Kingmaker – Silverstep Grove Walkthrough

Silverstep Grove Walkthrough

Exit out to the world map to identify the Silverstep Grove space, offered you unlocked it by following the tracks within the Lake Silverstep Village space. From this aforementioned space, you want solely head east, then north to succeed in Silverstep Grove.

Wolf and Worg Welcome

You’ll arrive on the southern finish of this comparatively small space, and also you’ll rapidly run afoul of the native wildlife within the type of an Alpha Worg, two Alpha Wolves and two Dire Wolves. These mutts dwell alongside paths to the northeast and northwest, and in the event you provoke one group, the opposite will try and flank you. Whereas their energy deserves your contempt, their potential to journey and maul characters is one thing try to be cautious of, particularly in the event that they get to your weaker characters. You’ll be able to remedy this downside simply sufficient by stuffing your celebration behind the rocks alongside the southeastern and southwestern corners of the map and scary the wolves along with your tank.

Nonetheless you handle it, kill them, then loot a department amidst some bushes to the north to attain a wide range of potions, scrolls and baubles. One other, extra obscure cache of treasure may be discovered alongside the southwestern finish of the realm map. If you happen to discover it you’ll rating some gold, gems, potions and scrolls.

Battle: Ivar

Comply with the paths as they meander uphill to seek out Ivar, who’s standing in entrance of some graves, accompanied by three Alpha Worgs. While you method, he’ll warn you off, and in the event you persist he’ll finally assault, aided by his canine companions. Whereas Ivar is a satisfactory warrior in his personal proper, his Alpha Worgs are the true hazard right here, as their Assault bonus is excessive sufficient to recurrently hit your tanks, and their Fight Maneuver checks are nothing in need of absurd. Tripped opponents will endure additional harm attributable to Assaults of Alternative – you know the way this goes.

Fortuitously, you possibly can arrange the struggle nonetheless you would like by approaching with solely your tank(s) till Ivar and his worgs flip hostile. Put together forward of time with the same old buffs (together with Blur, Haste and Stoneskin) then begin out the struggle with Prayer and Gradual to seal the deal. The Alpha Worgs don’t have an excessive amount of endurance, however you additionally don’t have to kill them – the struggle ends when Ivar is defeated. If you wish to squeeze out round an additional 1,000 XP, although, kill the Alpha Worgs first.

After besting Ivar, he’ll regain his humanoid kind and interact in determined, defeated diplomacy. You’ll be able to end him off outright with a [Lawful Neutral] ethical selection, or you possibly can sate your curiosity by selecting the dialogue choice “Inform me the reality about what occurred to you.”. Within the latter case, you’ll study his unhappy story, which is far the identical as what you discovered on his notice earlier with the addition of how he grew to become bothered with lycanthropy. As soon as that story is completed, you possibly can query him about his doubtful declare to have “served” his fellows on the Lake Silverstep Village to study a bandit gang in a close-by cave, which you need to have already handled. End up by asking him what his future plans are, ought to he depart together with his life (you may also make a futile supply of employment) earlier than in the end deciding whether or not to kill or spare him.

If you happen to end Ivar off, you’ll need to proceed preventing in opposition to his Alpha Worgs, ought to they continue to be alive. The expertise they provide may be a slight incentive ought to you have got kept away from killing them earlier, however sparing Ivar can be value a hefty little bit of expertise, plus you get his gear (a Longsword +1, a go well with of Chainmail +2 and a Belt of Bodily Kind +2) both means! From a purely profitable standpoint, it’s most useful to kill his Alpha Worgs throughout the struggle, save him for final, defeat him, then spare him.

  • Reward: For sparing Ivar
    600 XP

Be aware: You’ll be able to return to Brevis after coping with Ivar to inform him about Ivar, however nothing comes of it.

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