Medieval Dynasty Crafting Guide: Buildings, Traps, Tools

Medieval Dynasty Crafting

Fast-start and on-the-go crafting will be accessed anyplace by urgent ‘Q’ to deliver up your crafting radial menu.

Inside this menu you may craft fundamental instruments, any buildings you’ve unlocked, traps, and so forth. Whenever you hover over a variety it’ll inform you within the middle what supplies you have to have in your stock to finish the crafting.

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Higher Instruments

Past the fundamental instruments obtainable within the ‘Q’ menu, extra superior ones are solely obtainable by their respective buildings, retailers, or by stealing them. A pickaxe, for instance, is crafted by way of a Blacksmith. Waterskins on the Sewer. Arrows will be made within the first crafting hut you construct.


Whenever you place your first home, you’re establishing the situation of your future village. Villagers want quick access to water. You’ll completely need to be near a densely populated forest as effectively, because the buildings require a lot of wooden. If you wish to get into mining/excavation you’ll need to even be close to rock formations/mountains/mines/clay.

I personally went to the fork within the street simply West of Gostovia, the place the bridge leads throughout the water, and constructed there. River, woods, rock formations, clay, near the city the place the Principal Questline is, and comparatively central to the entire map. I’ve to hike a bit to hunt, however frankly that’s all the time going to be the case indirectly.

When you place your first and all future buildings, you’ll solely have the fundamental framework current. You’ll have to have crafted a Hammer to see the assorted elements, their necessities, and to assemble them when you’ve acquired the stock required.

Earlier than finishing a wall/roof, you need to use the Hammer and click on ‘E’ to alter the kind of wall it’s – Wattle, Wooden, or Stone (or for a Roof, Straw, Wooden, or Wooden-Tile). It might change the necessities some (for instance a Wattle wall might require 1 log and eight sticks, whereas a stone wall might require 2 logs and 12 stones)

Proper-click along with your Hammer as much as change it’s mode between Construct, Restore, Improve, and Destroy. You’ll use Construct most frequently. Improve will solely be used once you’ve superior far sufficient within the Farming Tech tree to buy the Daub schematic (it’s presently obtainable once you attain the constructing to deal with geese). Destroy will take away whichever piece of wall or roof you’re once you click on. Stroll your village along with your Hammer set to “Restore” periodically, as partitions that want repairing will present in Purple. Fortunately, in addition they visually present injury if you happen to’re paying consideration.

Observe: As of the 9/20 patch, now you can use the Delete perform on the Hammer to delete Fields.

Observe: As of the 9/30 patch, now you can completely take away tree trunks with a shovel.

Constructing Structure Aesthetics

Person iMalachi identified some suggestions for these in search of an aesthetically pleasing format, the place buildings are oriented to align with the invisible grid that farm fields snap to. Farm fields are free to put, and will be deleted with the hammer – so you may place strips of farm land earlier than inserting buildings, to create constant walkways and paths, relatively than seemingly random, extra natural ones, if that’s your need. The idea of a city-grid system is a little more fashionable, and people in search of historic immersion might need to forgo this system.

Fields may even wipe out vegetation and rocks, so you may place one, then take away it, to “mow your garden”, so to talk.

You possibly can create strips of fields to kind ninety-degree angles if you happen to’re in search of parallel and perpendicular layouts as effectively.

Constructing Repairs

Your buildings will degrade over time. Every roof and wall half degrades at its personal tempo. You possibly can simply see broken buildings in your Administration tab, when viewing your buildings. You may also equip your Hammer, Proper-Click on and choose “Restore” mode, then take a fast stroll round your village. Most constructions ought to present inexperienced, however sections of wall or roof that want repairs will present crimson. Moreover, if you happen to’re paying consideration, the precise graphics for the partitions and rooftops change to replicate put on and tear, which might key you in to the truth that you might have to verify the remainder of the buildings as effectively. Constructing sections have to degrade to a sure threshold to alter from Inexperienced to Purple, and can’t be repaired till then.


Traps have roughly three makes use of earlier than they disintegrate and also you’ll have to craft new ones.

The Rabbit entice makes getting meat fairly straightforward early on. Set it and overlook it for a couple of hours to a day (ensure you really go away the realm). Head on again, and also you’ll have a lifeless rabbit to gather.

The Hen entice is the simplest approach to accumulate feathers previous to constructing a rooster coop. In the identical method because the Rabbit entice, set it and overlook it. Return later for some meat and a bunch of feathers.

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