Kingdom Come Deliverance From the Ashes Achievements

Achievements from DLC From the Ashes.

From the Ashes Achievements


Make sure the renewal of Pribyslavitz. (Simply assemble every part).


Renew the entire of Pribyslavitz with out having the ability to learn.

Buddies with out advantages

Invite Fritz and Matthew to Pribyslavitz. (I couldn’t do it, perhaps all their quests must be achieved).


Make 2,000 Groschen a day from Pribyslavitz.

  • Persuade Marius to stick with present fee (70 gold if I bear in mind appropriately).
  • Don’t improve Rathaus and Church!
  • Construct Woodcutter’s Camp, Highway and Dealer’s.
  • Do quest to all sources.
  • Construct Tavern (+ all enhancements).
  • Construct Secure (+ enchancment).
  • Construct Bakery (+ enchancment).
  • Construct Forge (+ enchancment, it’s your choice which one).
  • Construct Beehives.

Necessary! I didn’t settle any disputes as a result of a few of them may cause extra prices!

On the finish, your earnings will likely be 2050 gold. You may construct all of the buildings in any order.

Extra of this kind of factor:

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