Monster Prom 2 Monster Camp Moss Mann Secret Endings Guide

Moss Mann Secret Endings Information

The route is triggered by writing “Moss Mann” (case delicate) in a gossip immediate across the camp fireplace. Moss will then confront you within the subsequent occasion for gossiping about him. You MUST meet him in the identical location as the primary encounter for the remainder of the route.

Occasion #1 (Tone)

  • Humorous Intercourse Rumor: Enjoyable
  • Horror: Daring

Occasion #2 (Twist)

  • Distress: Smarts
  • Optimistic: Enjoyable

Occasion #3 (Perform)

  • Train: Smarts
  • Clarify: Creativity

Ask no one to the Meteor Bathe.

Select the selection of the upper stat.
There’s an opportunity to fail when each stats are too low or equal.
Stat checks are inconsistent and tentative. (Devs plan to alter/have modified some.)

Learn how to Unlock Moss Mann’s “GOSSIP” Secret Ending

Extra of this form of factor:

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