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Greed are the principle enemy of the sport. They’re grumpy little thieves that, for some purpose, are stillbent on noodling your stuff away. They are going to bully you and your topics out of your cash and livelihood. They steal any cash and instruments they’ll discover, after which run again to the closest portal for security. Each evening, a number of greed spawn from the closest portal to your kingdom on all sides. In the event that they attain a wall, they’ll assault it till the wall offers manner. If they arrive throughout a topic, they’ll assault them, inflicting your topic to drop their software after which, if hit once more, lose their coin, turning again right into a vagrant. Greed can even assault you, knocking 1 coin out of your bag at a time. In case you are hit when you haven’t any cash, they’ll knock a gem out of your bag. If in case you have no cash or gems, your crown will likely be knocked off, and you’ll have a chance to recuperate it earlier than the greed can steal it. It solely takes one hit with an arrow to kill a greed, and they’ll drop any carried objects or cash upon dying. Early-game methods normally embody dropping Cash for the small variety of Greed that spawn on the primary few nights, supplying you with and your Employees the flexibility to behave with security throughout the evening. This tactic is broadly referred to as “bribing”.

Armored Greed
Armored Greed are are distinguished by the masks they put on, and are similar to every other greed that assaults partitions and steals objects. When Armored Greed get hit with sufficient arrows, their masks is destroyed, leaving them as weak as any common Greed. The quantity of arrows it takes to knock off their masks is determined by the masks they’re carrying. Armored Greed may also be bribed.

Floaters are the one flying enemies within the sport, and thus can fully ignore partitions. After they swoop down, they do an area-of-effect assault that damages close by Partitions, knocks cash out of your bag, and knocks the instruments out of the palms of any close by topics. Then, they’ll seize as much as 2 of your topics and actually try and kidnap them. Archers in towers are usually focused first, and are thus probably the most weak. Floaters have a great quantity of well being, however one shot from a catapult or mighty ballista will normally kill them, and as long as it’s killed earlier than it flies all the best way again to a portal, it can drop your stolen models and shrivel up right into a ball of flesh.

(information from earlier sport, probably outdated)
Breeders are one of many strongest enemies within the sport, taking a number of Catapult or Mighty Ballista pictures to kill. They’re known as “breeders” as a result of each few seconds, they cease and spit out 3 Greed to assist them with their assault. Breeders are gradual and laborious hitting, making you drop tons of cash with every hit. Trying to run previous them will trigger your mount to rear again, leaving you weak to being hit earlier than you may run previous. They will throw your Catapult’s rocks again at you, which both does large injury to a Wall, or knocks out any topics it hits. If it hits you, you lose a ton of Cash. When your topics get knocked out, they drop their instruments on the bottom and simply lie there, being ineffective for some time. Breeders can even punch your Partitions after they get near them, and might take down most Partitions in a matter of seconds. The worst half about Breeders is that they can’t be bribed, and can by no means head again to their Portal. They need your crown, and they’re keen to die making an attempt to get it. Typically they spawn with the crownstealer with them, double hassle!

Very quick, they prioritise attacking the monarch quite than his/her topics. They’re the quickest greed and might soar over quick partitions to seize your crown.

Primarily the troll.

Cliff Portals
(information from earlier sport, probably outdated)
The Cliff Portal, as soon as opened, turns into the spawn-point of your enemies. It isn’t doable to destroy the Cliff Portal completely. There is just one Cliff Portal per island, and it’s positioned on one random facet of the island, reverse to the dock. It’s large, it all the time stays open, and has much more well being than regular Portals. The Cliff Portal will begin closed, and can open when all different Portals are destroyed, releasing a wave of doom because it opens. If you happen to handle to destroy the Cliff Portal, it can disintegrate similar to every other Portal, however then slowly reconstruct itself over the course of the subsequent three days. It won’t spawn enemies throughout its reconstruction interval.

(information from earlier sport, probably outdated)
Portals are large, rocky gateways discovered within the forest, and, similar to Cliff Portals, are the spawn-points of your enemies. In contrast to Cliff Portals, Portals are normally closed throughout the day, however open at evening to let loose enemies. When they’re closed, Portals may be safely handed by, however when open, they’ll spawn Greed to assault something that goes close to it. Portals can even open as quickly as they’re attacked. They are often completely destroyed by ordering Knights to assault them, however they’ll put up a struggle. As soon as destroyed, the sky will flip blood purple and cries of anger will likely be heard. All of your topics will retreat as if it have been evening time. Your knights will finally return to the Partitions to protect. No songs will likely be sung, and it is going to be an eerily quiet remainder of the day. Instantly after the day ends, it is going to be a Blood Moon, the place you’re going to get a wave despatched at you from one of many remaining Portals. These Blood Moons attributable to the destruction of a portal usually spawn a wave of enemies that’s bigger than that spawned throughout a standard Blood Moon. After destroying the final Portal, the Cliff Portal will open up, unleashing a large wave of doom upon your kingdom.

Dock Portals
Dock portals spawn on the dock of a brand new island, and have to be defeated with a view to construct that island’s lighthouse. Dock portals could not look intimidating, and pose about as a lot of a risk as every other portal, however they’ve a large quantity of well being, so be ready to put siege all evening if you wish to take it down. Upon its defeat, the subsequent evening will change into a blood moon, as it might with every other portal, and that facet of the island will formally be protected (except your defenses in the wrong way fall).

Cliff Portals
On this model of Kingdom, Cliff Portals may be destroyed.
To destroy a cliff portal, the bombs have to be obtained from the iron-level workshop. 3 builders will push the bomb to the cliff portal and takes 5(?) gold to activate it. Upon detonation, they divulge heart’s contents to the greed world, which the participant can enter. You possibly can (MUST) ship knights to the cliff portal facet that will help you in destroying the portal. Contained in the greed world, there are a lot of greed spawners which is able to spawn 7 greed at one go. As soon as the bomb reaches the “coronary heart” of the portal, you may detonate it and the display will begin flashing. If you happen to can not get out in time the monarch dies when the cave is blown up.

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