Kingdom Hearts 3 – Mother Gothel’s Heartless Walkthrough

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Mom Gothel’s Heartless Walkthrough

This boss combat is a warfare of attrition. It has 12 well being bars, which is essentially the most out of any full boss combat so far. Fortunately, regular Keyblade assaults deal a ton of injury to its well being bars so it solely takes just a few hits to take out a single well being bar.

The Heartless boss will fly round so much however you’ll be able to bounce up, glide over, and auto-attack it even when it’s within the air. Maintain this up till you might have it at half well being. It is going to retreat to the highest of the Tower and lock you in a root jail whereas bombs continually fall from the sky.

Whenever you get to it, run up the Tower to the highest and begin attacking Mom Gothel’s Heartless. Rinse and repeat the identical assaults and chasing after it till you get it all the way down to its final two well being bars. In case your well being will get low, save your MP for treatment and likewise use rage kind if vital.

Dodge the bombs as you run to the Tower. Run up the Tower and assault Mom Gothel’s Heartless. Take out the remaining well being and watch the following cutscenes. That concludes the Kingdom of Corona.

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