Ice Caves Guide (Enemies, Traps)

World 5: Ice Caves

This world is just one vertically elongated stage. The simplest method to conceptualize the Ice Caves is by dividing it into 4 subsections. From prime to backside:

Subsection 1: Enter the extent in a spot harking back to Spelunky HDs world 3. This a part of the world is rather more open than any of the worlds earlier. Ice blocks will trigger you to slide in case you have no climbing boots. On the backside of this part isn’t an exit, fairly an entrance tunnel to subsection 2.

2: The center of the extent is clean area on the outer layer. The way in which to undergo is within the internal layer, the place there’s a cave that “smells like moist fur”. That is the yeti cave, a cave with tons of yetis and the Yeti King and Queen. There’s a employed hand up prime, and to the left or proper, in spikes, is a clover. The highest most stage of icy floor holds the Yeti Queen. A stage below it, the Yeti King. Each are surrounded by different smaller yetis. Beneath the Yeti King is a pit of spikes, on prime of which is a number of platforms, one holding a door. The door takes you again to the outer layer of the extent.

3: This part is like the primary, solely on the backside theres a unending pit and a door resulting in world 6.

4: The by no means ending pit that may finish your run, except you obtained the Alien Compass. The Alien Compass lets you take an alternate exit to the Mothership, a secret space.

Notice: Many instances you possibly can skip the 2nd Yeti cave part completely, however you’ll miss the loot. To skip, use a parachute, jetpack, hoverpack, cape, turkey, and even climbing gloves to make your manner all the way down to stage 3. You may also receive an alien mech, if one spawns, and use its jetpack. I don’t advise it, however when you do fall and don’t have any objects that can assist you would possibly get fortunate and seize onto an edge with out touchdown with a faceplant. Grabbing an edge avoids fall harm.

Second Waddler:

The Waddler makes his second look in a cave proper above the doorway to the Yeti Cave (part 2). It’s behind blocks, so that you’ll should bomb round to search out it. You should use the Waddler in 3-1 to smuggle the eggplant to this Waddler, for pickup and use on the eggplant altar.

Awaken the Eggplant Little one:

Seen these wrapped presents being offered on the store? Throw one on an altar and it turns into an eggplant. This seemingly ineffective merchandise is definitely damaged, however when you handle to take it to the Ice Caves with out breaking it, you possibly can drop it on the particular altar right here, with purple goop on it as an alternative of the traditional blood. It all the time seems subsequent to a moai statue (didn’t assume they wouldn’t carry that again in some kind?). Should you set the eggplant on the altar, a door seems within the moai. By means of the door is the Eggplant Child. Awaken him by selecting him up and setting him again down. You now have to pull his ass by means of Neo Babylon and to 7-1. On the intense aspect, setting him down makes him fall again asleep, and even when you depart him on the stage entrance or some place else, he’ll be with you whenever you exit offering he didn’t get blown up in some random explosion.

The Mothership:

It’s again! Should you managed to get the Alien Compass from Van Horseling, by rescuing him, having him kill Vlad, after which discovering him in 4b-1, it can level you in direction of a secret space on the backside of 5-1, the Mothership. There, you’ll find the plasma cannon and unlock the Pilot.


  • Alien: Little inexperienced factor that’s tremendous small however can deal harm when you run into them. They normally come out of UFOs or seem in mech fits you could hop in after ridding the Alien. The go well with is extraordinarily gradual however has a jetpack and might shoot a explosive beam by holding Down and urgent Assault. Impartial assault is an enormous arm that may tear by means of blocks.
  • UFO: Flying saucer that shoots a beam under that eliminates one block or hurts what it hits. When destroyed, UFOs fall to the bottom and explode like a bomb.
  • Yeti: Massive, white, furry Bigfoot who throws individuals who get to shut. Watch out for getting thrown, as you might be thrown into the pit, spikes, or simply thrown again and again right into a wall.
  • Yeti Queen: Within the Yeti Cave, this big yeti primarily is a much bigger and badder regular yeti. If killed, she drops some rope and spike boots.
  • Yeti King: Within the Yeti Cave, this big Yeti not solely pummels you, however blows ice breath at folks inside a sure distance. The ice breath causes ice blocks to fall from the above stage and hit issues which might be below them. When killed, he drops some rope, a compass, and typically a Freeze Ray. If you’re having hassle killing/getting previous the yeti king and queen, when you bomb the flooring they may proceed strolling, sending them into the pit of spikes.


  • Landmine: Explodes a number of moments after getting stepped on.
  • Spring Lure: Not essentially a entice, however might be. These “traps” bounce you excessive into the air when stepping on them. They will help you attain heights you possibly can’t usually. Spikes typically seem on the ceiling within the ice caves. Don’t get thrown into them!
  • Boulder Lure: Taking the Golden Idol on this world triggers a large, Indiana Jones-type boulder to smash something and all the pieces it rolls into. Watch out of being hit, but in addition be cautious of this tearing by means of essential blocks, outlets, or an altar when triggered.

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