Kingdom Two Crowns – Greed and Armored Greed


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Greed are the principle enemy of the sport. They’re grumpy little thieves that, for some purpose, are stillbent on noodling your stuff away. They may bully you and your topics out of your cash and livelihood. They steal any cash and instruments they’ll discover, after which run again to the closest portal for security. Each evening, a number of greed spawn from the closest portal to your kingdom on all sides. In the event that they attain a wall, they’ll assault it till the wall provides means. If they arrive throughout a topic, they’ll assault them, inflicting your topic to drop their device after which, if hit once more, lose their coin, turning again right into a vagrant. Greed may even assault you, knocking 1 coin out of your bag at a time. If you’re hit when you haven’t any cash, they’ll knock a gem out of your bag. When you’ve got no cash or gems, your crown can be knocked off, and you should have a possibility to recuperate it earlier than the greed can steal it. It solely takes one hit with an arrow to kill a greed, and they’ll drop any carried objects or cash upon loss of life. Early-game methods often embrace dropping Cash for the small variety of Greed that spawn on the primary few nights, providing you with and your Employees the flexibility to behave with security in the course of the evening. This tactic is broadly often known as “bribing”.

Armored Greed
Armored Greed are are distinguished by the masks they put on, and are similar to some other greed that assaults partitions and steals objects. When Armored Greed get hit with sufficient arrows, their masks is destroyed, leaving them as weak as any common Greed. The quantity of arrows it takes to knock off their masks will depend on the masks they’re sporting. Armored Greed will also be bribed.

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