How To Kill Warden Garcia In The Surge 2 – Boss Fight

You’ll face Warden Garcia after recognizing the enormous creature killing one of many troopers. That is after you unlock the primary Medbay within the JCPD Armory area after killing Nitro Boss. Additionally, you will unlock your first three weapons, a Spear, Sword, and Hammer that are indistinctly named into some tech mannequin. You will need to unlock the Medbay and improve your self a little bit utilizing the Module Level. You’ll earn Module Level by Leveling Up that requires Tech Scraps. Tech Scraps could be farmed by killing enemies. Earlier than you attain Garcia it is possible for you to to improve your self at-least two instances by having sufficient Tech Scraps and a few weapons. So if you’re able to Warden Garcia in Surge 2 then let’s proceed with this boss battle information.

How To Kill Warden Garcia

Warden Garcia is a completely armored boss not like Nitro, who doesn’t put on a helmet. The important thing to defeating this boss is by performing a number of defensive strikes that’s Evade as a substitute of attacking him. He’s fast to get better again after the assault and releases a unique kind of assaults in a short while. So Evade is the important thing to win right here, Press A+L to Evade, refer the directions on the display screen for PC and PS4.

Each time the boss is prepping for assault he’ll run in direction of you. He has a knife type of weapon hooked up to his hand, he can swing left and proper with excessive velocity because of the weapon’s swiftness. Watch for his soar, when is down on the bottom with a swipe hit, assault him with the Gauger as a result of this weapon is quick and it does require you to go close to to the boss. Greatest is to run backward after which press A+L to evade, he may shoot explosives so be able to dodge.

The most effective cowl for you is the massive columns within the room, preserve working round it, and everytime you had an opportunity to make use of the Gauger to hit his head. Regulate your Stamina, whether it is out you can’t dodge quick. The second most annoying factor is the Drone, who will seem in between to shoot you. Avoid the laser sight in any respect price.

Killing Warden Garcia boss in The Surge 2 will take time, so be affected person. Assault and evade as quick as attainable, his assaults are repetitive. You may perceive that properly within the begin, attempt shifting it across the pillars within the room as a way to evade left and proper quick keep away from the Drone and explosive assaults. The very best injury assault is when he swings his knife and bows down a little bit earlier than taking a soar. If you’re quick sufficient to make use of the Gauger you may eat his well being quick.

I attempted blocking these assaults however it failed, Warden Garcia is a fairly robust boss, so use the above technique to kill him.

Warden Garcia Boss Drops

After killing him you’ll purchase MG Jackknife Professional weapon together with a Drone. Your first ally within the recreation, you may deploy the drone utilizing Y and use the identical key to shoot a goal. A fairly useful gadget throughout fights. Drones require Omni-Cells, these are its ammunition that you’ll find by exploring the encircling. There’s a limitation of carrying Omni-cells at a single time so use the Drone solely when it’s obligatory. On each go to of Medbay Omni-Cells shall be refilled routinely.

MG Jackknife Professional comes with 82 Injury initially, it has 95% assault velocity and gives +100% Power Achieve. It consumes 110% Stamina

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