Mist Survival – Basic Starting Guide

This information will aid you play Mist from the very first moments of a brand new recreation to the purpose the place you’ve gotten all the pieces wanted to maintain a operating recreation. It truthfully solely takes round 14 days (in Mist recreation time, not actual time) to get all the pieces prepared. You should have armor, weapons, clothes, ammunition, an upgraded workbench, drying/tanning rack/ water air purifier, cooking pot, cooking grill/BBQ, firewood stump, and a cute feminine companion named “Kate.”

The entire level is to have a longbow and looking arrows so you’ve gotten an infinite (renewable) supply of ammunition and an excellent weapon (renewable) The longbow with looking arrows can kill all the pieces within the recreation, even bears. It’s silent so you’ll be able to raid bandits and hunt zombies with effectivity, grace and magnificence.

What to do once you start a brand new recreation

Decide up all the pieces on the shelter close to you. Go away instantly. by no means keep at these “lean-to” shelters… demise traps with zero safety from zombies, bandits, bears, and even chickens.

Most frequently a bear will likely be close to your begin level, in order quickly as you hear it respiration, run! Shift+W! Get away from that bear. Cease operating as soon as you’ll be able to flip and see him stroll away.

Loot all the pieces. You completely want a weapon: a fight knife or an axe. Till you’ve gotten a weapon, you’ll completely must keep away from all fight with something. You possibly can crouch to sneak (CNTRL) When mist begins to seem, you should get inside any construction you’ll be able to enter. Mist occasions usually occur between 9am to 3pm recreation time. You would possibly get two or three some days, however normally there’s one occasion per day. Mist occasions spawn zombies. They’re quick. They swipe and chunk you and trigger bleeding wounds. One wound can gradual you down. in the event you can’t run, you’ll in all probability die.

Get close to buildings with doorways. Prime flooring are greatest. The zombies keep at floor degree principally. Simply wait them out. The mist will go in lower than an hour recreation time.

Upon getting a weapon, nonetheless keep away from zombies but when you must, you’ll be able to sneak up on them from behind and take them out (F) utilizing the knife. One or two chops with an axe will do as effectively.

It’s good to get meals, water, and by dusk you want a brief base for storage and residential. Bases are marked with the floating “GEAR” image.

Don’t exit at evening or within the mist. Ever. Regardless of how robust you might be, it’s simply inviting shock assaults from quick zombies.

House Base Choice

Your house base must be large enough to retailer all the pieces you want. I all the time select an enormous empty white home close to a water tower. It has a mattress upstairs. It has cabinets, cabinets for storage. It has a number of room for workbench, tanning rack, cooking pot, water air purifier. It’s also close to a farm with a forge and blacksmithy. You possibly can smelt steel ingots on the forge and craft arrowheads, instruments and gears on the smithy. You possibly can improve your workbench with two gears.

Upon getting a homebase begin bringing all of your loot there. Accumulate piles of steel scraps, parts. Use an axe to cut down timber.

Everytime you chop down a tree, you get bark, branches, leaves and logs. Logs make wooden and firewood. You employ a stump and logs to make firewood. You employ a noticed and logs to make wooden (lumber.) You employ bark as tinder for firestarting. You employ bark with leaves to make lashings (handmade rope.)

When you discover a shotgun you’ll be able to kill bears and bandits. Two photographs to the face will take down a bear. A 3rd could also be wanted. From a bear carcass you get meat, guts and hides.

Dry your hides and guts on the tanning rack. Cook dinner your meat on a BBQ grill. Salt your cooked meat and retailer it. Improve your bench as quickly as you’ll be able to. Use two gears and scraps and parts.

Construct a water purifiier instantly. You have to to make a bucket to choose up water, or use empty water bottles. You get water from laes/ponds. Simply wade in and press (v.)
You set your water into the air purifier and lightweight a fireplace. It can fill water bottles by itself.

For all different units you should craft a primary hearth or campfire beneath their placement. You gentle the hearth and prepare dinner or render fats into oil.

Crafting Necessities

You want an upgraded workbench, tanning rack and entry to a forge and blacksmithy. By no means hassle constructing a forge or smithy…there are a number of everywhere in the recreation map. Use the white home close to the farms as a base. The farm has a forge and smithy and is seen from distances because of the barns and windmills.

Make a longbow and looking arrows. Make primary arrows to observe taking pictures your bow till you get the grasp of the purpose and distances. Shoot zombies, bandits and bears within the heads with looking arrows. Take pleasure in!

Accumulate piles of logs, branches, steel scraps, parts in your base. Make nails on the bench. Construct small animal traps and place them on the farm to catch chickens. Hunt chickens with the bow or the 9mm. Use their feathers for looking arrows and the meat/fats to your larder. Cook dinner all meat earlier than consuming.

Bandits Ain’t A Thang, Child

Get a shotgun and loads of ammo. Get a fight knife and an axe. Sneak up on a bandit camp. Bandit camps have carrots, potatoes, broccoli, and tons of different goodies like ammo and meals.

Discover little corners of the camp fence to shoot bandits within the head along with your boomstick.
“Bandit, meet Boomstick. Boomstick, say hey.” After every headshot run away. The bandits will relax after you might be gone for a couple of minutes. Repeat till you get six or seven. Then fastidiously enter the camp and end off the remaining.

On the prime of the tower of their camp is armor and a hostage. Free the hostage and also you get an NPC at your base. The armor helps you win gunfights and helps considerably in melees with zombies. It’s simply an edge…keep away from buying and selling blows with foes. Go for headshots/one shot kills and run away, repeat.

Keep away from clearing zombie infestations in homes except you get good on the kill/run/return/kill sample. It’s good to raid bandits for cooking substances, significantly. It multiplies your meals massively. Additionally they have tons of ammo and equipment. As soon as you’ll be able to hunt them with a longbow, all of the ammo is gravy. Save your weapons for base protection and bearhunts.

Take pleasure in!

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