Metro Exodus – Ending Achievement Guide

Ending Achievements

As per the earlier Metro video games, there’s a morality level system which impacts the result of the sport’s ending. You get morality factors by doing sure issues akin to taking part in by means of areas of the sport with out killing anybody and releasing harmless prisoners.

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There are additionally three achievements; Duke, Damir and Alyosha, which additionally appear to have a good bit of weighting concerning whether or not you get the nice ending. You may get these after finishing sure areas all through the story. Additionally, you will get an extra achievement for getting all three in a single playthrough.

Duke survives.

You’re going to get this on the finish of the mission to decrease the bridge within the degree VOLGA so long as Duke is alive. I personally bought to the top of this mission in stealth, so didn’t have an issue with Duke getting killed.

Damir stays with crew.

You’re going to get this after combating off Baron’s assault on the high of the tower. I’m fairly positive for this one, you wish to be sure that not one of the harmless slaves are killed within the earlier couple areas. Guil and Damir point out it a good bit as you enter the areas, so preserve an ear out.

It seems like there are a number of extra issues that may even assist to find out this. For instance, retrieving Guil’s photograph when in search of the maps and releasing villagers from a pair areas throughout the CASPIAN degree.

Alyoshga doesn’t get wounded.

Full Energy
Duke and Damir stick with the crew, Alyosha doesn’t get wounded.

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