Kingmaker – Armag’s Tomb Part #3 Walkthrough

Armag’s Tomb Half #3 Walkthrough

Zorek’s Trial

Whew. Virtually performed now. You’re again on the primary degree of the tomb, albeit on the beforehand unreachable japanese half. Sadly there was no fast ingress, however maybe there’s an egress?

Sufficient idle hypothesis. The encounter forward will be resolved by way of diplomacy or fight, and in case you lack a silver tongue – or the endurance to wag it – now is an effective time to spellbuff.

Once you’re prepared, make your means ahead into the chamber past, the place you’ll be confronted by an unearthly barbarian guardian named Zorek. Ask him what questions you’ll, then, in case you want to keep away from a struggle, choose the dialogue possibility “Let me inform you of my deeds – they’ll make my value clear.” adopted by “I’m prepared. Pay attention properly.”

It is best to now see a string of [Diplomacy] checks and maybe the odd [Bluff] and [Intimidate], the latter being an extremely tough [Intimidate 50] test. All the opposite checks – boasts of your deeds – serve to impress Zorek, therefore making your declare, the [Intimidate] test, simpler to attain. After all, your precise boasts rely in your earlier actions, and in case you say one thing unpleasing, Zorek could disregard your boast, or flip hostile.

In the event you spared both Hargulka or Tartuk, you’ll have the dialogue possibility “I plundered Trobold, the underground monster metropolis!”, which can provoke Zorek. Likewise, in case you spared Vordakai you’ll have the choice “I defeated Vordakai, historical necromancer and ruler of the cyclopes!”, which Zorek isn’t keen on, both. It doesn’t matter in case you cross or fail this test, merely trying them leads to a struggle.

Alternatively, in case you killed each Tartuk and Hargulka you’ll get the choice “I killed Hargulka and Tartuk – a troll king and a kobold king respectively – and destroyed their metropolis!”, and likewise with Vordakai you’ll be capable to say “I killed Vordakai, historical necromancer and ruler of the cyclopes!”. These checks will be handed, and if they’re, will impress Zorek and drop the DC of his [Intimidate] test.

Different feats you’ll be able to boast about embody defeating the Stag Lord, exterminating the Longtail tribe through the quest Misplaced Baby, murdering the villagers of Lake Silverstep, and defeating Dugath and the remainder of his barbarians. In the event you’re a follower of Gorum (or you’ll be able to lie convincingly sufficient about being one) that’ll additionally appease Zorek. Efficiently mendacity about serving Gorum can be value a hefty little bit of expertise – over 11,000, in actual fact.

Relying on what number of of those checks you’ll be able to cross, you could possibly decrease the required [Intimidate] test to cheap ranges. Go the [Intimidate] test and also you’ll show your value to Zorek by your deeds alone, incomes you passage with no struggle. Truthfully, the expertise for speaking your means out of a struggle is way, far higher than by successful the struggle itself, so it’s most likely value making an attempt in case your Diplomacy ability is excessive sufficient.

If a struggle breaks out, don’t sweat. Zorek’s not that highly effective of a warrior. He will get loads of assaults per spherical and his fairly arduous, however his Assault Bonus is barely larger than the Better Skeletal Champions you fought within the earlier space. His Armor Class can be excessive, however not on par with the Devourers or Bloody Bone Beasts you’ll have fought. His Hit Factors aren’t even all that prime in comparison with creatures you’ve been preventing, nor does he have any Harm Discount. Merely put, there’s no cause why a spellbuffed occasion shouldn’t be capable to minimize him down with relative ease.

Whereas the expertise favors diplomacy, in case you kill him you’ll be able to loot his physique for a Falchion +3, a swimsuit of Full Plate +1, a Headband of Impressed Knowledge +2, an Amulet of Pure Armor +2, a Ring of Safety +2, a Cloak of Resistance +3and the odd potion and scroll.

Declare victory, whether or not by way of diplomacy or fight, then search the japanese nook of the room to discover a hidden [Perception 35] test. You will discover a physique to loot within the northern nook of the chamber, whereas a grate to the west [Perception 9] will be looked for a Leather-based Scrap Lined in Historical Runes.

Battle: Armag

In the event you have been one way or the other depleted by Zorek, greatest relaxation up, as a result of the subsequent battle is even tougher. Once you’re prepared, spellbuff, save your recreation, then head into the room to the subsequent chamber to the southwest, the place you’ll discover Armag having a little bit of a… disagreement with a Deface Sister. Sadly, Armag’s wrath isn’t sated along with her, and he’ll shortly flip his consideration onto you, summoning a number of Better Skeletal Champions to assist him in battle.

This struggle will be harrowing for one cause – Armag himself. He’s received an outright foolish Assault Bonus that makes worrying about your Armor Class moot. If he’s not deterred by concealment, he’s going to hit, and the one query is how arduous. Stoneskin will assist mitigate injury considerably, however even with that buff he nonetheless hits tougher than most any foe you’ve fought earlier than. On a essential hit he may fairly practically one-shot any of your warriors.

In the event you have been hoping that he’d be one thing of a glass cannon, your hope is in useless. His Armor Class is larger than a Devourer’s – very close to forty, and he’s received sufficient Hit Factors to climate multiple fortunate essential hit. All shouldn’t be misplaced, nonetheless, as he does has a weak-point: spells. He’s outright proof against Magic Missile, for some cause, however his Reflex Save is barely solely reasonable and his Contact Armor Class is laughable, that means quite a lot of spells will be employed in opposition to him with respectable expectations of success.

Chains of Mild has likelihood of maintaining him held – assuming a caster with an Attribute Modifier of +5, this spell ought to have round a 50% likelihood of working, which can simply maintain him occupied for a spherical or two. One of the simplest ways of damaging Armag is thru direct damaging spells, nonetheless. Flamestrike, Hellfire Ray, Chain Lightning, Managed Fireball… any party-friendly (or easily-aimed) spell that requires a Contact Assault or checks the goal’s Reflex Save is value using. Even spells like Disintegrate and Hurt could also be value a solid, even assuming their injury can be diminished on account of Armag’s Fortitude Save. Armag has loads of Hit Factors, however not sufficient that he can shrug off such an onslaught indefinitely.

The one query is, tips on how to maintain him from murdering you when you solid these spells? You will have a number of choices, together with merely spellbuffing your warriors and hoping they survive lengthy sufficient – and contribute sufficient injury – to permit your casters to whittle Armag down. A greater resolution is to summon loads of fodder earlier than you provoke Armag and let him minimize his means by way of them, shopping for you valuable rounds to inflict injury. Aforementioned spells like Chains of Mild could purchase you extra time, however it’s arduous to select it over Hellfire Ray, which any competent Cleric can use to deal 30-40 injury to Armag every spherical.

As for Armag’s skeleton friends, there’s a sneaky means of mitigating the position they’ll play within the battle… your good outdated buddy, Net. Sneak ahead till you’ll be able to see simply previous the lifeless barbarians in the course of the room and solid one Net to the west, and one other to the south. If you would like full protection, throwing a 3rd Net spell at Armag will do, however his Athletics rating is excessive sufficient that there’s nearly no likelihood he’ll be hindered in any respect, so don’t rely on it.

So, to recap: sneak ahead and solid a number of Net spells to catch Armag’s Better Skeletal Champions. Summon a bunch of critters to function fodder – numbers matter greater than efficiency, anticipate Armag to chop by way of one each time he assaults. Spellbuff your occasion, ship a personality ahead to impress Armag, then retreat when he assaults. Hopefully most – if not all – of his skeletons can be caught within the Net spells and the creatures you summon will maintain Armag up a couple of rounds. Throughout this time, blast him with spells to cut back his Hit Factors, and interact along with your warriors if and when he kills all of your summons.

When Armag is defeated, his skeletal minions will stop to be a menace, too. After a second, Armag will acquire himself sufficient to speak, and at any stage of the dialog you’ll be capable to inflict to coup de grace, do you have to not dare to spare the barbarian. In the event you select to listen to him out, nonetheless, you’ll be able to ask concerning the Deface Sisters, his upbringing, why he attacked Brevoy, and so forth. Ask him “What is going to you do if I allow you to reside?” and also you’ll get the choice to spare him [Chaotic Good], after which you’ll be able to fraternize with the barbarian chieftain by changing into blood-siblings.

It’s most likely not a foul factor to have a barbarian chief so intently bonded to your trigger. He’s additionally received no love for this “ninth mom”, whose id ought to be simple sufficient to guess. In a means, the 2 of you might be siblings in distress, certain by the harmful ambitions of the Guardian of the Bloom.

Alternatively, in case you kill Armag you’ll be able to loot him for Ovinrbaane, Enemy of All Enemies, a Bastard Sword +5 with the “Outsized”, “Anarchic” and “Pace” properties. Whereas it would seem to be a dream weapon for Amiri, the wielder should make a [Will 23] save every spherical or go berserk, attacking the closest goal – buddy or foe. The DC of this Will Save will increase by one every spherical of fight, and Will shouldn’t be her robust swimsuit. Much less controversial is the Adamantine Breastplate +4Belt of Bodily May +4Amulet of Pure Armor +3Ring of Safety +4 and Cloak of Resistance +4 he drops. Definitely you will discover a house for all these high-quality magical gadgets.

Both means, you’ll be able to loot considered one of Armag’s skeletal servants for a Skymetal Cogwheel. There’s additionally a pair of chests (one hidden [Perception 35]) within the northern nook of the room, considered one of which accommodates a Leather-based Scrap Lined in Historical Runes, whereas one other chest within the southern nook of the room which holds a whopping 3,789 GP.

Batch of Blood Bones Secret Room

Imagine it or not, that’s not all of the loot available on this tomb… nor the final struggle. Alongside the southwestern wall of the room Armag occupied – close to the chest filled with gold – you will discover a secret door [Perception 35]. Past this secret door is a small chamber occupied by a Spectre, two Bloody Bones Beasts and two Skeletal Champion Berserkers. There’s additionally a entice within the heart of the room, however that is tactically irrelevant, because you most likely don’t need to rush on in there, in any case.

Isolating and dispatching one Bloody Bones Beast is tough, however doable, however two generally is a chore. You could simply have success with a method just like the one you employed in opposition to Armag, nonetheless, the objective this time being to isolate the 2 Bloody Bones Beasts and rapidly take away one with magic. Forged a Net spell on the heart of the room so its edge blocks the door, then retreat and lure the Bloody Bones Beasts to the northeast.

Once more, they nearly actually received’t be affected by Net, however their companions may. After they’re remoted, concentrate on considered one of them and hit it with all of your nastiest spells: Disintegrate, Hellfire Ray, Chain Lightning, Heal, and so forth. Not like Armag, their Fortitude Saves are what you need to problem, and whereas they’re not terribly low, they’re not unconquerably excessive like their Reflex Saves. When you’ve dispatched one with a mix of magic and may, the opposite shouldn’t be too far behind, and the Spectre and skeletons aren’t something to fret about on their very own.

Conquer this final group of undead on this dungeon, disarm the entice, then search the room for treasure. You’ll discover two chests you’ll be able to loot, considered one of which accommodates a Heavy Protect +4. Virtually actually certain to be an improve for anyone!

Ending Up Armag’s Tomb

Depart the key chamber and exit the room the place you encountered Armag by way of an exit to the northwest. Alongside the northwestern nook of this chamber you’ll discover a hidden [Perception 35] chest, which homes a swimsuit of Chainmail +4. One other, much less obscure chest will be discovered within the room’s japanese nook.

To the southwest you’ll discover a passage connecting you to the sooner a part of this dungeon, permitting a fast egress. Handy, that. If you would like a bit extra loot earlier than you go – and your Notion ability is as much as it – search the northeastern wall to discover a closing secret door [Perception 35]. Within the room past you’ll discover three chests, considered one of which is hidden [Perception 35]. Considered one of these chests will yield a Longsword +3, one other will forfeit an Historical Kellid Ceramic Potsherd, whereas within the hidden chest you’ll discover the Protector’s Gown, which supplies its wearer a +5 Dodge bonus to Armor Class, a +1 Assault Bonus and injury bonus with unarmed assaults… the right little bit of clothes in your adventuring Monk.

With that, you’re lastly, mercifully performed with this tomb.

The Way forward for the Tribe

Depart the tomb and also you’ll be handled to a scene of dissent among the many Tiger Lords. If Armag is lifeless, you’ll get an opportunity to cross a price judgment on the lifeless barbarian, however issues proceed the identical means, regardless. Gwart will ask you to assist determine the destiny of the Tiger Lords by easing tensions throughout the clan by taking in any disaffected parts, and by serving to choose a brand new chieftain. To just accept them, choose the dialogue possibility “All proper, I’ll absorb any Tiger Lords who want to depart their tribe and reside on my lands – supplied they swear an oath of fealty first.”, when you can reject them by saying “Why are your quarrels my affair? Return to Numeria and do no matter you want. Depart me out of your feud.” adopted by “You heard me – depart. If I discover you in my lands once more, you’ll be greeted with hearth and metal!”.

The previous is a straightforward sufficient determination, both you select to have good diplomatic relations with the Tiger Lords, otherwise you drive the Numerian barbarians away with threats. Within the latter case has a couple of choices, a lot of which most likely received’t be out there to you given your previous choices. Attainable candidates embody Amiri, Armag, Dugath and Gwart, but when Armag or Dugath are lifeless, they received’t be candidates. Clearly. Additionally, Amiri will solely be a candidate in case you accomplished Betrayer’s Flight earlier than Hour of Rage. There’s fairly chance that Gwart would be the solely viable contender.

Decide whomever you want (or whomever is out there, because the case could also be) and benefit from the expertise reward for lastly ending the menace from the Numerians. There’s certain to be extra bother and strife, however for now you flip your consideration elsewhere. In the event you return to the throne room in your capital, the hunt Coronation will proceed. In the event you haven’t accomplished it but, you’ll be able to merely keep away from returning to your throne room for now (supplied you haven’t been absent too terribly lengthy, in fact) and head to Candlemere Tower to see about finishing Betrayer’s Flight.

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