Medieval Dynasty Guide to Cooking, Healing and Thirst


You heal while you sleep at night time.

You too can heal with plantains, a green-leaf, brown-flowered plant discovered near the bottom. It may be arduous to see. Preserve a inventory available, and the remainder you come throughout can be utilized for early-game cash-flow.

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Don’t eat uncooked meat, or toxic mushrooms. They gives you meals poisoning. When you contract meals poisoning, St. John’s Wart will be consumed to assist remedy it. St.John’s Wart are small yellow flowers discovered throughout. Preserve a inventory available, and the remainder you come throughout can be utilized for early-game cash-flow.

The talent ‘Survival Sense’ will make each of those, particularly the plantains, a lot simpler to forage.


When you’ve hunted and have some uncooked meat, you’ll must prepare dinner it. You’ll be able to prepare dinner meat at a campfire, your cooking fireplace inside your house, or the always-on fireplace in a Tavern, when you’ve superior far sufficient to construct one.

To gentle your campfire or cooking fireplace, first craft a torch. You’ll solely be capable to gentle a fireplace when you’ve acquired a torch in your stock.

When you’re utilizing a cooking fireplace or are in a tavern, don’t intention your cursor on the cauldron – as a substitute, intention on the fireplace/embers. The fireplace/embers will can help you prepare dinner your meat. The cauldron is used in case you have different elements (cabbage, onions, and so on) and need to prepare dinner a extra sturdy meal. Merely right-click the cauldron to deliver up an inventory of recipes you possibly can prepare dinner with a number of elements.

Tavern II consists of schemes to unlock varied breads, because it’s “cooking fireplace” turns into a stone oven and range while you construct it.

Relating to curing meat/fish with salt or a drying rack: I’ve not developed that know-how but to confirm, however I’ve heard inform that the Searching Lodge II and Fishing constructing II have these choices accessible.


Along with the plain sources reminiscent of rivers, lakes, and streams, you gained’t all the time be inside a number of toes of a pure thirst quencher. You’ll be able to carry a Waterskin, which might both be purchased, stolen, or crafted within the Stitching constructing. It has 4 makes use of earlier than it must be stuffed again up. Not like a pure water supply, which assumes you’re consuming till satiated, and thus fills the bar irrespective of how low it’s, the waterskin fills it partially with every use.

When you haven’t discovered one to steal, don’t but have the flexibility to craft it, and/or agree that the fee is totally absurd, then Berries make a superb on-the-go water supply as they supply a degree or so per berry, and its fairly straightforward to get 100 to 200 from one batch of bushes. Some cooked meals additionally present small quantities of water, however their effort and weight in contrast with the enhance doesn’t make them significantly worthwhile as a water supply. You’ll be able to (at the moment) retailer Berries in Meals Storage to halt their degradation.

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