Kingdom Two Crowns – The Unicorn

The Unicorn

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The Unicorn

Island: 5
Spawnpoint: Pink tree
Unlock Price: 4 Gems
Price: 16 Cash
This mount works the identical because it did within the earlier recreation; It spawns from the pink tree, runs sooner on grass, and upon grazing will “eject” 3 cash, giving monarchs a simple strategy to rack up cash.

The Unicorn is a uncommon mount that produces Icon Coin 3 cash each time it grazes. It’s vital to know the grazing mechanics of the sport. See Grazing. The Unicorn runs sooner than the unique horse on open land and has the identical stamina.

Its habitat could be acknowledged by a big tree with blossoms and mushrooms on the bottom, together with a magic-like chiming sound within the background.

In Kingdom: Two Crowns, she’s at all times on the fifth island, it prices 4 gems to unlock and 16 cash to experience it.

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