Kingdom Come Deliverance: Bad Blood Quest Walkthrough

Dangerous Blood Quest Walkthrough

Achievement: Tracker (missable)

  • 1. Comply with Kuno and his band
  • 2. Search the burnt-out farm
  • 3. (Elective) Try to discover traces of the attackers
  • 3a. (Elective) Monitor the raiders
  • 3b. (Elective) Cope with the raiders
  • 4. Inform Kuno what you’ve discovered
  • 5. Report back to Sir Radzig

When you’re executed cavorting round camp, go and speak with Sir Kuno once more and inform him you’re able to go on patrol and the search Dangerous Blood ought to begin. You’ll robotically trip out with the band and’ll end up within the countryside between Samopesh and Merhojed.

(On the transfer with the Band of Bastards)

There’s not a complete lot you are able to do right here besides roam the countryside with the horse prepare and take heed to the banter of your mercenary associates whereas having fun with the countryside. Finally, the band will come throughout a burned down farm between Merhojed and the Inn within the Glade. The prepare stops, and also you’re prompted to seek for clues and traces of the attackers.

You’ll be able to search round for clues by inspecting completely different locations, objects and other people however not a lot will come from it. Additionally watch how some mercenaries appear extra within the loot folks carry than in investigating who’s behind the assault. When you’ve had sufficient head into the hovel that’s situated in direction of the forest-side of the farm. Go inside and open the primary door to your proper. Within the pantry you’ll see blood-besmirched oil lamp shining it’s gentle on a blue protect with a notice hooked up to it.

(The hovel with the notice)

Seize the protect and notice, learn them, and report back to Sir Kuno. He’ll need to ship you off to Sir Radzig instantly, however maintain on for now—particularly in order for you the Tracker achievement. Inform him you continue to need to examine who’s executed this. Head into the meadow in direction of the east (heading in direction of the Inn within the Glade) and you must see Stephan Fletching skulking by the wheats. Strategy him and ask if he’s discovered something.

(Heinrich asks Stephan if he’s seen something)

Seems he has. He sees tracks of two riders, a dozen or so foot-folk with heavy burdens, and somebody who’s dropping a variety of blood. They went in direction of the solar at daybreak (east). Examine the little bothy on the japanese forest edge, there needs to be a lifeless horse proper subsequent to it. Go contained in the forest there and you must see a faint pathway main you thru the forest. Alongside it’s course you’ll discover varied items the raiders dropped: apples, bloodies clothes, barrels, extra blood and offal.

Finally you’ll find yourself at a clearing with seven or eight raiders. Strategy a bit of and the Tracker achievement ought to unlock. Cope with them as you would like and afterwards go and report back to Sir Radzig to complete the search. He doesn’t appear to shocked, and tells you the story of him and Home of Zoan. After supplying you with the order to return to Sir Kuno and maintain Hagen of Zoan for him the search concludes.

(Place of the lifeless horse and the raider camp)

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