Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Cheats

#0 – Golden Hercules Figures Places

Golden Hercules Figures are a one-off collectible in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Overlook – Golden Hercules Determine 1

Begin on the Thebes – Overlook save level. There’s a doll on a bench proper behind it.

Overlook – Golden Hercules Determine 2

Go away down the steps from the save level, and observe the trail to the rooftops. Once you slide off, land on protect of the large statue. It’s on the left.

Backyard – Golden Hercules Determine 3

As quickly as you make it to the Backyard, search for an entry approach right into a constructing on the left. It’s towards the wall to the left.

Backyard – Golden Hercules Determine 4

This one is within the Backyard in one of many holes.

Alleyway – Golden Hercules Determine 5

Lastly, head via the Massive Olive, previous the hall that was on hearth, till you make it to the Alleyway – it’s a grassy pathway. There’s a big constructing you possibly can enter right here on the proper. The Hercules Determine is within the again left nook.

Golden Hercules Determine Reward – Hero’s Belt
Once you’re accomplished, search for a boy with a stand in Agora, the principle city sq. of Thebes. He’ll take the Golden Herc Figures and reward you with a Hero’s Belt, a bit of armor.

Hero’s Belt Stats

  • 3 Protection
  • 20% Aero Res.
  • 20% Water Res.
  • 20% Thunder Res.
  • Capability: Frontline Photographer (Permits you to take footage whereas in battle)

#1 – How you can Unlock the Ultima Weapon

The Ultima Weapon is probably the most highly effective Keyblade Sora can yield in Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s a traditional weapon that has appeared in nearly the entire Kingdom Hearts video games.

Ultima Weapon



  • Combo Enhance
  • Air Combo Enhance
  • State of affairs Enhance

How you can get?

  • Acquire all 58 Synthesize supplies to create (synthesize).

By equipping the Ultima Weapon, Sora will achieve the flexibility to Type Change to his Final Type to reinforce his fight capabilities to a fair additional stage. On this type, Sora will seem in a silver lined costume and are ready to make use of distinctive assault set composed of quite a few brilliant blades.

How you can Receive the Ultima Weapon?

1. Collect 58 typs of Artificial Supplies.
2.  Get the Recipe. (unlocked after gathering Artificial Supplies)
3. Acquire 7 Orichalcum.
4.  Receive 2 Suffusive Gems, 2 Energy Crystals, & 2 Lucid Crystals.

You’ll want to gather the required supplies and create the Ultima Weapon to unlock it. When you gather all of the supplies, head to any of the Moogle Retailers to lastly craft it!

Acquire 58 Artificial Supplies
A protracted journey is forward in crafting the Ultima Weapon since you’ll want to assemble 58 Artificial Supplies for it. It’s really useful for gamers to finish this after clearing the principle story.

Collect 7 Orichalcum
You’ll additionally want to gather all 7 Orichalcum to craft the Ultima Weapon. These supplies might be acquired via plenty of totally different means, akin to finishing mini video games or looting them from treasure chests!

#2 – Synthesis Merchandise Recipe Record

Merchandise synthesis is a long-standing characteristic within the Kingdom Hearts. As you gather supplies in numerous worlds, you should use them to craft or “synthesize” them into new objects akin to weapons, armor, & equipment!

Synthesis Supplies are dropped by bosses and different sturdy enemies whenever you defeat them. You can even discover Synthesis Supplies from treasure chests discovered throughout totally different worlds.

After you have the supplies, you possibly can go to any Moogle Store and synthesize them to create the merchandise! Creating objects will replenish your synthesis progress, unlocking extra recipes for you!

Requires Supplies & Munny
The merchandise synthesis course of often requires supplies and munny, the in-game forex. The quantity depends upon the merchandise that you can be crafting.

Synthesis Objects – Consumables

Mega Potion Lucid Shard × 3
Vibrant Shard ×3
Energy Shard ×3
Thriller Goo ×1
Ether Suffusive Shard ×2
Thunder Shard ×2
Wriggling Shard ×2
Massive Ether Suffusive Goo ×3
Thunder Goo ×3
Wriggling Goo ×3
Thriller Shard ×1
Mega Ether Suffusive Goo ×3
Thunder Goo ×3
Wriggling Goo ×3
Thriller Gem ×1
Pressure Get better Blaze Shard ×3
Thunder Shard ×3
Lucid Shard ×3
Thriller Shard ×1
Massive Pressure Get better Blaze Goo ×3
Thunder Goo ×3
Lucid Goo ×3
Thriller Goo ×1
Energy Enhance Suffusive Gem ×5
Vibrant Crystal ×2
Energy Crystal ×2
Wriggling Crystal ×2
Thriller Crystal ×1
Magic Enhance Suffusive Gem ×5
Blaze Crystal ×2
Frost Crystal ×2
Thunder Crystal ×2
Thriller Crystal ×1
Protection Enhance Suffusive Gem ×5
Lucid Crystal ×2
Twilight Crystal ×2
Sinister Gem ×2
Thriller Crystal ×1
AP Enhance Suffusive Goo ×3
Ravine Shard ×3
Twilight Shard ×3
Thriller Goo ×1
Thriller Shard ×2

Synthesis Objects – Armor

Hearth Bangle Mythril Shard ×3
Blaze Goo ×2
Blaze Shard ×5
Fira Bangle Mythril Goo ×3
Blaze Goo ×2
Blaze Shard ×5
Thriller Shard ×1
Firaga Bangle Mythril Gem ×3
Blaze Gem ×2
Blaze Goo ×5
Blizzard Choker Mythril Shard ×3
Frost Goo ×2
Frost Shard ×5
Blizzara Choker Mythril Goo ×3
Frost Goo ×2
Frost Shard ×5
Thriller Shard ×1
Blizzaga Choker Mythril Gem ×3
Frost Gem ×2
Frost Goo ×5
Thunder Armlet Mythril Shard ×3
Thunder Goo ×2
Thunder Shard ×5
Thundera Armlet Mythril Goo ×3
Thunder Goo ×2
Thunder Shard ×5
Thriller Shard ×1
Thunderga Armlet Mythril Gem ×3
Thunder Gem ×2
Thunder Goo ×5
Shadow Anklet Mythril Shard ×3
Wriggling Goo ×2
Wriggling Shard ×5
Chaos Anklet Mythril Goo ×3
Wriggling Goo ×2
Wriggling Shard ×5
Thriller Shard ×1
Midnight Anklet Mythril Gem ×3
Wriggling Gem ×2
Wriggling Goo ×5
Elven Bandanna Mythril Shard ×3
Vibrant Goo ×2
Vibrant Shard ×5
Divine Bandanna Mythril Gem ×3
Vibrant Gem ×2
Vibrant Goo ×5
Wind Fan Mythril Shard ×3
Lucid Goo ×2
Lucid Shard ×5
Stormy Fan Mythril Gem ×3
Lucid Gem ×2
Lucid Goo ×5

Synthesis Objects – Weapons

Battle Mace Mythril Goo ×2
Fluorite ×1
Energy Gem ×1
Thriller Shard ×1
Clock Gear Mythril Goo ×2
Fluorite ×1
Lucid Gem ×1
Thriller Shard ×1

Synthesis Objects – Equipment

Capability Ring + Mythril Shard ×2
Lucid Shard ×6
Technician’s Ring + Mythril Goo ×2
Lucid Goo ×6
Talent Ring + Mythril Gem ×2
Lucid Gem ×6
Phantom Ring + Mythril Crystal ×2
Energy Gem ×1
Energy Goo ×3
Sorcerer Ring + Mythril Crystal ×2
Sinister Gem ×1
Sinister Goo ×3

Synthesis Objects – Supplies

Blaze Crystal Suffusive Crystal ×1
Blaze Gem ×2
Blaze Goo ×3
Blaze Shard ×5
Frost Crystal Suffusive Crystal ×1
Frost Gem ×2
Frost Goo ×3
Frost Shard ×5
Thunder Crystal Suffusive Crystal ×1
Thunder Gem ×2
Thunder Goo ×3
Thunder Shard ×5
Lucid Crystal Suffusive Crystal ×1
Lucid Gem ×2
Lucid Goo ×3
Lucid Shard ×5
Energy Crystal Suffusive Crystal ×1
Energy Gem ×2
Energy Goo ×3
Energy Shard ×5
Wriggling Crystal Suffusive Crystal ×1
Wriggling Gem ×2
Wriggling Goo ×3
Wriggling Shard ×5
Mythril Shard Ravine Shard ×1
Twilight Shard ×1
Mythril Goo Ravine Goo ×1
Twilight Goo ×1
Mythril Gem Ravine Gem ×1
Twilight Gem ×1
Vibrant Crystal Suffusive Crystal ×1
Vibrant Gem ×2
Vibrant Goo ×3
Vibrant Shard ×5

#3 – Synthesis Merchandise Assortment Rewards

1 Synthesis Recipe Collected Ether
2 Synthesis Recipes Collected Hearth Bangle
Sharow Anklet
Capability Ring +
4 Synthesis Recipes Collected Elven Bandanna
Thunder Anklet
Blizzard Choker
6 Synthesis Recipes Collected Mythril Shard
8 Synthesis Recipes Collected Wind Fan
AP Enhance
10 Synthesis Recipes Collected Fira Bangle
Thundere Armlet
Blizzara Choker
12 Synthesis Recipes Collected Technician’s Ring
Massive Ether
Mega Potion
15 Synthesis Recipes Collected Chaos Anklet
Mythril Goo
18 Synthesis Recipes Collected Battle Mace +
Clock Gear +
Talent Ring+
20 Synthesis Recipes Collected Focus Get better
Mega Ether
22 Synthesis Recipes Collected Energy Enhance
Magic Enhance
Protection Enhance
25 Synthesis Recipes Collected Firaga Bangle
Brizzaga Choker
Thunderga Armlet
28 Synthesis Recipes Collected Divine Bandanna
Storm Fan
Midnight Anklet
30 Synthesis Recipes Collected Energy Crystal
Blaze Crystal
Frost Crystal
32 Synthesis Recipes Collected Massive Focus Restoration
Mythril Gem
Lucid Crystal
Vibrant Crystal
35 Synthesis Recipes Collected Phantom Ring
Sorcerer Ring
Wriggling Crystal
38 Synthesis Recipes Collected Firaga Bangle
Blizzaga Choker
Thunderga Armlet
40 Synthesis Recipes Collected Midnight Anklet
42 Synthesis Recipes Collected Aegis Protect +
Star Glove +
Mythril Crystal
45 Synthesis Recipes Collected Buster Band
Orichal Ring
Knowledge Ring<br< td=””></br<>
48 Synthesis Recipes Collected Heartless Mace
No one Guard
50 Synthesis Recipes Collected Buster Band +
Acrisius +
Mega Elixir
52 Synthesis Recipes Collected Heartless Mace +
No one Guard +
55 Synthesis Recipes Collected Save the Queen
Save Sequence
Cosmic Chain
58 Synthesis Recipes Collected Ultima Weapon
Save the Queen +
Save Sequence +
All Synthesis Recipes Collected Orichal

#4 – Suggestions and Tips

There’s quite a bit to soak up whereas enjoying Kingdom Hearts, and it may be fairly simple to overlook vital features of the gameplay which might in any other case make issues quite a bit simpler. To assist be sure you hold Sora and pals on the profitable aspect, we’ve pulled collectively some Kingdom Hearts 3 Suggestions, beneath:

  • Make the most of shortcuts to make use of magic and objects extra simply whereas in battle. Simply head into the menu and assign your magic and objects to particular shortcuts. These might be accessed in battle with L1/LB, and can actually prevent a while.
  • Use your AP factors. As Sora and different get together members stage up, they’ll purchase extra AP. These can be utilized to toggle on sure abilities and skills. These will enable you immensely in battle, so be sure you are utilizing your whole AP for each character in your get together.
  • Hear out for clues from get together members. Donald and Goofy will incessantly name out hints for when elements and Fortunate Emblems are close by. They’ll additionally inform you in case you’re going the flawed approach, helpful in a few of the extra Labyrinthian ranges akin to Frozen world.
  • Spend your Munny. You’ll gather far more Munny than you’ll ever want, so be sure you spend it. An excellent place to funnel your money is within the Gummi Ship retailer. Shopping for and upgrading ships will make the area sections an entire lot simpler.
  • Press L2/LT to cycle via obtainable particular strikes. Whereas preventing massive teams of enemies, you’ll usually construct up a number of particular strikes directly. You may press L2/LT to change which one you need to set off, that means you should use the proper ones for the proper conditions.
  • Use the store to improve your Keyblade. It’s a great way to deal extra injury as you progress via the sport.
  • Speak to your get together members utilizing triangle/Y and also you’ll get way more from the story.
  • In case you’re seeking to pace up the fight, you possibly can head into the choices menu to change the best way animations play out. It’s little question cool to see particular strikes, however given how lengthy a few of them final, it may be good to trim them down a bit.

#5 – Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds Record

Worlds in Kingdom Hearts are new locations to discover and uncover inside the Kingdom Hearts video games. Gamers must journey via these worlds & full their tales to unlock others.

Most worlds in Kingdom Hearts hail from the Disney films and franchises. Some authentic locations akin to Hole Bastion, Keyblade Graveyard, and so on. are originally-created for the video games.

Every world is separate from the opposite and most inhabitants by no means cross paths with characters from different worlds. Additionally they don’t have data of worlds present exterior of their very own.

Sora usually modifications his outfit and look to suit into no matter world he explores. This may be seen within the former recreation worlds akin to Halloweentown, Delight Rock, and and so on.

When Sora & the gang attain Monstropolis, they’re magically reworked into monsters to slot in! They meet Mike & Sully, the human woman Boo, in Monsters, Inc. – the monster firm that gives power to all the metropolis.

Toy Field
As Sora & the gang go away the Gummi Ship, they’re reworked into small toys! Defeating the Heartless within the space, Sora meet with Woody, Buzz Lightyear & the remainder of the toys to assist resolve the scenario.

Kingdom Of Corona
After touchdown in a pleasant forest, Sora encounters a stranger chased by the Heartless. After eliminating the Heartless, Flynn Rider is gone & Sora’s troupe begins searching for him. They uncover a mysterious tower hidden in the course of the forest!

Sora goes again to Olympus to go to his good friend Hercules who as soon as misplaced his powers, simply as Sora had. Arriving on the world, it has modified drastically from the Olympus Area he used to go to.

Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy arrive in a snowy, mountain space. Whereas freezing within the chilly, they battle with the Heartless within the space then discover a tragic, younger lady operating throughout the ocean & into the mountains.

The Caribbean
The gang are having fun with their pirate life on the seas, floating alongside of their small raft. Tough waves come alongside and they’re abruptly tossed over the sting of the ocean.

San Fransokyo
Of their first go to to the town of San Fransokyo, Sora meets with the Massive Hero 6. They prepare collectively by ridding the town of the Heartless operating about.

Twilight City
As Sora uncovers the mysterious clues of Roxas, he arrives in Station Plaza at Twilight City. By Heartless & Nobodies are scattered all through, the city is comparatively peaceable. Sora reunites with Hayner, Pence, & Olette who’re at the moment of their summer season break.

100 Acre Wooden
After finishing Monstropolis, you’ll be capable of entry the world of 100 Acre Wooden! There aren’t any battles right here, only a bunch of mini-games. Full them to acquire a brand new Keyblade!

#6 – Kingdom Hearts 3 Cooking Recipes

Kingdom Hearts 3 Cooking is an integral element of the sport. On this Kingdom Hearts III Information, we’ll educate you unlock Cooking Recipes, their results, prepare dinner, and discovering cooking elements. KH3 is an action-adventure role-playing recreation, as such, you’ll encounter waves of enemies very often. Consequently, you’ll have to replenish your well being very incessantly.

There are a number of methods of therapeutic your character, however one of many more cost effective methods is to utilize the elements gathering mud in your stock and make delicacies that may enable you rejuvenate.

After all, therapeutic spells like treatment additionally contribute in deliver your HP again; nonetheless, they drain your complete Magic no matter how a lot you’ve got left. Subsequently, it could be smart to stay to the alternates for therapeutic, particularly if you end up in a sticky scenario.


  • Mushroom Terrine – Elements: Morel, Chanterelle, King Oyster Mushroom
  • Scallop Poêlé – Elements: Scallop, Olive Oil
  • Ratatouille – Elements: Zucchini, Eggplant, Tomato, Garlic, Bay Leaf
  • Lobster Mousse – Elements: Lobster, Scallop, Dill
  • Caprese Salad – Elements: Strawberry, Tomato, Cheese, Basil


  • Consommé – Elements: Celery, Onion, Cloves
  • Pumpkin Velouté – Elements: Pumpkin, Black Truffle
  • Carrot Potage – Elements: Carrot, Onion, Rice, Butter
  • Seize Bisque – Elements: Crab, Tomato, Carrot, Celery, Olive Oil
  • Chilly Tomato Soup – Elements: Watermelon, Tomato, Dill


  • Sole Meunière – Elements: Sole, Caviar
  • Eel Matelote – Elements: Eel, Bay Leaf, Parsley
  • Bouillabaisse – Elements: Mussel, Lobster, Cod, Garlic, Saffron
  • Sea Bass en Papillote – Elements: Sea Bass, Basil, Thyme, Olive Oil
  • Seafood Tartare – Elements: Blood Orange, Lobster, Sea Bass, Olive Oil
  • Sea Bass Poêlé – Elements: Grapes, Sea Bass, Zucchini, Chanterelle, Parsley


  • Sweetbread Poêlße – Elements: Porcini, Lemon, Veal
  • Beef Sauté – Elements: Cornichon, Eggplant, Zucchini, Beef
  • Beef Bourguignon – Elements: Rosemary, Bay Leaf, Thyme, Garlic, Beef
  • Stuffed Quail – Elements: Rice, Portobello, Porcini, Miller Mushroom, Parsley, Quail
  • Filet Mignon Poêlé – Elements: Bitter Cherry, Butter, Black Truffle, Rosemary, Cloves, Filet Mignon


  • Chocolate Mousse – Elements: Chocolate, Lemon, Butter
  • Contemporary Fruit Compote – Elements: Pear, Apple, Apricot
  • Crêpes Suzette – Elements: Orange, Butter, Honey
  • Berries au Fromage – Elements: Cheese, Lemon, Gooseberry, Raspberry, Blackberry
  • Heat Banana Soufflé – Elements: Banana, Butter, Honey
  • Fruit Gelée – Elements: Melon, Pear, Gooseberry
  • Tarte aux Fruits – Elements: Bitter Cherry, Strawberry, Blood Orange, Banana, Grapes, Melon, Watermelon

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