Insurgency: Sandstorm – Explanation of Each Class


The Commander is the chief of the workforce, with a singular capability to name in hearth help if a close-by teammate has a radio.

The Commander’s Function in a Match

The Commander’s function is to supply help to the workforce while on the similar time information the workforce to victory, the Commander can help the workforce by utilizing their particular hearth help talents if there’s a lane the place a whole lot of enemies are coming from you possibly can hit it with a Cannon Strike or a Bombing Drone, the Commander can help the workforce by speaking with their teammates and determining the place the very best place for them to be is and what they should do to be simplest.


The Observer class is liable for a workforce’s logistical success, carrying a radio which allows the Commander class to name in hearth help.

The Observer’s Function in a Match

The Observer’s function is to basically continuously be within the vary of the Commander to allow them to successfully name in hearth help in addition to be a kind of guard for the Commander so they don’t die, in brief, they’re a glorified rifleman with radio capabilities for the Commander.


The Rifleman class is the spine of the workforce.

The Rifleman’s Function in a Match

The Rifleman as mentioned are the spine of the workforce, they’re the principle assaulters and defenders and will continuously be looking out for targets which can be being captured or have to be defended. This class is fitted extra so for near medium engagements.


There isn’t a lot I can consider to say concerning the Breacher besides that they’re a Rifleman however with a Shotgun or SMG.

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The Marksman is the sharpshooter of the workforce and has entry to a small number of lengthy rifles.

The Function of a Marksman in a match

The Marksman (although I don’t suggest it as maps aren’t too huge) is a big help function if executed accurately in a match and will even flip the match round when you’re actually good at it, the Marksman must be ready the place they’ll’t be simply noticed but additionally can simply spot and get rid of the enemy.


The Gunner Class is specialised in offering suppressive hearth together with his gentle machine gun and offering smoke cowl for pleasant models to advance.

The Gunner’s Function in a match

As acknowledged above the Gunner’s essential duty to supply hearth help with their chosen gentle machine gun to suppress enemies to assist friendlies advance and seize targets, or they’ll arrange inside an goal and maintain a door or stairway and forestall enemies from advancing by.


The Advisor is a category like a Rifleman however geared up with Particular weaponry.

Just like the Breacher, the Advisor is a glorified Rifleman with completely different weapons.


The Demolitions class is the explosives knowledgeable of the workforce.

The Demolition’s function in a match

The Demolitions individual on the workforce is liable for, just like the Gunner, present hearth help with explosives as an alternative of an LMG, they’ll both hit an goal that has many individuals defending it and try and hit a pair folks, or after securing an goal they’ll set explosives within the constructing for unsuspecting victims to run over them.

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