Kingdom Come Deliverance: Uninvited Guests Quest Walkthrough

Uninvited Visitors Quest Walkthrough

Achievement: Chivalrous Soul (missable)

  • 1. Experience out on the second mission
  • 2. Mount an assault on the mill with Kuno
  • 3. (Elective) Discuss to the members of Kuno’s band
  • 4. (Elective) End of the drunks on the farm

When you’ve reported to Sir Radzig, return to the camp and speak with Sir Kuno whenever you’re able to go on one other mission. This’ll begin Uninvited Visitors and also you’ll routinely trip out with the band and end up doing an evening patrol within the countryside close to Uzhitz.

(The corporate of bastards rides out in the direction of Uzhitz)

(The Band of Bastards on patrol by means of Talmberg forest)

All appears good and nicely till you allow the Talmberg Forest to make lodgings for the evening at Uzhitz. The corporate will get approached by a lantern-wielding damsel-in-distress from a close-by mill. She relates that each one the lads fled when raiders approached. Now the brigands are having their means with the native shops of liquor and they’re going to undoubtedly do god-knows-what with the ladies who remained behind on the mill.

(Menage à trois beneath the starry evening)

She begs Sir Kuno to launch an assault instantly, nonetheless The Chief (at all times the grasp tactician) advises warning and would a lot relatively assault the mill when the marauders have had their justifiable share (and extra) of drink. You may both agree, or you’ll be able to try to influence (speech examine 7) or bluff (charisma examine 10) Sir Kuno to mount a direct counter-attack—doing both of the latter will unlock Chivalrous Soul.

Chivalrous Soul

In case you did press Sir Kuno into attacking instantly (and acquired the Chivalrous Soul achievement), you’ll rush straight on the mill within the pitch black of evening.

(It positive is darkish happening an evening raid)

Prepare for some robust resistance, as a result of you’ll encounter a dozen or so enemy troopers. And whereas the members of your outfit can’t completely die, it’s doable to fail the hunt if all of them get incapacitated. Kill the resistance and after doing so (all of your knocked out mates will stand up) it’s time for some relaxation and rest.

Sadly for Jan and Petr all the ladies appear to have fled, so meaning you’ll should entertain your self. You’ll get prompted to Discuss to the members of Kuno’s band. You may problem Jan to a brawl, play cube in opposition to Stephan (for 3 gadgets), or share a narrative with the opposite lads on the tables—with a well-deserved pint that’s. Don’t go looting our bodies now, as a result of there’s solely a restricted time to cavort with the lads. You may nonetheless loot afterwards.

(Play some cube with Stephan on the mill)

When preventing Jan, you’ll be able to problem him to a further wager (200 Groschen). Seeing how he appears to be a degenerate gambler (amongst others) he actually likes the concept. When taking part in cube in opposition to Stephan, you’ll be capable of play for 3 gadgets—which you’ll solely win so long as he’s on the mill—a protect with the Rychwald coat-of-arms, a jupon with charisma 19, and a hat with charisma 20. You’ll should wager 400 Groschen every time.

As soon as you set Stephan out of enterprise, head out to the desk with Sir Kuno, Jakey and Dangler. Sit and share a narrative or three and sing shanties afterwards.

(Seven tankards of ale and a bottle of spirits on the wall, yo ho ho)

Come to you senses at morning and acquire no matter loot you would like, then return to Sir Kuno’s camp.

Not-so-Chivalrous Soul

Selecting the much less delicate possibility (for the plight of medieval ladies) means the corporate waits till daybreak to mount it’s assault. The time ought to skip forward routinely for the band to attend till the raiders on the mill acquired good and wasted.

(The Band of Bastards launches it’s daybreak raid)

You’ll launch your raid at daybreak and instantly discover how the resistance appears to be lackluster at greatest—Sir Kuno was positive proper about his goulash. After you mopped up no matter petty resistance you’ve encountered the corporate is prepared for some relaxation and rest. Nevertheless, not earlier than you mopped up no matter drunken filth is remaining across the mill. There’s 4 of them mendacity handed out on the ground and shouldn’t show too troublesome to seek out.

(Location of the 4 handed out brigands and Henry placing them to the metal)

As soon as once more you’ll get prompted to Discuss to the members of Kuno’s band. You may problem Jan to a brawl, play cube in opposition to Stephan (for 3 distinctive gadgets), or share a narrative with the opposite lads on the desk. Wait with looting the corpses if you wish to spend some high quality time with the band since you’re on a timer.

Return to the camp afterwards.

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