How to Make Easy Gold

Moonlighter is an Motion RPG with rogue-lite parts that demonstrates two sides of the coin – revealing on a regular basis routines of Will, an adventurous shopkeeper that secretly desires of changing into a hero.

Moonlighter Make Straightforward Gold

Are you broke? Having hassle promoting gadgets? By no means sufficient gold to purchase something? That gained’t be an issue anymore after studying this information on making loads of gold.

Rynoka Particulars

Rynoka, the place “Heroes” and “Retailers” go to battle within the dungeons or promote their gadgets. You’re each a Hero and a Service provider, so it’s a good suggestion to know the place.

One of the essential buildings to you is your store, your major supply of gold. That is the place you’ll spend a little bit of time there promoting all of your look from the dungeons.

City Board

This board will mean you can spend cash on Service provider Contracts. These contracts are for:

  • The Forge: Craft weapons and armor. One of the essential shops by serving to with development.
  • The Picket Hat: Brew or purchase potions. It’s also possible to improve weapons right here. One other essential retailer which retains you alive within the dungeon with potions and makes your armor and weapon stronger.
  • Le Retailer: Purchase nearly any merchandise within the recreation for a ridiculous quantity of gold. In case you have a ridiculous quantity of gold and lazy, this shall be helpful.
  • Hawker: Purchase decorations in your store. Decorations have particular results which have an effect on your clients and the way they react.
  • The Banker: Make investments and make roughly cash. It’s alright I suppose, you in all probability gained’t go to this man in any respect.

The Store

The store, your own home, your base of operations and your important supply of revenue.

You should purchase store upgrades from the City Board corresponding to:

  • Store Dimension: Will increase the scale of your store. It additionally provides extra issues corresponding to extra tables to promote artifacts, spots to put decorations, additional chests, a quest desk, and a store assistant. That is an improve you must all the time purchase. Degree 2 introduces the Quest Desk, during which clients can request sure gadgets or Guards killed. Degree 3 introduces an assistant. When you exit exploring, you’ll be able to have your assistant run your store however they take 30% of what you’d have made. If you’re operating the store, your assistant will strive their finest to cease thieves whilst you work however is a bit too sluggish.
  • Sale Field: A spot to easily dump any gadgets that you just’re too lazy to cost. In all probability one of many worst upgrades within the recreation.
  • Money Register: Permenantly will increase the quantity of ideas gained from clients. The alternative of the Sale Bin, the very best merchandise within the recreation. It pays for it self.
  • Mattress: When sleeping or returning to city, it gives you and overheal (can’t be healed, however restored when returning to city or sleeping) and an overshield (blocks 1 hit and negates all harm and restored when returning to city or sleeping). That is extraordinarily useful for exploring dungeons, easy sufficient and price getting.
  • Chest: Will increase the scale of the chest subsequent to the mattress. Should you’re a horder, that is good for you.

Store Upgrades

  • Degree 0: 4 tables, 1 chest
  • Degree 1: 8 tables, 2 chests, 2 spots (1 counter and 1 wall)
  • Degree 2: 10 tables (8 regular, 2 glass), 3 chests, 4 spots (2 counter and a couple of wall), 1 quest desk
  • Degree 3: 12 tables (8 regular, 4 glass), 4 chests, 8 spots (4 counter and 4 wall), 1 quest desk, 1 assistant
  • Degree 4: 18 tables (14 regular, 4 glass), 5 chests 8 spots (4 counter and 4 wall), 1 quest desk, 1 assistant

Sale Field

  • Degree 1: -75% Worth
  • Degree 2: -60% Worth
  • Degree 3: -50% Worth

Money Register Upgrades

  • Degree 0: + 0%
  • Degree 1: + 10%
  • Degree 2: + 20%
  • Degree 3: + 40%

Mattress Upgrades

  • Degree 0: Full Well being
  • Degree 1: Full Well being X Overheal
  • Degree 2: Full Well being, X Overheal, X Overshields
  • Degree 3: Full Well being, 250 Overheal, 3 Overshields

Chest Upgrades

  • Degree 0: 28 Chest House
  • Degree 1: 56 Chest House
  • Degree 2: 84 Chest House
  • Degree 3: 112 Chest House

Dungeon Particulars

All of it begins within the Dungeon.


The enemies within the dungeons (Guards) are what stand between you and the precious artifacts. All Guards have a excessive probability to drop loot, all of it being helpful. Preserve all of it till you might be completely certain you don’t want it, you would possibly want it later for crafting, upgrading, brewing, and enchanting.

A great way to trace which gadgets you need to hold is by placing gadgets in your wishlist. This may be executed by going to one of many shops in Rynoka and going over the merchandise you need and put them in your wishlist. It will tag any gadgets with a star which can be required for the merchandise you need.

Issues that you must hold are:

  • Crafting gadgets (Vines, Roots, and many others.)
  • All Jellies (Wealthy, Venom, Fireplace, Electrical)
  • Empowering Crystals

Something not on this record otherwise you don’t want could be offered with out second thought.

Chests and Curses

There are 5 sorts of chests in each dungeon.

  • Wooden Chests
  • Iron Chests
  • Gold Chests
  • Crimson Chests
  • Return Chests

All chests comprise cursed gadgets.

Since these curses don’t have official names but (recreation launched 2 days in the past), I named them myself to correspond with its results.

  • Sides: This curse solely permits you to place an merchandise on both the left/proper or high/backside of your stock.
  • Destroy: This curse will destroy an merchandise that it’s pointing at upon leaving the dungeon.
  • Bless: This “curse” is extra of a blessing as a result of it may destroy any curse instantly, even its personal curse.
  • Return: This “curse” is considerably annoying however useful since it may ship gadgets again to your store instantly.
  • Copy: This “curse” is without doubt one of the finest curses within the recreation however in brief, the merchandise that’s focused by the cursed merchandise will remodel into the cursed merchandise upon returning to city.
  • Thriller: This curse is mainly a wildcard, it may be something from the dungeon you might be in and divulges itself upon returning to city.

The essential factor to recollect is that each one curses are lively when they’re within the bag so watch out about putting your gadgets in your bag otherwise you would possibly sending one thing again with “Return”, destroying a precious curse with “Bless”, or destroying the merchandise with “Destroy”.

Secret Rooms

Whereas exploring the Dungeons, you could discover a couple of skeletons laying round. These skeleton could be destroyed for a small probability to get weapons and potions, which could be offered or used for upgrading. In addition they have an opportunity to drop notes, which give ideas, secrets and techniques, and lore.

One of many notes states that some rooms have pits that sparkle upon getting into the room for the primary time. Should you do see a sparkle in a pit, it signifies that there’s a secret room. To enter it, simply bounce down any of the pits within the room and don’t fear, there’s a rope within the secret room to take you again to the room you had been in.

Up to now, I’ve found 4 sorts of secret rooms:

Return Chest Room: This room comprises a chest that sends something you place in it again to your store, however it may solely be used as soon as. I like to recommend clearing the ground earlier than utilizing this chest, you’ll be able to ship a full stock again to your store and carry on going by way of the dungeon. Do not forget that cursed gadgets are inactive when positioned on this chest.

Pedestal Room: This room has a pedastal with a ebook on it, this ebook could be taken however watch out. If the pedastal is empty an Invicible Guard (identify unknown) will seem and observe you till you allow the ground or the dungeon. I like to recommend bringing an inexpensive merchandise (Vines, Roots, and many others.) to the room, and changing the ebook with an inexpensive merchandise. It will cease the Guard from spawning.

Fallen Crate Room: Typically this room has loot, generally it doesn’t. Fairly easy.

Horde Room: This room is kind of worthwhile, however probably the most troublesome room to finish. It has a pillar in the course of the room. While you work together with the pillar, 3 portals will seem on the partitions and 1-4 locked wooden chests chests will spawn within the nook of the room. The portals will spawn a couple of random dungeon-themed enemies and after defeating them, the chests will unlock so that you can loot.

You may have two decisions:

  • Contact the pillar once more to spawn extra enemies and improve the chest.
  • or
  • Take what’s within the chest, however you’ll be able to’t use the pillar anymore to improve it.

Every horde room has 4 waves, so be certain to finish all 4 waves if you wish to take advantage of cash.




  • Forge (Beneficial)
  • Picket Hat (Beneficial)
  • Hawker (Beneficial)


  • First rate Gear (Beneficial)
  • Low cost Gadgets

Potion Promoting

Potion Promoting:
This can be a ridiculous thought at first, however it’s fairly helpful. All you want is the Picket Hat store unlocked, gold and decorations that have an effect on ideas.

Chances are high you seen these map reveal potions which can be offered on the Picket Hat, and likelihood is you by no means purchased them in any respect. Nicely they will get you a ton of gold by reselling with tip modifiers corresponding to money register upgrades and decorations from Hawker. The max quantity of ideas you’ll be able to earn from decorations and money register upgrades are +110%, greater than double of the unique value.

From expertise, I like to recommend promoting your potions for the precise quantity you got them. You’ll all the time double your money and cater to your Hero clients.

Under is how ridiculous you will get with potion promoting in New Sport +.

Copy Spell Trick

When you discover the dungeon, you might have discovered a couple of cursed artifacts which flip focused gadgets into the identical artifact. Typically, this perhaps a bit annoying, however it may be used to your benefit for making extra gold. All you actually need are artifacts with the Copy curse and some low cost gadgets you don’t want, ideally something that may stack as much as 10 as an alternative of 5.

Artifacts with the Copy curse can solely be present in Gold or Crimson Chests.

Moonlighter - How to Make Easy Gold

After discovering the cursed artifacts, you’re going to need to discover probably the most valuble cursed gadgets earlier than continuing. (Jottings, Historical past Books, and many others.) Now what you need to do is goal your junk gadgets with the cursed artifact. Vaulable artifacts can solely stack as much as 5 so all the time have a stack of 5 when remodeling an merchandise. (That is the rationale why you must deliver gadgets that stack to 10, they are often cut up. It saves numerous house.)

Moonlighter - How to Make Easy Gold

After getting executed that, go away the dungeon. (otherwise you could be “courageous” and hold going by way of the dungeon and danger shedding your haul.)

Moonlighter - How to Make Easy Gold

That’s about it. When you returned, go forward and promote them for a pleasant value.

Different Suggestions

I lastly discovered what these glass tables are for. Listed below are similarities and variations to common tables:


  • You promote stuff on it.
  • That’s it…


  • Gadgets can’t be stolen from it.
  • Can promote gadgets with decrease reputation for regular costs.

Extra of this kind of factor:

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