Mission 1 Winter Contingency Guide

An inventory of normal ways to make use of for the legendary issue, in addition to degree particular ideas that can assist decrease or skip essentially the most tough elements of the sport.

Basic Techniques

  • On missions the place you may have Noble staff allies, all the time allow them to push up in entrance of you and seize many of the consideration. They’ll’t die, so don’t really feel too dangerous.
  • Abuse the noob combo. At all times carry a Plasma Pistol until I specify in any other case. There’s no purpose to not, and also you’ll simply be making issues tougher for your self by not doing it. And all the time carry a weapon able to an on the spot headshot kill in your different slot. Meaning a DMR, Needle rifle, Magnum, or hell, a Sniper Rifle. Everytime you encounter an Elite, dip behind the closest cowl, cost your Plasma Pistol, come out and shoot them, then shortly change to your headshot weapon and faucet them as soon as on the top. Should you don’t use this combo, you’ll be losing ammo and time on Elites, each of that are priceless on legendary.
  • Use headshot weapons for all the conventional infantry. Faucet grunts on the top a couple of times they usually die. At all times intention for the uncovered hand on the left of a Jackal defend, then faucet them on the top whereas they’re reeling. Optimally, because of this you’ll be utilizing 1-2 rounds on Grunts and a couple of rounds on Jackals.
  • Discover a piece of canopy and keep again. Extra occasions than not, there’s no purpose to push in. You may nearly all the time take out many of the enemies from a protected distance together with your precision weapons.
  • Brutes are hilariously weak, and you must think about changing the Plasma Pistol with the Needler and the DMR with the Needle Rifle on areas the place they’re the dominant enemy. Meaning all of Exodus, the hospital in New Alexandria, and the ultimate wave protection section in Pillar of Autumn. Since they’re principally unshielded, you may kill one with 6 Needler rounds or three physique photographs with the Needle Rifle. Word that the DMR tends to take 1-2 headshots to pop their helmet off, and 1 extra headshot to kill. The Needle Rifle is simply as environment friendly besides you must intention a complete lot much less.
  • Seize the drop defend when you may, and use dash in any other case. Aside from some very area of interest conditions, there’s little or no purpose to make use of the opposite abilties.

Mission 1: Winter Contingency

  • After the preliminary struggle with the Covenant and Noble Group crosses the bridge, you may fully skip the subsequent firefight. Swing far proper, kiss the cliff and observe it. As soon as you discover the civilian transports, hop in them and drive away. If you’d like, you may wait on your NPC allies, however in any other case, don’t cease driving till you discover the troopers you’re instructed to search for.
  • As quickly as you land within the relay, swing far left into the facet hall after which run to Kat’s constructing as quick as attainable. Then, simply sit tight inside. There’s nearly no method the Covenant will attain you with Noble Group going bonkers simply outdoors. Sit tight and anticipate the section to finish.
  • The preliminary section after the cutscene is the toughest half within the degree, as they’ve taken away your godly Plasma Pistol and caught a Concussion Rifle Elite in your face. If you wish to simply be protected, gradual, and regular, then conceal and let Jorge slowly choose everybody off – he’ll get it completed finally. If you wish to really play the sport, discover a gap between the volleys and choose off the Grunts and Jackals, then dash out, seize a Plasma Pistol, and shortly finish the Elite’s life.
  • The ending section isn’t too onerous. Grenade the door that the Grunts will probably be pouring out of – reload checkpoint in the event you miss your window. Then do the usual noob combo for the remaining Elites for the win.

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