Metro Exodus Diary Locations

The place to search out all diaries in Metro Exodus.

Metro Exodus Diary Areas


You’ll find ten notes within the first chapter:

  1. Going by means of the subway tunnels, you will discover a half-torn pocket book on the desk to the appropriate after you may have killed the primary enemy (and earlier than the encounter with two different opponents).
  2. If you get up within the hospital, look at the desk close to the wall on the appropriate. Take the affected person file.
  3. Whereas descending by means of the constructing with Anna, go to the condo that’s positioned on the ground under. Within the corridor with a coach, the dusty diary lies on the bedside desk on the appropriate.
  4. Earlier than you go down the escalator, discover a bookstore on the left. A corpse with a stalker’s be aware is positioned close to the doorway.
  5. Having received out of the constructing, you’ll have to undergo a bus. Shura’s be aware will lie on one of many seats.
  6. When Artyom is shot, undergo the ditch and crawl under wood boards. You should transfer ahead, however there’s a blocked passage on the appropriate (a parallel path). A corpse with a crumpled letter is buried between two passages within the snow.
  7. When you meet Anna and get into the management room, take the official be aware from the console.
  8. If you bypass enemies within the courtyard and end up within the hangar, you will discover a memo on the desk on the left.
  9. Through the episode with the cruiser, as soon as contained in the automotive, flip by means of the opening within the wall on the left. There are two enemies on this automotive, whereas the official letter lies close to the opening on the desk.
  10. When the taking pictures begins, take the crumpled be aware from the field on the appropriate earlier than getting into the pinnacle automotive.


You’ll find just one be aware within the second chapter — a survey report. This be aware is positioned under the steps. Go to Anna and wait till she goes away, then descend and take the merchandise from the field.

The Volga

On this location, yow will discover 13 diaries:

  1. If you acquire management over the character, go over the bridge in the other way, flip to the appropriate to descend and take note of a concrete construction resembling a cease. There are corpses below this construction, whereas a moldy log lies on the mattress.
  2. If you comply with Krest to the port, go across the constructing on the appropriate aspect and discover the steps main down not removed from the rails and the fence. Go downstairs and examine cabinets within the room close to the door to discover a water-logged be aware.
  3. Within the warehouse the place bandits maintain hostages (there’s additionally a key for the room with the night time imaginative and prescient goggles), there’s a suitcase standing close to the hearth – the folded letterlies on it.
  4. Within the barn close to the tower by which yow will discover a teddy bear for Nastya, you possibly can take a soiled letter beside the steel detector.
  5. The screenshot under reveals the place the place you should go. Go upstairs from the neighboring constructing and discover a wood construction on the prime. You should get there transferring alongside the beams which might be positioned on the roof of the constructing. Having climbed, you will discover a pale be aware contained in the construction.
  6. There’s a black mark on the map to the northwest of the terminal with a carriage occupied by bandits. Come to the water and you will note a flooded constructing. In case you attain it (as an example, utilizing a ship from the center island), you will discover a log e-book there.
  7. Choose up a dusty pocket book within the constructing the place you discovered the enlarged filter
  8. Go east from the railroad automotive the place Duke hides. Within the constructing with high-level radioactivity, you will discover a thick envelope.
  9. There may be yet one more distant island on this space. It’s smaller than the earlier, the place you discovered the generator and new tools. If you get within the boat to move to the terminal with the railcar, row to the appropriate to succeed in this island. There, you will discover a bandit’s be aware.


You’ll find just one doc within the fourth chapter. When travelling by prepare, go away the compartment and look into the following room on the appropriate close to which Artyom can be stopped by Nastya. Her letter lies on the desk.


Within the bunker on Mount Yamantau you will discover six notes:

  1. Having handled the cannibals and having taken the elevator, Artyom will half with the crew. The diary web page lies earlier than the door in entrance, on the desk on the left.
  2. If you undergo the freezers, take note of the switchboard on the wall. Launch it and crawl by means of the underside gap to discover a diary web page on the barrel.
  3. The diary web page 3 could also be present in entrance of the concrete pipe which Artem ought to use. Climb up and go to the appropriate to discover a new room. The be aware is on the field.
  4. Following the battle with the machine gunner, you will discover your self within the hall with rooms. The officer’s diary 1 is within the room 2.
  5. If you meet Anna, take the officer’s diary 2 from the barrel on the left earlier than getting into the elevator.
  6. Lastly, if you go to the elevator with Miller and different comrades, you will discover the officer’s diary 3 midway on the left.

The Caspian

You’ll find twelve notes within the Caspian:

  1. If you get the automotive, take the street to the lighthouse. Midway you will discover a damaged barge below which you should go. Slaves work within the close by. Go contained in the barge, go up the steps and discover the foreman’s diary on the desk close to the container on the appropriate (close to the steps).
  2. As soon as on the identical barge, transfer ahead and better. Take care of enemies and discover the chief’s letter within the far room.
  3. When you may be going to the lighthouse by means of the cave (to assist Gulnara), you will note many corpses in one of many galleries. This place resembles a stone bridge. Close to one in all them there’s a letter to the son.
  4. When inspecting the bunker on behalf of Gulnara, you will discover your self in workplace rooms with many tables, cobwebs and the primary spiders. To open the door, you should go to the far room and use the switchboard. The memo lies within the different a part of the workplace, on one of many tables.
  5. In the identical bunker, close to the room with spiders by means of which you go to the damaged air flow, there’s a room with one desk within the nook. The picture evaluation lies on this desk.
  6. If you get to the map archive, go to the following room which resembles a command publish. The ‘’final orders’’ file lies on the desk.
  7. Contained in the disassembled ship about which you’ll be taught from Anna, there’s a product record on the desk on the appropriate.
  8. A yellow truck stands earlier than the doorway to the canyon (you’ll find out about it from the Baron – a query mark will seem). There’s a desk with Baron’s letter within the close by.
  9. Inside this canyon, after you’ve got to the suicide utilizing the rope ladder, choose up his suicide be aware.

Summer season

You’ll find the TT be aware on the desk within the automotive the place the auto is positioned.

The Taiga

As many as eighteen notes might be discovered within the Taiga chapter:

  1. Upon getting management over the character, exit the courtyard and take away the arrow with the be aware from the gates.
  2. On the Solnechny kids’s camp, go to the home on the appropriate aspect and discover Larissa’s letter on the desk.
  3. There’s a brick constructing within the close by. Climb the steps to the highest to discover a solemn oath.
  4. After you may have discovered the earlier be aware, transfer alongside the river (on the left aspect) to search out one other constructing for small youngsters. Youngster’s scribbles might be discovered within the room on the appropriate.
  5. Having received to the opposite aspect and having seen the bear for the primary time, go ahead and discover a home on the tree on the left. Go there and take a dusty diary that lies close to the hearth.
  6. You may descend from the tree home utilizing the rope that results in the hearth close to the rock. You’ll face an enemy there and discover an alchemist’s diary within the close by.
  7. Return to the street and comply with the marker (after the tree home) to discover a home close to the river on the appropriate. One of many pioneers can be there. The misplaced diary is inside the home.
  8. Use the identical street and go ahead, then flip to the left. To proceed transferring alongside the storyline, you have to to climb the stones and the rope ladder. On the left from them, there’s a small cave with a dusty pocket book.
  9. If you return your backpack, you will discover your self close to the pioneer camp. Don’t go there. As an alternative, discover a lonely hut on the left aspect. One other pioneer can be close to, however he’ll do nothing to you. Enter the hut and take a neat letter from the range.
  10. Close to the central entrance to the pioneer camp, there’s a constructing within the internal half. In case you enter the camp by means of the principle entrance, it’s positioned on the left. Inside, yow will discover a informal letter.
  11. If you go away the pioneer camp, you will discover your self in a gorge. Don’t go ahead. As an alternative, discover a passage to the cave on the appropriate. Shifting by means of this cave, you will discover a battered letter.
  12. There’s a crumpled be aware on the finish of the identical cave. This route leads on to the bandit camp.
  13. From the bandit camp, go down the street in the direction of the river, flip to the appropriate and discover a small pier. There, you will discover a corpse below which lies a soiled diary.
  14. Within the pirate camp, you have to to lift the gates utilizing a lever to sail additional. In the identical constructing with the lever (it’s on the second ground), go right down to the primary ground to get a folded be aware (it lies on the desk).
  15. If you begin the generator within the hangar having pushed away spiders and having opened the door above, undergo this door and discover a bloody letter on the bottom.
  16. If you meet Alyosha, descend to the village and discover an unfinished letter in one of many homes on the appropriate aspect (the place a entrance door is open).


To get Katya’s be aware, you should come to Miller’s assembly within the head automotive after which go to Tokarev’s workbench. Katya’s be aware lies on the desk within the close by.

Lifeless Metropolis

Within the lifeless metropolis of Novosibirsk, yow will discover eight notes:

  1. Shifting with Miller by means of the flooded tunnel, go into the room stuffed with our bodies and discover radiogram textual content on the appropriate desk close to the door.
  2. If you go to the brand new room the place Miller proposes to go searching, choose up a tattered report from the desk on the left.
  3. When you end up in Kirill’s shelter, take the order from the map on the board.
  4. Having parted methods with Miller, you will discover your self within the metro. Transfer ahead and up till you get into the highest automotive. There, you will note a pocket book on the seat on the appropriate.
  5. If you start to sail within the boat, cease close to the open door on the left. Enter and get to the far room. You’ll get there by means of a gap within the wall. Take the shabby diary.
  6. After you may have completed the crusing half and seen Anna for the primary time, go ahead, go up the escalator and switch to the room on the left within the hall. You’ll hearken to the dialog between Kirill and Miller, whereas a darkened be aware lies within the close by.
  7. Having jumped into the tunnel (after a imaginative and prescient with tanks), don’t rush to comply with the monster to the appropriate and as a substitute flip to the left. You’ll come to a lifeless finish however discover a dusty pocket book.
  8. Having jumped into the following constructing after you may have seen a imaginative and prescient with Anna (Artyom will put a gasoline masks on her), flip to the appropriate and soar right down to the steps. Having opened the door, you will discover a cargo record on the entrance desk.

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