defeat Swamp Hive in Severe Sam 4. However this could be a little difficult contemplating the large well being quantity of the boss. On this Severe Sam 4 boss information, we’ll enlist all the ideas and tips that may provide help to defeat the boss.

Beat Swamp Hive in Severe Sam 4

The boss struggle in opposition to Swamp Hive has two main phases. In each the phases, Swamp Hive will use his two assaults and attempt to kill you. The 2 assaults that he makes use of are hitting along with his legs and spawning little creatures known as beetles. After the completion of the ultimate part, the boss will continuously assault you till certainly one of you’re defeated and killed.

You might want to kill all of the beetles earlier than attending to Swamp Hive. As talked about earlier, the boss has an enormous well being quantity. Therefore, you might want to equip probably the most highly effective weapons throughout the struggle. Your first selection ought to be the mix of AS-24 Devastator and XPML21 Rocket Launcher. When you don’t have these weapons, your secondary selection may be XM214-A Minigun and XL2 Lasergun. You’ll be able to dual-wield weapons to make use of the mix simply.

Ultimately, the perfect weapon is what you may deal with effortlessly. So relying in your sport fashion, select the weapon that you just assume would be the finest swimsuit for you that may provide help to defeat Swamp Hive in Severe Sam 4.

Aside from the weapons, you must also think about taking some devices. For example, the H.E.A.R.T gadget will revive you, in case the necessity be.

These have been all the ideas that may come in useful to defeat Swamp Hive in Severe Sam 4. Upon getting defeated Swamp Hive, you may progress additional to finish all of the chapters in Severe Sam 4 and rapidly beat the sport.

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