Jalopy Parts Guide

A information to the variations between the completely different sorts and types of automobile elements in Jalopy.

Half Varieties

To start out off with, there are seven engine parts: the Engine, Carburetor, Air Filter, Gasoline Tank, Ignition Coil, Water Tank, and Battery. Every form of element has 4 varieties. These will be straight upgrades to the final, or have some type of draw back. Reguardless, there’s normally a sort that’s throughout one of the best… when you can afford it.

There are Inventory, Bare, Ramshackle, and Squat engines. Ignoring Ramshackle, every engine is lighter, sooner, and dearer than the earlier. Ramshackle engines are unusual, as they’re extraordinarily gentle, have common acceleration and the worst high velocity, all on the second-highest value. I do not know what the deal is with these items, however I believe they’re supposed for use whenever you’re constructing you automobile to be as gentle as attainable (for high velocity… I believe?)

There are Inventory, Trough, Pipe, and Tube carburetors. Inventory has common weight, the worst efficency, and is affordable. Trough is heavier however extra efficent and costly. Pipe is much more efficent and costly and can be lighter. Tube has one of the best stats for all the things, however is the costliest.

Air Filters
There are Inventory, Coverless, Stubby, and Can Filters. Every sort weighs the identical, however they supply higher and higher engine safety at an elevated value as you go up.

Gasoline Tanks
There are Inventory, Chubby, Portly, and Stout gas tanks. Every tank holds extra, weighs extra, and prices greater than the final.

Ignition Coils
There are Inventory, Barrel, Double Barrel, and Triple Barrel Ignition Coils. They supply sooner and extra efficent startups, however weigh and value extra as you go up.

Water Tanks
There are Inventory, Gazelle, Camel, and Oasis water tanks. There aren’t any sub-types for these, and every new tank is solely 100% higher than the earlier (i.e. it shops extra and weighs the identical) although they’re nonetheless dearer as you go up.

There’s 4 battery varieties, although they are going to all be listed as simply “Battery” by the sport they usually’re all an identical. They’re mainly simply reskins with the completely different partmaker’s logos and coloration schemes on them to match absolutely upgraded engine bays.

Half Sub-Varieties

For every half sort, there are seven sub-types, divided by price-point into the traditional, coloured, and third social gathering classes.

Regular elements are the least efficient, but in addition the most affordable. Coloured elements are dearer, however supply an enchancment to one of many half’s stats. Third social gathering elements (those with model names) are much more costly, however enhance two stats.
Regular elements don’t have any stat enhancements over the bottom stats of that half sort. They’re black.

  • Inexperienced improves efficiency. They’re inexperienced.
  • Brown will increase sturdiness. They’re brown.
  • Crimson reduces weight. They’re pink.
  • Krone Kong improves each the efficiency and sturdiness. They’ve a two-tone gray and black paint job.
  • HSK improves the efficiency and reduces weight. They’re coloured white and light inexperienced.
  • Carbolyte improves sturdiness and reduces weight. They’re black with shiny orange highlights.

Every half’s description does a bit bit to assist clarify what it does- Brown elements’ motto, “stability and assist” and Krone Kong’s slogan, “Efficiency you possibly can depend on” stand out because the clearest.

Additionally word that every enchancment is identical for every part- for instance the efficiency enchancment of a Inexperienced and a Krone Kong is identical, it’s simply that Krone Kong additionally will increase sturdiness.


Tires are equally dealt with to elements. There are presently 3 kinds of tires, every with 3 sub-types (or “compounds”).

Street Tires, Moist Tires, and Off-Street tires perform greatest on roads, within the rain, and off-road, respectively. Pretty self-explanatory.

Every tire sort is out there in 3 completely different compounds that trade traction efficiency for durability- Tender tires put on quick however are grippier, whereas Exhausting tires are sturdy however not so grippy. Medium is a steadiness. Additionally self-explanatory. What isn’t is that the more durable compounds value greater than softer ones.


Every of those elements is everlasting as soon as put in and by no means breaks.

  • The Bull Bars reduces injury to parts throughout collisions by 50%.
  • The Roof Rack doubles your storage capability for each cargo and spare tires.
  • The Mud Flaps cut back the speed at which mud accumulates in your automobile.
  • The Mild Rack installs further lights in your automobile, offering additional gentle at the price of barely greater energy consumption.
  • The Digital Sprint installs a big electrical dashboard gage that tells you essential issues like when an engine half is broken or that you’re low on gas.

The Instrument Racks are an improve that installs a fold-out toolkit in your trunk, providing you with a carjack and crowbar that can’t be misplaced and don’t take cargo house, in addition to an unlimited-uses wrench. There are three ranges of instrument package, purchased sequencially (i.e. you will need to purchase a Degree 1 earlier than Degree 2s will seem in improve outlets) which are all an identical functionally however will improve the facility of the wrench- from a rusty wrench that may restore as much as 33% half well being, to a metal one with 66% well being, to a golden wrench that may absolutely restore all elements.

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