Kingdom Hearts 3 – The Caribbean Air Skirmish Walkthrough

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The Caribbean Air Skirmish Walkthrough

What follows is a one-of-a-kind boss struggle in Kingdom Hearts 3. You might be up towards an enormous flying Heartless within the sky that’s attacking the Black Pearl. On the identical time, you’re piloting one of many Heartless your self. It’s a must to defeat the boss earlier than it destroys the Black Pearl.

All whereas this is happening, there are additionally some provides it’s a must to fear about. This boss has a whopping 15 well being bars and offers injury moderately rapidly to the Black Pearl. You’re going to need to focus your whole hearth on the boss moderately than the provides.

Maintain following behind the boss whereas consistently holding down the set off to fireplace. You need to intention for the center of the glowing sq. the place it’s head is to deal injury. On the identical time, you need to hearth off torpedoes consistently as quickly as you’ve got them. You additionally need to use the aerial dodge to dodge any assaults and get nearer to the boss. Once you get shut sufficient to the boss, observe the immediate to leap on its again. Then press up on the thumbstick to leap as much as its face and it’ll flip round and have a look at you.

Instantly begin unleashing assault after assault. When it strikes its head and also you cease damaging it, rapidly press X/Sq. to deliver up your barrier and defend your self from any highly effective hits. It can ultimately shake you off. When this occurs, dive in direction of one of many colourful cloud streams.

The sport will deal with it as a rail. Journey all of it the way in which to one of many flying Heartless and take command once more. You’ll want to repeat the identical goals of taking pictures the boss, flying after it, and leaping on its again till it’s rapidly defeated.

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