Magic Items List (Locations & Effects)

Magic Gadgets Record

Magic objects are a particular class of things, imbued with the arcane, the unknown, and most positively the highly effective.


Arcane Protector Dagger Lone Home, Bartholomew Delgado, Bridge over the Gudrin River +1 +3 dodge bonus to AC, resistant to nauseated
Beastrender Falchion Goblin Fortress +2 Bane (animal)
Certain Thunder Trident Lizardfolk Village, Chieftain Vesket +1 +1d6 eletricity harm
Chaos Shard Dagger +2 Probability to confuse on hit (DC unknown)
The Crusher Greatclub Lone Home, on troll throughout quest +2 Outsized (+1d8 harm -2 assault)
Chilly Midnight Sickle Dappled Quagmire +3 On hit the goal should succeed on a Fortitude saving throw (DC 17) or endure 1d4 Dexterity harm
Decapitator Falcata +2 (+4) +4 enchantment whereas raging
Demolisher Decide, Heavy +1 Adamantium, Bane (undead)
Devourer of Steel Longbow, Composite Troll Lair, First ground (hidden ground tile, northwest nook) +1 Outsized (2d6 base harm, -2 to hit); +2d6 acid harm
Dogslicer +1 Shortsword Goblin Fort +1 Adamantium, Bane (undead)
Grim Finale Membership Lizardfolk Village, weapon rack proper of Chieftain’s hut +2 +1d6 damaging vitality; casts Vampiric Contact on course on vital hit; when unequipped, solid Finger of Loss of life on person
Hairsplitter Estoc +1 Agile
Coronary heart Piercer Sai Shaynih’a +3 Agile, bleed 1d6 hp/spherical on hit
Kneesplitter Decide, Heavy +2 Bane (giants)
Longshank Bane Spear Goblin Fort +1 Bane (giants, people, elves, orcs, “different humanoids goblins name longshanks”)
Lord Protector Dueling Sword +2 -5 to break and assault vs pleasant targets
Fortunate Longbow Longbow, Composite Monster Den +1 Fortunate
Mallet of Woe Mace, Heavy Dwarven Ruins, Troll King +3 2d6 base harm; steady impact Freedom of Motion spell
Mom’s Care Kukri Goblin Fort +2 Eager; +1d6 chilly harm
Mom’s Heat Kukri Goblin Fort +2 Eager; +1d6 fireplace harm
Noble Warhammer Warhammer +3
Savage Bow Longbow, Composite Stag Lord’s Fortress, Stag Lord +1 Casts Side of the Falcon 3/day
Second Execution Greataxe +1 Bane (undead)
Skullcrusher Heavy Mace Talon Peak – Ruins +2 On a vital hit, goal should make a DC 17 Fortitude save or be shocked for 1d4 rounds, or staggered for 1 spherical on save
Slicer Scimitar +2 Runic Mageblade (+2 additional bonus whereas a contact spell is charged)
Stratagem Rapier +2 Agile
Swordsman’s Ardour Dueling Sword +2 Agile
Talon of the Sensible Kama Lake Silverstep Village +2 Agile
Trollreaper Greataxe Ruined Watchtower +1 +1d6 acid harm
Warhammer of Hatred Warhammer Dragn +1 Bane (giants)


Acerbic Ring Ring Given by Bokken on first go to to capital Assaults with bombs do +1d6 harm
Blessed Signet Ring Wearer can solid Bless 3/day, at caster stage 1
Boots of Elvenkind Boots Bought by Enneo the Touring Service provider
Unknown different supply(s)
+5 competence bonus on Mobility checks
Cloak of Shadows Ring Bought by Hassuf +10 enhancement bonus to all Stealth checks and immunity to blindness and dazzling
Cloak of Winter Veil Cape +1 resistance bonus to all saves and 10 chilly resistance
Cloak of the Winter Wolf Cape On a profitable chew assault wearer offers 1d6 extra harm and journeys the goal
Twine of Cussed Fury Belt Bought by Hassuf +2 enhancement bonus to Structure and as an alternative of being fatigued after raging, wearer takes 1 harm per spherical for twice as many rounds as was raging
Power Supply Ring Goblin Fort Permits 2 addition makes use of of channeled vitality per day
Professional’s Hat Helmet Pre-order bonus +1 competence bonus on all ability checks
The Coronary heart of Ira Necklace Varnhold Immunity to fatigue and exhaustion. Activate for aura of 2d6 harm that requires DC 17 Reflex save to keep away from fatigue.
Helmet of Battlefield Readability Ring Bought by Hassuf +2 perception bonus on Will saves and +2 bonus to assault rolls when Fight Experience is used
Mesmerizing Necklace Necklace Pre-order bonus +1 DC to person’s Enchantment faculty spells and Colour Spray (DC 13) 3/day
Necklace of Everlasting Hunter Ring Bought by Hassuf +2 bonus on assault rolls and +4 bonus on harm rolls in opposition to animals and magical beasts
Paragon of Winter Ring Goblin Fort Wearer and their summoned creatures get chilly resistance 30 however vulnerability to fireside.
Professor’s Hat Helmet Bridge Over the Gudrin River (Cave) Will increase carrying capability by 200 and +2 competence bonus on all ability checks
Ring of Plentiful Hunts Ring Bought by Hassuf +1 harm bonus with bows and +2 luck bonus on Lore (Nature) checks
Ring of the Beast King Ring Bought by Hassuf +2 enhancement bonus to Energy and Dexterity to the wearer’s animal companion
Stag Helmet Helmet Stag Lord’s Fortress, Stag Lord +1 perception bonus to assault rolls in opposition to flat footed and flanked targets.
Cussed Head Helmet Goblin Fort (particular situations) +4 enhancement bonus to Dexterity; +3 pure armor bonus to AC; +4 bonus to saving throws in opposition to demise results
Swiftfoot Boots Boots +10 enhancement bonus to hurry
Tartuccio’s Current Ring Reward from Tartuccio throughout Prologue +1 deflection bonus to Armor Class
Wyvern Pores and skin Cloak Cape +2 enhancement bonus to to pure armor, +4 resistance bonus to saving throws in opposition to poison, sleep and paralysis

Armor and Shields

Ancestral Dwarwen Protect Protect, Heavy Candlemere Tower +2 DR 2/-
Blessed Path Armor, Heavy, Full Plate Troll Lair, decrease ground (hidden secret) +2 +2 Charisma; +2 Knowledge; +4 sacred bonus to poison and compulsion saves; 2 extra Smite Evil per day for Paladins; Alignment Restricted (Good)
Bombardier’s Vest Armor, Mild, Leather-based Ratnook Hill – Cave, Wererat Alchemist +1 +2 bonus to assault rolls with bombs and related weapons
Flameguard Protect, Tower Bought by Hassuf +1 +3 resistance bonus to Reflex saves, fireplace resistance 10
Coronary heart of Valor Armor, Medium, Breastplate Troll Wilderness / Dwarven Ruins +2 Mithril and +4 morale bonus on saves in opposition to concern results
Gown of Air Armor, Gown Goblin Fort 0 Electrical Aura (+2 DC bonus to electrical spells)
Gown of Earth Armor, Gown 0 Acid Aura (+2 DC to acid spells)
Gown of Hearth Armor, Gown Sepulchre of Forgotten Heroes 0 Hearth Aura (+2 DC bonus to fireside spells)
Gown of Water Armor, Gown Lonely Barrow 0 Chilly Aura (+2 DC to chilly spells)
Protector of Unjust Protect, Heavy +2 +2 resistance bonus to saving throws; +2 AC and save bonus in opposition to lawful outsiders; Alignment Restricted (Non-lawful, non-good)
Vest of Hundred Pockets Armor, Mild, Studded Goblin Fort +2 +5 Trickery
Woodland’s Aegis Armor, Mild, Studded +2 Casts Barkskin 1/day


Bag of Holding Bought by Hassuf +200 carry weight.
Ember Royal and Imperial Version bonus +1 ethical bonus to saving throws.
Headchomper Pre-order bonus +2 ethical bonus on Notion and Lore (Nature) checks
Peridot Wyvern Womb of Lamashtu Summons a wyvern for 10 minutes, as soon as per day.
Small Bag of Holding Bought by Oleg Leveton +100 carry weight.

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