Kingdom Come Deliverance – Tough Love Walkthrough

Robust Love Walkthrough

Find out how to unlock: Converse with Executioner Hermann in his farm.

The home of Executioner Hermann is situated west from Rattay (the image above exhibits its location). You most likely went there already whilst you had been doing The Good Thief aspect quest. Ignore the crying girl for now and converse with Hermann. Study Elishka’s drawback and converse together with her. Ask about her family.

Go to Rattay and meet with the Bailiff. You must use both persuasion or impressing choice throughout your dialog with the person (the Bailiff has each of those stats at a low degree). Converse with the scribe about Elishka’s parents-in-law.

It’s important to attain the farm situated south-west from Rattay (see the image). Don’t attempt to slide down from the steep hill as a result of you’ll threat so much. As an alternative, select a path that goes round and attain your vacation spot both from the east or the west. There, it’s important to converse with the previous girl. It’s important to persuade her to absorb the daughter-in-law – pay 70 Groschen (or much less should you haggle a bit) or use one of many distinctive dialog strains (ideally persuasion).

Return to the Executioner’s farm. Converse with Elishka about her parents-in-law after which discuss with the Executioner. You study that he loves Elishka and he desires to dwell together with her. Return to the lady. It’s essential to give her a “life recommendation”:

  1. Elishka ought to dwell together with her parents-in-law.
  2. Elishka ought to stick with Hermann.

You obtain 175 Groschen. Selecting the second choice performs a cut-scene that depicts a dialog between Elishka and Hermann. Converse with the person and obtain extra 30 Groschen.

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