Legendary Items Tier List (Red)

The basic multiplayer roguelike, Danger of Rain, returns with an additional dimension and more difficult motion. No run will ever be the identical with randomized phases, enemies, bosses, and gadgets. Play solo, or workforce up with as much as 4 associates to battle your approach by way of hordes of monsters, unlock new loot, and discover a approach to escape the planet.

With every run, you’ll study the patterns of your foes, and even the longest odds could be overcome with sufficient ability. A novel scaling system means each you and your foes limitlessly enhance in energy over the course of a recreation–what as soon as was a bossfight will in time develop into a typical enemy.

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Myriad survivors, gadgets, enemies, and executives return to Danger 2, and lots of new ones are becoming a member of the battle. Model new survivors just like the Artificer and MUL-T debut alongside basic survivors such because the Engineer, Huntress, and-of course-the Commando. With over 75 gadgets to unlock and exploit, every run will preserve you cleverly strategizing your approach out of sticky conditions.

Uncommon Gadgets: S Tier

Good Behemoth
If the direct 60% harm enhance to every part you do wasn’t ok already, now you even have AOE on every part. Though it stacks poorly (solely +1.5m vary per stack), it makes S Tier as a result of simply having a single copy of this merchandise is sufficient to make a run lots smoother. Plus, it’s unlikely that you simply’ll get many duplicates of a uncommon merchandise in a run.

Ceremonial Dagger
By itself the bonus harm from Ceremonial Dagger is kind of spectacular, however Ceremonial Dagger is a type of rares that you really want as many stacks as doable of. As a result of every stack gives a further three daggers (150% harm every), a stack of Ceremonial Daggers is many instances stronger than a single one. This happens as a result of each enemy that dies (together with ones that die to daggers) now launch extra daggers. Mixed with the consequences of Will o’ the Wisp and Gasoline, it’s doable to start out fully unstoppable chains that can wipe the map right away. If it has no different targets to hunt out, it could simply chunk bosses too.

Unstable Tesla Coil
The harm from this dangerous boy is simply loopy. 400% base harm onto three close by enemies isn’t any joke in any respect. Having an Unstable Tesla Coil will make your life considerably simpler as it could take out close by enemies with out your assist. This merchandise is very highly effective on Engineer (his turrets inherit the power to make it 3 times as highly effective) as it’s a stable possibility for clearing out the small monsters that stroll below his bubble defend.

57 Leaf Clover
Many individuals underestimate the facility of the 57 Leaf Clover. As a result of it could reroll nearly all random results (shrine of probability, proc probability, crit), it does lots for you within the background. The equation to calculate the brand new proc probability with x quantity of clovers and p proc probability is:

  • y = 1 – (1 – p)^(x + 1)

As somebody who enjoys using on-hit gadgets to their most potential, this mechanic is just loopy to me.

  • Don’t have sufficient crit with solely 70%? Now you’ve got 91%
  • Ukelele proc probability too low at 25%? Now you’ve got 43.75%
  • Kjaro’s Band wants a lift in incidence? Now you’ve got 15.36% proc probability
  • Want Sticky Bomb to get much more devastating? You get the purpose

This can be a uncommon merchandise that scales in effectiveness as you get extra gadgets. The bonus DPS that this merchandise grants you throughout all rolls is invaluable. Sadly the 57 Leaf Clover can’t reroll a few of the most necessary cube rolls within the recreation (Chests, Block, and many others), however that is good for steadiness. Even with out these rerolls, I imagine the 57 Leaf Clover is definitely S Tier on account of its vital DPS increase. Or perhaps I’m simply unfortunate as hell.

Alien Head
Alien Head is an throughout highly effective uncommon that can allow you to play extra aggressively while being safer than ever earlier than. For what you get, there are not any downsides. Decide up one you probably have the chance. You’ll positively discover the cooldown discount.

Rejuvenation Rack
That is good merchandise to have on any character. It doubles the therapeutic from all sources and makes it with the intention to preserve your well being excessive extra persistently. Extra stacks will enhance the bonus additively: growing doubled therapeutic to tripled, quadrupled, and so forth. Therapeutic gadgets seem steadily in Danger of Rain 2 and in lots of circumstances a single Rejuvenation Rack is all it takes to considerably enhance your survivability.

Uncommon Gadgets: A Tier

Sentient Meat Hook
The Sentient Meat Hook can be utilized to setup combo kills in opposition to teams of enemies with out the assistance of a Primordial Dice. Though the harm is comparatively low (100% per hook), the impact could be devastating. The bunched up group of enemies will get shredded by the burn from Gasoline and Will o’ the Wisp. Typically hooking enemies can pull them right into a unfavorable place, however this result’s unusual. For probably the most half, the Sentient Meat Hook is a superb uncommon for establishing combo kills which could be particularly potent if executed close to a boss.

When stacking Sentient Meat Hooks, their hook-able targets will increase by 5 and proc probability will increase by this equation:

Due to the low base harm that doesn’t enhance with stacks and the poor proc probability scaling, Sentient Meat Hook solely will get an A Tier.

Soulbound Catalyst
Soulbound Catalyst is a robust uncommon that can rapidly reset the cooldowns of your tools gadgets in battle. I wouldn’t underestimate how a lot this merchandise may help you in a pinch, however it’s fairly reliant on different gadgets with a purpose to stay as much as its fullest potential. You’ll want adequate AOE from Gasoline and Will o’ Wisp to get massive bursts of cooldown discount and also you’ll want Gas Cells with a purpose to retailer the costs you get again. Due to this fact I’d rank Soulbound Catalyst as A Tier.

Hardlight Afterburner
Generally, on account of good cooldown administration, I don’t discover myself needing additional prices on my utility ability. However even when so, the Hardlight Afterburner is all the time welcome. Having an additional two prices of my utility ability signifies that I can have a backup in case one thing goes haywire. The 33% cooldown discount can be fairly vital and could be very noticeable ingame.

Uncommon Gadgets: B Tier

Frost Relic
Frost Relic, whereas cool wanting, will not be sturdy in any respect. To start with, the harm you get from it isn’t excellent. Doing solely a complete of 99% harm per second complete, it fails to do any critical harm in opposition to enemies inside its vary. Which leads me to the second level, the vary is tiny. As a result of the vary is so small and the harm is so low, it has a tough time being correctly utilized by something aside from Engineer’s turrets and Mercenary. Lastly, the most important concern with Frost Relic is the necessity to kill an enemy to proc. The enemies that you simply’ll find yourself killing rapidly are those which the Frost Relic may really impact, which really reduces the general effectiveness of the merchandise. This merchandise may very well be used to complement harm and has no downsides, however its lackluster impact lands it in B Tier.

Uncommon Gadgets: C Tier

Happiest Masks
Whereas I do just like the ghosts which can be spawned from the Happiest Masks (and it could make copies of bosses too), I discover that the principle objective ghosts serve is as meatshields to distribute aggro from many enemies. Due to its low proc fee (10% on kill), the one approach to summon sufficient ghosts to make an influence is to kill an enormous quantity of enemies. Sadly, if you are able to do that then you definitely received’t even want the Happiest Masks in any respect.

Wake of Vultures
Wake of Vultures is horrible and I’d solely ever decide it up if it’s my first/second uncommon with a purpose to commerce it away at a 3D printer. Though the buffs that you simply get from killing elites are mediocre at finest, the most important concern happens when killing shielded elites. Upon receiving the shielded buff, half of your max well being is transformed into shields. In the event you take any chip harm a second after the conversion, you’re merely left with half well being because the defend doesn’t have any time to regenerate. Sadly, the second after the defend “buff” ends you’re additionally as soon as once more left with half well being. This sudden lack of well being can simply trigger you to die. Don’t underestimate the malignity of this merchandise.

Uncommon Gadgets: Situational

H3AD-5T v2
This merchandise is one in all Mercenary’s favorites. To begin with, it fully cancels out fall harm. Because of this an unintentional eviscerate into the bottom will now not eat your complete well being bar (hopefully this bug is mounted later). Mercenary additionally tends to spend so much of time within the air over the enemies so he can really make the most of the stomp impact for bonus harm throughout his combos. This stomp can be a fantastic device to interact with as it’s going to put the Mercenary proper over his goal in excellent vary of a Whirlwind or Eviscerate. I’d take into account this merchandise a B Tier merchandise on most different courses because the elevated mobility is sweet to have, however a number of different Rares can present rather more impactful bonuses.

N’kuhana’s Opinion
N’kuhana’s Opinion is a wierd merchandise. As a result of it must retailer your therapeutic with a purpose to deal harm, it’s solely good on builds which have an insane quantity of therapeutic. Because of this Engineer is the one class that may actually make the most of this merchandise to its fullest potential as he has the fixed therapeutic from Bustling Fungus. Moreover, Engineer turrets may also have a replica of N’kuhana’s Opinion and can be capable to hearth their very own skulls as effectively. The harm from the skulls are based mostly on max HP, so taking Formed Glass with this merchandise will not be really helpful. As for different courses, I’d fee it a C Tier just because they typically don’t obtain sufficient therapeutic for it to be price it over different rares.

Dio’s Finest Good friend
What else are you able to do while you come throughout a blazing boss?
This merchandise is definitely superb on all courses, but it surely’s effectiveness actually is determined by how good the participant is. I’ve seen some gamers die with this factor on probably the most preventable deaths.

Additionally I wish to notice that Dio’s Finest Good friend is loopy on engineer because it signifies that each turret he locations (whereas he has the merchandise unused) will resurrect (as soon as for each copy of Dio). This happens as a result of every turret, when positioned, takes a snapshot of the Engineer’s present merchandise stock and copies it. Thus a turret’s resurrection won’t eat the Engineer’s Dio’s Finest Good friend, however it’s going to eat the copy at the moment within the turret’s merchandise stock.

Identical to Bandolier, Brainstalks is bonkers on courses that depend on their talents for harm. No cooldowns is the enabler for Mercenary’s perma eviscerate and Huntress’ glaive spam. This typically ends in one other elite kill which might simply snowball into an insane quantity of injury total. Brainstalks scales amazingly into the late recreation the place elites are crawling round all over the place, but it surely’s solely good on the few courses that may take advantage of out of getting no cooldowns. This uncommon can vary from S Tier on cooldown dependent courses like Huntress and Mercenary to C Tier on main assault targeted courses like MUL-T.

It’s finish. I hope “Danger of Rain 2: Legendary Gadgets Tier Checklist (Crimson)” helps you. Be at liberty to contribute the subject. In case you have additionally feedback or ideas, remark us.

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