Kingdom Two Crowns – Squires


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Instrument: Defend (4 Cash)
Job: Assault & Defend
Coin Capability: (4?) Cash

When a peasant picks up a protect to grow to be a squire, they are going to be assigned a aspect of the dominion based mostly on which aspect of the dominion the protect was bought on, and (3-5?) random archers can be assigned to grow to be that squire’s squad. These archers will comply with the squire wherever he goes, and can not hunt, so watch out about hiring squires when low on archers. Throughout the day, squires and their squad will wait exterior the outer wall of their assigned route, awaiting orders to assault. At evening, they’ll fall again behind the partitions to defend in opposition to the greed. If a wall’s well being reaches (20%?), any knights and squads defending that wall will try and retreat to the following wall inwards. When a squire is attacked by greed, it’ll parry the assault, with an opportunity to lose their protect within the course of (unconfirmed), turning into a peasant. If the squire is carrying any cash, they’ll drop these one after the other as an alternative of shedding their protect, subsequently it is strongly recommended so that you can drop cash to your squires with the intention to buff them. If the banner exterior the outer wall they defend is paid 4 cash, the squire on that aspect and their squad can be signaled to assault the closest portal in that route, and can head out to take action regardless of the time of day or circumstances. If there’s a boat in that route, they’ll board the boat as an alternative. As soon as they arrive on the portal, your squire will try and defend in opposition to the greed that the portal spawns, whereas your archers chip away on the well being of the portal. If the portal is destroyed efficiently, the squire and squad will instantly retreat again to your kingdom for the upcoming blood moon. If the squire loses their protect, their squad will revert again to common archers instantly.

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