How to get the Moonlord´s Legs and a Crimson and Corruption World

This information will present you get the Moonlord´s Legs and a Crimson and Corruption world.

Producing a Crimson and Corruption world

You will want to generate a world that has each Crimson and Corruption
Just one seed that has this exists

You’ll have to create a brand new world and put within the seed “05162020” (aka american model of sixteenth of Could 2020)

Subsequent, it is going to present some creepy textual content and can rapidly flash mushroom biome backgrounds and and so on.

The world will generate as regular and you will notice it having each Crimson and Corruption.

I feel the world must be a big world, however you may principally use any problem. (I’ve it on grasp mode)

Getting Moonlord’s Legs

Now that your world is generated.

You could go to the fitting and there you will discover a tree dungeon. In one of many chests in there are the Moonlord´s Legs – It’s a backside armour piece.

Additional Loot

Should you go to the fitting from spawn and construct up, you will discover a sky island. Within the chest in the home you will discover “Crimson potion”.

This potion offers you each unfavourable impact within the recreation for 60 minutes.

Good for trolling pals.

Previous Music

The world additionally performs the outdated Terraria music that may be extra generally heard on last-gen consoles like for instance the Xbox 360

Crimson Potion

Crimson Potion is an merchandise that yow will discover on this world.

It grants you each debuff within the recreation for 60 minutes except you meet these necessities:

  1. You’re enjoying on a Hardcore character (on this case it provides you with 3 buffs, I feel)
  2. If you’re enjoying on a seed that is known as “for the worthy” (not this world)

Should you meet these necessities, the potion will final for half-hour and provides you with 3 buffs. (I’ve not been capable of finding which of them – and cannot discover out)

There could also be extra cool issues undiscovered on this world

This world is seemingly referred to as “Crimson’s World”. Crimson is a Re-Logic worker from what I heard.

It’s potential there are extra issues hidden in that world, so I strongly encourage exploration of this world.

Extra of this type of factor:

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