Metro Exodus Damir Achievement Guide

The yr is 2036. 1 / 4-century after nuclear conflict devastated the earth, a couple of thousand survivors nonetheless cling to existence beneath the ruins of Moscow, within the tunnels of the Metro.

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They’ve struggled towards the poisoned components, fought mutated beasts and paranormal horrors, and suffered the flames of civil conflict. However now, as Artyom, you could flee the Metro and lead a band of Spartan Rangers on an unbelievable, continent-spanning journey throughout post-apocalyptic Russia in the hunt for a brand new life within the East.

Damir Achievement Information

Damir stays with crew.

There are particular duties required in an effort to get Damir to stick with you on the finish of The Caspian chapter. These consist of ethical factors and fleeing slaves, in addition to taking part in stealthily, they’re listed under:

  • Knock out the thug who ambushes you early within the degree, DO NOT kill him.
  • If you find yourself exterior the Lighthouse ensure that to knock out all slaves, DO NOT kill any.
  • Within the Bunker ensure that to search out the picture of Giul’s mom, it’s in a aspect room to the left of the collectible diary ‘Picture Evaluation’
  • Knock out all enemies within the deserted ship bandit camp that Anna marks in your map and free the slaves there.
  • Don’t kill any slaves on the Oasis, additionally when you attain the highest through the buckets ensure that to avoid wasting the slaves from the cells behind from the place you climb up.
  • On the oil rig don’t kill any slaves. You can too achieve 2 extra ethical factors, one for killing the thug beating on the primary slave after being invited up by the Baron, and one other by knocking out the thug beating the slave lady additional up. It will flip some enemies hostile so simply run previous them (uncertain if these are required however it’s safer to take action).

For those who fulfill all necessities he’ll be part of you on the finish of the extent which is a part of the great ending and the missable ‘Full Energy’ trophy. If he doesn’t include you and you’re going for the great ending ensure that to right away replay the chapter afterward and fulfill the above necessities.

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