Monster Camp Aaravi Secret Endings

unlock aaravi’s “Bagel”, “Dungeon”, and “Bagel dungeon” secret endings.

Aaravi Secret Endings

The route is randomly triggered wherever on the map, when Aaravi and Hex carry you to the lake then meet a messenger that delivers you a quest scroll to search out the “Ring of Sustenance”.

This plotline accommodates branching paths that results in three totally different endings and polaroids.

Occasion #1 (Messenger)

  • Actor: Creativity (Hex)
  • Corpse: Boldness (Aaravi)

Occasion #2 (Stock)

  • Axe: Enjoyable (Aaravi)
  • Napkins: Boldness (Hex)

The final occasion shall be determined by who you facet with extra; Hex, Aaravi, or a mixture of each.

Occasion #3 (Bagel Store)

  • Esophagus: Creativity (Unconfirmed)
  • Mouth: Enjoyable (Unconfirmed)

Occasion #3 (Dungeon)

  • Coronary heart: Boldness
  • Privateness: Smarts

Occasion #3 (Bagel Dungeon)

  • All: Boldness
  • Label: Smarts

Take Aaravi stargazing.

Select the selection of the upper stat.
There’s an opportunity to fail when each stats are too low or equal.

Bagel Dungeon Route (Aaravi/Hex)

Dungeon Route (Aaravi)


Bagel Store Route (Hex)


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