Insurgency: Sandstorm – Commander Tips and Tricks

Just a few fast ideas I’ve discovered thus far.

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Normal Suggestions

  • In case you’re not the one commander in your workforce, be thoughtful. Ask earlier than utilizing a one off assist, (Helicopters) or the helps you solely have two obtainable of.
  • When attacking, there’s practically no cause to not name a smoke barrage. The nearer you may name it to the purpose/enemy marksman positions, the higher. On the flipside, there’s practically no cause to *ever* name a smoke barrage if you’re defending.
  • When defending, I normally discover it greatest to name fireplace assist as quickly because it’s up. Holding them delayed with artillery, or dodging round fuel is all the time a plus.
  • Don’t be afraid to flank along with your Observer. Getting the appropriate angle on their strategy, or a robust line of their protection with an A-10, or grenade drone strafe can completely destroy both one, and provides your workforce the respiratory room they want.
  • Chemical mortars are particular for just a few causes. 1: They punish un-prepared gamers. 2: They act as a much less environment friendly smoke display: 3: Like smoke mortars, they make the enemy cough, alerting you to their place. Not like smoke mortars, they’ll probably drive enemies out from their positions.
  • Don’t overlook that almost all weapons will penetrate surfaces, so the A-10 strafe, in addition to helicopters can completely nuke an goal. (Particularly the Gunships rockets.)


  • Talk. Be the one asking your workforce in the event that they want assist in a particular space, standing on the purpose, and so on.
  • In my expertise, folks talk rather more if somebody initiates it first.
  • Speak to your Observer. Inform them the place you need them to be, and what you need them to do.
  • In case you’re an Rebel planning on utilizing the chemical mortars, inform your workforce! They’ll thanks after they’re not choking to loss of life.
  • Congratulate your workforce after they seize an goal, and rally them after they lose one.
  • Whenever you’re calling in assist, inform your workforce what it’s, and the place it’s, to allow them to keep away from it.

Hearth Help Arrival Occasions

Whereas it might not appear essential, realizing when your assist will arrive, in some conditions, is important. For instance, need to shortly clear a clustered group of baddies? Use the A-10 strafe as Safety, or Grenade drones because the Insurgents! Wish to spend a while choosing them off on the purpose whereas they’re being shelled? Use the explosive mortars/artillery!

  • Smoke – 47 Seconds till first shell hits.
  • 30mm Strafe Run – 27 Seconds until strafe start.
  • Explosive Artillery – 48 till first shell hits.
  • Minigun Help – 40 Seconds to reach, stays for 30.
  • Gunship Help – 40 seconds to reach, stays for 20.
  • Chemical Mortar – 46 Seconds till first shell hits.
  • IED Drone – Spawns in 30 seconds, seeks out goal.
  • Rocket Barrage – 35 Seconds till barrage start.
  • Grenade Drones – 30 Seconds till payload detonation.

Have in mind these had been recorded by hand, so these values could also be off by a second or two.

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